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Started on November 7th and completed on December 13th 2015.
Dr. Willard explains to Lara how fascinating the artifacts from the meteorite are from his point of view.
In that cutscene, the angles are a bit weird and the camera is very close to the character.
Besides the fact that the Dr. Willard is having a meal when Lara pops up is rather surprising ; this is not a common depiction throughout the TR games. As a scientist, he could have been analyzing a test report or performing an experiment.
For such a situation, I had imagined a series of photographs exposed that showed the effect of the meteorite on his unfortunate fellows.
But no, Dr.Willard simply explains to Lara how amaizing those pieces are whilst taking sips from a tomato soup.
How bizarre and out of nowhere it may looks, this cutscene always cracked me up.

The Nessie poster is indeed a wink to Vox =)


I fixed the lack of Dr.Willard (TRIII) fanart

He is probably the most underrated Tomb Raider villain(/chatacter) ever uughuuu and I don’t know why

just, what other villain loves mentally retarded mutants, can’t aim a gun, eats rock-hard tomato soup, throws tables at people, uses flower-keys to enter his home, builds a robot-Nessie to patrol around his castle in Scotland, has gingers in kilts as guards, owns several copies of the same game-series he is from and a billion more other things I’m too lazy to write down

God, this character was wonderful :’D may the world never agree with me pssshhh

(why isn’t tumblr resizing this omg)


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If you haven’t realized by now, I REALLY LIKE drawing silly faces

all the Sophias  (and Willards, but mostly Sophias)

Drawing Sophia and Willard together is one of my most favorite things and I know that you never actually see them together in the same place, but the fact that Sophia knows that Lara is on her way to steal her stuff and that Willard is hiding another meteorite in his castle makes it pretty obvious that she’s spying on him (which means they’ve met before and judging their personalities, they’ve probably locked horns over dumb meteorites lmao) I’m putting too much thought into these kind of things

also bonus Marco ‘cause there can’t be enough Marco

I tried something with my favorite Tomb Raider idiots but it didn’t work

I also didn’t think any background color actually looked good so I just went with tumblr’s background color : /

but have them anyway ‘cause they’re my favorite idiots : >

anonymous asked:

What's wrong with Larson/Lara, Willard/Sophia and TR2013 ships? (I'm an avid Alistair/Lara shipper btw )

There isn’t much wrong with Lara/Larson and Sophia/Willard….. EXCEPT EVERYTHING POSSIBLE :’D

☝ Warning. Contains sarcasm.  ☝

I don’t think I need to explain further :’D

But… about TR2013…. tbh there isn’t anything wrong with its ships, whatever those might be, I just don’t like the reboot in general and don’t care to hear about it :T

Heh, Alistair? I wasn’t even aware that ship existed. I thought people were too busy shipping him with Zip or something?? I hope the fandom doesn’t let you down with your ship as much as it does with mine OTL (seriously fandom? no Pierre/Larson??????? what)