Lena vs Mon El: Their impact on Kara’s life

Lena Luthor’s impact on Kara’s life

+ Saved Alex’s life
+Inspired Kara to become a reporter
+Helped to save J’onn and dozens of other victims of Roulette
+Saved Kara’s life by taking out the alien guns
+Disabled the Medusa virus and saved all  the aliens in National City(including J’onn) and takes down her own mother which makes Kara very happy
+Offers unconditional support, affection and appreciation for Kara Danvers and Supergirl. Calls Kara Danvers her hero
+Helped Kara save both Alex and all the kidnapped aliens at the risk of her own life

- Breaks Kara’s heart for about 30 seconds when she pretends to join her mother

Mon El’s impact on Kara’s life

+Gave her a tip about Draaga
+Sex.Getting laid is nice

-constant disappointment
-Nearly gets her killed because he strands them on an alien planet due to the fact that he refused to listen to her and go get back up
-Nearly gets several cops killed because he doesn’t listen to her
-Nearly gets her killed after he, James and Winn decide they need to prove they are big man and can take down Kara’s enemies by themselves
-Forces Kara to resort to a nuclear bluff that could have gotten her killed because he refused to listen to her and wasted the one weapon they had against Mxyzptlk,
-Breaks Kara’s heart when he reveals that he has been lying to her for months -Breaks it even further when he reveals that reason he was lying was because he was a selfish coward who didn’t want her just how much of a horrible person he used to be
-His family and their drama nearly kill Kara several times

Mon-El's character development in every episode of Season 2

 Mon-El Appreciation Week - Day 7 - Free Choice: his character development in season 2. His journey from selfish Prince to selfless Hero. 

Mon-El escapes Daxam.

2x01 - Mon-El arrives to Earth.

2x02 - Mon-El uses electricity to heal himself.

2x03 - Mon-El immediately accepts Kara’s apologies and handshake with a smile.

2x04 - Mon-El takes the blame about his escapade with Winn, feels bad because he accidentally hurt a human, talks about how not great were Daxam and his parents, does not blame Kryptonians for Daxam’s demise and gives Kara a tip about Draaga.

2x05 - Mon-El gets his first job ever and tries to stop the thieves in L*na’s party.

2x06 - Mon-El starts training with Kara.

Stands up against Parasite even when he knows that it defeated and hurt Kara and J'onn.

Saves a little girl.

And tries to help a homeless guy.

2x07 - Mon-El escapes from his cell, gets back to prison to save fake J'onn.

Is about to tell Kara about Daxam and asks her not to solar flare to save him.

2x08 - Mon-El does not flirt back with the alien girl, tries to stop Henshaw, enters back in the alien bar trying to do something even when he knows that all aliens are dead, feels awful that he couldn’t help and does not blame Kara for her father creating Medusa.

2x09 - Mon-El gets a bartender job, tries to help Kara in her reporting, punches a bad alien. 

Follows her in case she might need help and saves her.

Uses a gun to protect humans.

Stands up getting in the line of fire.

And decides that he wants to be a superhero to help Kara keep the world spinning.

2x10 - Mon-El is dedicated to training.

Fights alongside Supergirl and tries to protect her.

Tries to make the bad science man stop hurting Livewire, fights again with Kara and Guardian and is honest with her.

2x11 - Mon-El accepts Kara’s hurtful words without anger or bitterness.

2x12 - Mon-El is a good bartender, is friendly with Kara and misses training with her.

2x13 - Mon-El tries to fight Parasite and Mxyzpltk.

Apologizes for his behaviour and promises to be better.

2x14 - Mon-El is a competent DEO agent warning everyone about the mole and finding a way to be heard even when he was threatened to be exposed by Jeremiah and learns to really listen Kara.

Learns that heroes get up.

2x15 - Mon-El tries to make suggestions to the DEO about Jeremiah and to Kara about her job and Snapper. He also supports her and shows his admiration for her.

2x16 - Mon-El relinquishes himself to the invaders.

Is finally completely honest, admits his past mistakes to Kara, apologizes for his behaviour and accepts her decision.

And stands up to his parents.

Flash 3x17 - Mon-El travels to Earth One and the dream world trying to help Kara and apologizes again.

2x17 - Mon-El tries to get his parents to admit that they put the bounty on Kara, is a competent fighter.

Is right about Rhea, sacrifices his freedom to save Kara.

Tries to convince his father to change Daxam’s ways and uses the gun in the spaceship.

2x18 - Mon-El joins Kara in her reporting shenanigans and succesfully gets Jack’s ID.

2x19 - Mon-El tries to give ideas at the DEO and supports Kara.

2x20 - Mon-El helps at CatCo.

And tries to use the gun because he knows that is the most effective way to stop Rhea.

2x21- Mon-El accepts to marry L*na for the greater good.

Tries to take down the guard and accepts Kara’s decision.

2x22 - Mon-El accepts immediately that the lead weapon should be used if necessary.

Stands up with Kara during the duel.

Fights succesfully several Daxamite warriors with weapons and armours.

Nods Kara for her to use the lead weapon.


And promises her that he will be the man that she always thought that he could be.

That has been his character evolution. He is a real hero and he will continue his journey to Valor in season 3.


Fanart by @supergirltv

the way we mend


It’s not that she doesn’t like company, but after being thrown around-again and it doesn’t matter if she won, he’s mean- by Draaga? She’s not too keen on anything that involves her separating from the couch.

So when there’s a knock on her door, she maybe ignores it.

It sounds again. Heavy, and she’s pretty sure it’s Alex’s even if it sounds a little off.

“Alright, alright. I’m coming Alex.” She rolls off the couch, floating at the last second so she doesn’t put her elbow through the floor like last time. She lays on the floor for a minute, wrinkles her nose at the dust she spies under the couch. She should clean more often.

Tomorrow. She’ll definitely do it tomorrow.

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