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Bg Brother: Who Won vs. Who Should Have Won

SeI’ve only watch season’s 4-17 in their entirety, so I can’t say I’m a complete expert on the show. However, I do devote approximately ¾ of my summers to it since I have seen it and hope I can be on it when I turn 21. I love lists so here’s my list of Big Brother Winners and who I think should have won their seasons

1. Season One 

Who Won: Don’t know, don’t care 

Who Should Have Won: Don’t know, don’t care 

As this season had America vote for who was “banished”, I don’t consider it to really be part of the game we know today

2. Season Two

Who Won: Dr. Will Kirby

Who Should Have Won: Dr. Will Kirby

I haven’t seen season two but I did watch some highlights on YouTube and saw him on All-Stars. Heck, even Julie Chen said he’s the greatest player in BB History. That says something. He was never really a competitive threat, but his way with words had everybody knowing what a danger he was while still doing exactly as he told. They call him “Evil Dr. Will” and “The Puppet Master” for a reason.

3. Season Three

Who Won: Lisa Donahue

Who Should Have Won: Danielle Reyes

I also have not seen all of season three but I did see a large portion of it. Lisa played a good competitive game and even had some strategy, but Danielle was a force to be reckoned with. She was calm, calculating, manipulating, and even had her loyalty to Jason while not feeling bad about tossing everybody else to the curb. Had the evicted houseguests not seen the episodes, she would have won. This is a player who was so robbed that Big Brother had to create the Jury of Seven (and eventually Jury of Nine) in order to keep the voters focused on the game and not the personality.

4. Season Four

Who Won: Jun Song

Who Should Have Won: Alison Irwin

All right, it was hard to pick because I truly believe these two deserved to be the final two standing. Jun and Alison played essentially the same game: floating. Normally, I dislike floaters, but these girls made it an art form by moving back and forth between the Elite 8 alliance and the Dream Team. Everybody knew they did it too, but nobody bothered to stop them. Jun played a quieter more cunning game with a few secret alliances here and there. Alison played a competitive and seductive game, using her feminine wiles to get what she wanted before evicting all those men. You could say either or deserved to win, but I put more gumption in competition than social skills when they are in fact playing a game.

5. Season Five

Who Won: Drew Daniel

Who Should Have Won: Diane Henry OR Nakomis Dedmon

Diane was the first girl who got robbed by a showmance on Big Brother. Nakomis was the mastermind behind the Six-Finger Plan (which would result in the backdooring method of future seasons). Drew… well he won a couple competitions and was a part of the Four Horsemen alliance. Drew was the nicest guy in the house who did absolutely nothing that wasn’t first planted in his head by Diane. Diane got Drew to turn on his alliance, her alliance to turn on each other, and played a strategic and competitive game from day one. Nakomis played a loyal and inventive game that would change the potential for the Power of Veto forever. In the end it was Diane’s puppet Drew who turned on her to take Cowboy (Nakomis’s half-brother) to the final two, claiming loyalty from day one even though both previously plotted and failed to evict each other throughout the season. 

6. Season Six

Who Won: Maggie Ausburn

Who Should Have Won: Janelle Pierzina

Maggie played a good game I suppose. She had her loyalty to the “Friendship” alliance and took over all their strategizing once her secret partner Eric had been evicted. Still, she was boring to watch and the Friendship (or more aptly titled: the Nerd Herd) was brutal to watch as they were so smug. Janelle was a beast or as Howie said “the most dominant player in Big Brother History”. She could compete like nobody’s business, she could play out the long-term and short-term strategy like a boss, survived even after losing her secret partner week one, and she was entertaining as she did it. Her “buh-bye bitches” was iconic on this show. It was a shame Ivette couldn’t manage to do the smart thing and bring America’s darling to the final two as she was playing for second place no matter who sat beside her.

7. Season Seven: All-Stars

Who Won: Mike Boogie Malin

Who Should Have Won: Dr. Will Kirby OR Janelle Pierzina

Boogie definitely played a better game than Erica (though I do think she is an underestimated player), but Dr. Will handed his game to him. Watching the Chilltown alliance was like watching Lex Luthor and The Joker combine. Boogie (Luthor) was the calmer of the two who could win some comps, but the madness that was Dr. Will (The Joker) was captivating as his evil deeds played out perfectly and got him and Boogie to the final four. Then there was Janelle who continued her winning streak from season six and broke the BB record for most competitions won in a single summer that still stands. She played a loyal game to the Sea-Sick alliance, and was able to get the drop on Dr. Will just as often as he did on her through their flirtationship. Sadly she left third for the second summer in a row. The two of them should have been sitting there at the end, as they were the true clash of the titans on this show.

