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Hello💖 could you whrite a smut were y/n and draco are getting it on on a party and the others hear them and bust them?💖💖 and by the way your blog is amazing!

here you go! hope you like it!!


The sound of the Weird Sisters blared through the house, and the air was thick with the stench of alcohol and sweat. Blaise’s mother was gone to Barbados for two weeks with her love affair of the week, and Blaise had taken the opportunity to throw a massive party. Almost everyone in Slytherin from fourth year and up was at his house; including you and your boyfriend, Draco.

You were sitting on one of the Zabini’s expensive leather couches, Draco’s arm draped across your shoulder. He was staring off into space, bobbing his head absentmindedly to the beat of the music, clearly bored. The first bottle of butterbeer he’d taken was half empty, despite the fact that you’d been there for nearly three hours. All around you, drunken Slytherins danced to the music sloppily, trying to sing the words.

You set down your bottle onto the coffee table and brought your hand to Draco’s chin, and he tilted his head towards yours. Your lips met, well used to the routine. It started of gently, friendly, but it quickly became rougher, more than a romantic gesture. Draco’s teeth grazed your lower lip, then bit down, hungrily. His hand let go of the beer and found its way into your hair, his other arm wrapping around your waist, pulling you in. Your tongues twisted together, knowing each other so well. Your fingers were tangled in his soft blond hair. Everyone around you was invisible, too drunk to notice what was going on on the couch. It didn’t matter, anyway.

Draco’s lips moved down from your lips to your neck, which he kissed eagerly, like he’d been waiting for this all night. You pulled your fingers through his hair, biting your lip. You gave a light moan, encouraging him. He sucked hungrily, making sure to leave dark purple marks.

His hand slipped up your short skirt, tugging at the leg of your panties, asking for entrance.

‘Draco..’ you moaned, pushing his head up off your neck.

He stared at you, breathing heavily, and from the expression on his face you could tell he was ready to fuck you right there in front of everyone.

‘What?’ Draco said impatiently, and you realized you’d been staring into his eyes for about ten seconds.

‘Let’s go find a room somewhere.’ you whispered, bringing your lips close to his ear.

Draco smirked at you. ‘Can’t wait until we get home, can you? God, Y/N, you’re such a slut.’

‘Only for you, dearest.’ you whispered, tracing your finger along his jawline.

He stood up suddenly, looking around the room for an exit. ‘This won’t be too hard. They’ve got loads of guest bedrooms.’

Draco grabbed your hand and you set off down a long hallway, finding an empty bedroom behind the first door you opened.

Immediately, Draco had you pinned up against the closed door, gripping your wrists tightly. Your lips crashed together roughly, not bothering to hide your intentions. You could feel his erection through his jeans as he pressed up against you. His teeth bit down on your bottom lip and pulled away slightly, and you opened your eyes, staring directly into his. He released your wrists and you started unbuttoning his fly. He kissed you again, thumbing at the waistband of your skirt. You tugged his jeans down and pulled out his fully-hardened cock, taking it into your hand and working it up and down slowly.

Draco groaned and pulled away from the kiss. ‘Faster.’

He pulled your skirt down, slipping his hand into your panties. His long, slender fingers pushed their way into your folds, teasing you.

‘Come on, Draco, finger me.’ you moaned, watching him smirk.

‘Let’s go over to the bed.’ he whispered in a husky voice, dripping with 18-year-old-boy lust.

Draco led you over to the bed, where he sat down and you resumed jacking him off. He bit his tongue and breathed hard through his nose, and you could tell he was trying hard not to show any weakness. His fingers were back in your panties, stroking your folds gently, denying you their length.

‘Draco, please..’ you moaned, wanting his fingers so desperately inside you.

‘Beg.’ he commanded, using the tip of his finger to run along the lips of your pussy.

‘Please, Draco.’ you pleaded. ‘Please, please finger me.’

Draco pushed his fingers into you, making you let out a cry of shock.

‘Wow, Y/N, you’re so wet for me already.’ he sneered, enjoying the sight of you writhing under his influence. He was holding himself together remarkably well, considering you were still working his shaft with your hand.

His fingers pumped quickly in and out of your pussy, coating them in juices. You moaned and pushed your pelvis towards him, hungry for more.

