Will and Boogie Season 7 Diary Room Sessions.

how on earth would paul’s win be considered one of the best?
not only did paul not deserve to come back (he lost fair and square. miss nicole deserved her win 100%), he’s been a rude, racist, problematic freak all summer.
he should have been expelled after doing blackface. he should have been expelled after bullying his fellow house guests, and encouraging others to join in on the bullying.
he is annoying. rude. disrespectful. and does not deserve the title of ‘bb legend’.
people might assume it was hard for him as a returnee, but bb specifically casted people who like paul/had met him before. (ex: raven literally has a photo with him on her instagram)
paul walked in and got to choose who to keep safe. bb forced houseguests to kiss his butt starting day one.
bb gave paul three weeks of safety from the start.
bb did not show his blackface or bullying.
paul has repeatedly gotten advances in this game. it isn’t cool.
so don’t put him on the same level as dr.will, jun, dan, danielle, vanessa, or any other big player. he doesn’t deserve it.

My biggest problem with Paul’s game, is yes he’s a very good strategist and manipulator like Dr.Will and Dan but in the end he’s not smart about hiding it. Covering your tracks is how Andy slipped through to final 2 and won his season, thats how you win the game, but going about it aggressively is how Paul makes` mistakes  and keeps getting his lies exposed.

It happened to him last season, it happened to Paulie and Frank in BB18, to Frankie in BB16, to Amanda in BB15, and even Nicole last year who only won because the only other option was Paul.

That being said, Paul will make it to F2 again this season but seeing how petty and dramatic this cast is now means their jury votes will reflect that

funny how evil dick and physical and mental abuse people his season and be considered a “bb legend.” And Dr.WIll can talk so much cocky obnoxious shit in every goodbye message but it is forgiven because thats just apart of his charm. And Frank can sexually abuse women to only be forgiven two weeks later because he is an “””underdog”””.

BUT when davonne gives one goodbye message after getting out the person who blew up her game. she is a bitch, a bully, and a complete disgrace.