8. Season Eight

Who Won: Dick Donato 

Who Should Have Won: Daniele Donato

This was the one of the few seasons where I think the final two were exactly who should have been the final two. I forget which of the houseguests said it, but the Donatos were perfectly described as the rabid dog (Dick) attacking everybody and the owner holder the leash (Daniele) who knew when to pull him away. These two went in with such baggage as an estranged father-daughter rivalry and overcame that to play the game together and evict anybody who challenged them. Yes, Evil Dick was playing the game for he and Daniele while Daniele played more for herself, but Daniele won more competitions, tied the then record of five Vetoes in a single summer, and avoided personally attacking her fellow houseguests. Dick played a great villain role and America loved every second of his outrageous antics and constant fighting. Another thing, Daniele probably would have done well on any season and part of any cast (aside from 13 as the other houseguests already knew how well she played) even if she were alone. Dick’s aggressive gameplay wouldn’t have gotten him far with a different cast or without Daniele’s wins to keep him safe. Am I happy Dick won? Yes! But I do think Daniele earned it.

9. Season Nine

Who Won: Adam Jasinksi

Who Should Have Won: Literally anybody else, but I’ll say Natalie Cunial

This season was so horrifically boring and filled with dumb gameplay and unlikable houseguests. The likes of which included a known male porn star. In fact the winner would go on to get wrapped up in a drug trafficking ring. That just goes to show you “Team Christ”, the alliance that had all four of it’s members make the top five and three make the final three, wasn’t without sin. Adam did nothing but annoy me so I found it hard to focus on how he played the game. Natalie, while annoying, had her quirky charms and competitive side that made her a little better than the rest… and I do mean little.

10. Season Ten

Who Won: Dan Gheesling

Who Should Have Won: Dan Gheesling

I’m going to say it: Dan Gheesling is the greatest player to ever play Big Brother. I respect when people disagree but I’ll forever believe it. He started out on the outskirts of the house due to a failed alliance with a mastermind, then he was able to completely deflect the aftermath onto other houseguests by pretending to be easily manipulated while he was in fact the manipulator. Watching Dan against the rest of the house was like watching an episode of Tom and Jerry. Tom tried to get the mouse anyway possible, but Jerry was far too smart. He broke up the house alliance and joined forces with Memphis as the Renegades and they teamed with Keesha and Renny to win nearly every competition for the rest of the summer and take out all who stood in their way… except for Jerry but even keeping his arch-rival around proved perfect strategy by Dan. It was no wonder Dan was standing at the end with his best friend and a unanimous vote naming him the winner.

11. Season Eleven

Who Won: Jordan Lloyd

Who Should Have Won: Russell Kairouz

Jordan, while possibly the sweetest winner in BB History, did absolutely nothing her entire season. She was beautiful and quirky and her romance with Jeff got her a magnificent reputation. Her gameplay… what was it again? Oh, she didn’t have any. She attached herself to the stronger player (Jeff) and let him take the fall when all was said and done. Russell played kind of stupid, but he was always playing the game. At one point he was Jeff and Jordan’s biggest enemy, but he managed to sway them enough for them to realize they should work together. Sadly Russell was backstabbed. I know it doesn’t sound very impressive, but he was entertaining among a group of boring houseguests and subpar gameplay by all of them. The only big move was Jeff using the Coup D’état, but he only got the chance to do that because America gave it to him.

12. Season Twelve

Who Won: Hayden Moss

Who Should Have Won: Britney Haynes

This was the season of the Brigade, “Floater’s grad a life vest”, and the greatest diary room sessions in existence. Hayden was part of the Brigade and the most winning-est of them, but aside from his good competition skills, he didn’t do much except pretend not to have made out Kristen that one time. Meanwhile everybody saw Rachel as this huge threat, when Britney was doing it all far better. She was the veto queen of her season and had everybody in the house adore her. She had snarky comments, hysterical behavior, and a good heart even after the Saboteur marked her week one. By the end she even had Lane willing to betray the Brigade and take her to the end, though sadly he couldn’t win anything. Had she made the final three, Britney would have trumped the boys in the final HoH competition and had the votes of everybody in the Jury as she never betrayed anybody. At least she got America’s Favorite Houseguest as a conciliation prize.