‘Fuck, Y/N.’ He muttered, licking his lower lip. ‘You’re wet enough. Come on.’ He said, pulling his fingers out of you quickly, leaving you feeling empty.

Draco drew his fingers to your lips, pushing them into your mouth and making your suck the juice off them. You released his dick and stood up to pull your tank top, bra, and panties off. He followed you, kicking his jeans off and pulling his shirt off over his head, messing up his hair.

You laid back on the bed, spreading your legs for him. Draco got on his knees and positioned the head of his cock at you pussy, teasing you.

You moaned, staring at him. ‘Draco, fuck me, please, I need you right now, I need you so bad right now..’

He smirked at you cockily before pushing his dick all the way into you with one quick thrust.

You screamed out in shock, not concerned about what anyone else heard. Draco’s fingernails dug into your hips roughly, leaving tiny half-moon shaped indents in your skin. He started slamming into your roughly, and you already knew you’d be sore tomorrow. The boy was not gentle concerning sex, no matter how hard he tried to make it loving. He was always rough. Not that you minded. He pounded into you relentlessly, his large cock hitting your core, making you scream in ecstasy.

‘Fuck, Draco, don’t stop, fuck, that’s so good.. God, you’re so big..’ you moaned loudly, arching your back.

You looked up to see Draco squeezing his eyes shut and moaning. ‘God, Y/N, you’re so tight. Fuck, you’re so hot..’

You spread your legs wider to let him even deeper, and he hit your g-spot almost instantly. You moaned and dug your chin into the mattress, letting him fill you up so well.

‘Augh, Y/N, I love you, Y/N..’ he moaned, thrusting hard, the sound of skin echoing loudly through the room.

‘Oh, Draco, Dra-co,’ you moaned, curling your toes.

The door burst open, and even through the dark, you could make out numerous figures standing in the doorway. You and Draco froze instantly.

‘Holyshit, you’re right, they’retotallyfucking.’ you heard Blaise slur loudly.

You sat up quickly as Draco pulled himself under the sheets.

‘Blaise!’ you screeched, pulling a blanket up around your naked body. ‘Get out of here!’

Blaise waved at you, apparently unconcerned. ‘Yaknow, Y/N, wecould hear you downthehall. I thought youwere playing checkers, but Pansysaidyou were having s-e-x!’ he giggled loudly, raising the half-inch left in his bottle of firewhiskey to you. ‘Cheers!’

The rest of the people huddle around the door echoed him. ‘Cheers!’

‘Blaise, get the fuck out! We’re not wearing anything!’ Draco shouted, clearly irritated at being interrupted.

‘Why’re younaked?’ you heard Pansy’s voice from behind Blaise. ‘It’s a party, Draaaa-co!’ You’re supposed to wearclothes!’

Even in the dark, you could see Draco blushing deeply. ‘We were- doing something! Now go away, all of you!’

‘Mmmmmkay, bye, guys!’ Blaise waved again, grinning drunkenly before slamming the door.

After a few moments silence, you spoke. ‘Well that’s embarrassing. D’you think they’ll remember tomorrow?’  

Draco chuckled. ‘Some of them might. How long do you think they were listening?’

You shrugged in the dark, pulling the blanket tight to your body and crawling towards him.

‘It’s your fault. You’re always the one screaming. Oh, Draaa-co, I need you, mmm, Draaa-co, you’re so sexy, Draaa-co!’ He imitated you, making his voice high pitched and whiny.

‘I do not sound like that!’ you giggled, feeling yourself blush. ‘At least I’m not always confessing my love when you’re balls deep in me!’

‘Oh, come on!’ Draco laughed, pulling you close to him. ‘That is exactly what you sound like! Oh, Draaa-co, fuck me! Uuuh, Draaa-co, I want your monster cock soooo bad!’

‘I would never, ever say monster cock, stop flattering yourself!’ you said between giggles. ‘I wouldn’t ever have to say anything like that if you didn’t make me beg!’

‘Fair point.’ he said. ‘You know what, though? I don’t care what you sound like while I fuck the living daylights out of you. I love you regardless.’

‘Wow, that’s so sweet.’ you giggled as he kissed the top of your head. ‘I love you, too.’ you paused. ‘Shame, though. Neither of us got to cum.’