droolz ref

name: Dr00Lz

age: one years old (in doge years :3c )

gender: is genderless 8)

personality: they’re a very happy and cheerful doge , who loves to eat and play there usually in a very hyper mood but at times they can be very sensitive and there feelings can be hurt really easily but can quickly get back into a good happy mood again owo 

likes: food, fishes, eating running , braking and specially licking people , friends and people in genially 

dislikes: baths, swimming , someone taking there hat , being alone and rats

backstory: Dr00lz was once a house pet in a very big family, until one day the family move away and left Dr00lz behind. so Dr00lz now leaves on the streets and is now a stray. (i couldn’t really think up a back-story for them 

other facts 

  1. Dr00lz dose live up to there name they always drool all over the place and have a bad habit of licking or jumping on strangers 
  2. they are from greece 
  3. they really and i mean really, they really love to eat fishes
  4. they get along just fine with cats