13. Season Thirteen

Who Won: Rachel Reilly

Who Should Have Won: Rachel Reilly OR Kalia Booker

Season thirteen put most of the houseguests at a disadvantage right from the get go by forcing them to team up with people they’ve never met to compete against some of the strongest duos from past seasons, all of whom were either dating each other, engaged to each other, or related to each other. Rachel, despite obnoxious behavior on BB12, returned and took the house by storm. She was part of the Veterans Alliance with fiancé Brendon, Jeff and Jordan from BB11, and Dick and Daniele from BB8, won continuously and made had good strategy even without her boy toy to aid her along. She was smarter than Jeff, Jordan and Porsche, stronger than Adam and Shelly, and more aggressive than Kalia. Had Daniele had the numbers, she could’ve stopped Rachel, but oh well. The only person who really gave Rachel a run for her money was Kalia. Kalia started out with the worst deal. Her partner, Lawon, was the helpful equivalent of having a bag of flour tied to your belt. He’d later volunteer to get evicted thinking he’d earn some power and re-enter the game… Idiot. After being called a floater by the Veterans, Kalia stopped playing nice and fought long enough to get Brendon and Jeff out. She survived Daniele too, but they were aligned. Had her other alliance member, Porsche, not opened Pandora’s box and unleash the most blatant favoritism-twist in history onto the game that spared Rachel, nobody could have stopped her from winning the entire game. Also, she was a good person, being the only one in the house to call out Jeff on his homophobic rant (he’d later win America’s Favorite… go figure) I think Kalia played a good enough game to win, but I do think Rachel earned it after being the target every single week for two seasons in a row.

14. Season Fourteen

Who Won: Ian Terry

Who Should Have Won: Dan Gheesling

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dan Gheesling is the greatest player to ever play Big Brother. At a loss from the start, Dan entered the game as a coach and had to evict a player only a few hours after the game got underway. That left him with only two players against Janelle’s full team, Mike Boogie’s full team, and Britney’s full team. Only a week later, he lost another when Kara was evicted. That left him with only Danielle left. Ian started out with an advantage by being picked to play under the guidance of Boogie who had previously won and had a group of bigger targets ahead of himself. The only things Ian really did his season were romance a girl and help get Boogie evicted. Dan was a bigger role in the eviction of Boogie and had he and Danielle at the center of every major alliance of the season. When Dan’s game was finally up, he hosted Dan’s Funeral and figuratively came back from the dead by getting the house to believe he accepted defeat and cut ties with Danielle, when he really got everybody’s sympathy and had the house turn on the innocent Britney. Sadly a bitter jury resulted in Dan sitting beside Ian who had never really turned on them. Dan lost, but certainly deserved the title yet again.

15. Season Fifteen

Won Won: Andy Herren

Who Should Have Won: Elissa Slater

I’m going to admit, Andy played a phenomenal game. He had a read on everybody, was part of every important conversation his season, floated back and forth from power alliance to power alliance, and cut the dead weight when the time came. But he was so frustrating to watch. He allowed people in the house to attack each other on personal levels, harass each other’s sanity, make racial slurs, and even insult him for being a homosexual just to win money. He barely won anything so he was never really a threat, but he kept the poorer orator, GinaMarie, around for the final two so he could smoke her in the final speeches. Elissa on the other hand, was kind, sweet competitive, and ALWAYS a target. Why was she a target? Her sister was Rachel Reilly. Other than that, she never personally attacked anybody, took on Amanda’s harassment with her head held high, and was able to make deals that did her well. Sadly, Andy the rat got her out. You know, he did play the best game that season, but Elissa was a breath of fresh air in a house full of manure. (Side note: Andy on Twitter will always be the champion though)

16. Season Sixteen

Who Won: Derrick Levasseur

Who Should Have Won: Derrick Levasseur

Assuming that I’m going to forgive Derrick for creating an environment that led to one of the dullest season’s to date, he was a great player. He had everybody wrapped around his finger from week one until the last key was pulled naming him the victor. He was part of the powerful Bomb Squad and the even more powerful Hitmen alliance. He pulled the strings for both and won a competition here and there. I’ll never forgive him for getting Nicole out (twice), but it was the smartest game move of the season as she was the only person to identify him as the real puppet master of the house. Derrick was calm, cool, and collected reminiscent of when Danielle Reyes played BB3. In a season full of abrasive personalities, his likability and cop’s investigative skills made him the clear winner even if runner-up Cody was beautiful to look at. 


I love this. Dr. Will is so awesome.