highlights from Alan Ituriel’s livestream

 • BH (bad) and 5.0.5 (good) are opposites, same with Demencia (Disorder) and Flug (Order)

• Dr. Flug is based on one of Alan’s friends who is also an engineer and has an interest in planes (and plane crashes…) and so when asked if Flug liked pancakes, he called his friend for the specific purpose of asking if he liked pancakes.

• Demencia was the hardest character to make as she was originally an 8 year old girl but had to be modified. The main influence for her character were hardcore fangirls and a girl Alan met in high school who introduced him to Anime. “She would be a fan of Yuri on Ice”

• Cartoon Network wanted one of the characters to be voiced by a youtuber so they chose Markiplier to voice 5.0.5

• A possible hero character?

• Flug wants to protect 505 from BH’s scolding and that’s probably the only reason the bear is still there.

(save him)

• Black Hat was based on his (Alan’s) father’s personality and an urban leyend about a Top Hat being who only had eyes and a big smile.

• All the portraits in the mansion do actually tell Black Hat’s backstory. In one of them he’s shown dressed as El Charro Negro, a mexican leyend.

• BH has destroyed a planet.

• BH keeps each other character for a specific purpose and loves torturing them.

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Could you draw BH and Dr. Flug about to kiss but BH goes all horrific and scares the absolute shit out of Flug? I don't know why I want it but I do!

It isn’t a french kiss until you rip your face open revealing your horrific amount of teeth set in incomprehensibly undulating flesh

Charlotte: A Character Study

Anyways…can I just say that I really love and admire Charlotte as a character????

Like, she was a jewish, gay, black woman who—given that Falsettos is set in the late 1900s—undoubtedly was met with harsh discrimination and unnecessary obstacles due to her identity, but she was so passionate about her work that she still became a doctor and stayed true to herself by not hiding anything and being so genuine in the fact that she was openly jewish and living with her girlfriend. And like, I get and love that her character was a metaphor for the lesbian allies of the beginning of the AIDS crisis, but she was also shown as a woman who deeply cared for her work and her friends and to minimize her as simply a plot device is really gross. And like, Charlotte even had some flaws that I wish could have been better explored (ie: as implied in “A Day in Falsettoland”, she was easily dismissive of Cordelia’s complaint of restlessness in her domestic role, which—while also serves as a further critique on the confining roles of domesticity that evolve beyond heterosexual couples and even affect healthy gay relationships—shows that she can be just as self-absorbed as the other characters), and her relationship with Cordelia was easily the healthiest one of the whole musical (at least consistently).

She was Whizzer’s doctor and friend, and she had to watch him wither and die while everyone else in the world pretended that it wasn’t happening. “Something Bad is Happening” is such a chilling song because 1) Tracie Thoms’ amazing voice and her vocal range is WILD, 2) it’s an honest depiction of what was happening in society at the time, and 3) it explores Charlotte’s desperation and despair over her career. As shown in “A Day In Falsettoland,” she is very happy with her life and career, and she feels powerful in the fact that she helps so many people. But then we flash forward to “Something Bad is Happening” and even “Jason’s Bar Mitzvah” where she, Cordelia, and Trina sing that “I feel more helpless than I have in years.” This is especially chilling for Charlotte given that she has been portrayed as such a pillar of strength and happiness.

She is shown to be very devoted to the medical profession but you can’t help but wonder just how much the AIDS epidemic, watching her friends die and suffer, and silence from the medical field and even her own community had left her jaded.

Like… I love her. P l e a s e, more recognition and love for Charlotte.


Hello yes

I just wanted to disprove another post that said Flug was taller than Black Hat. The picture they used had both of them slumping a little

I tried to find a scene where they were standing as straight as possible and the best I got was this one, even though BH is still slouched forward a tiny bit. Despite that, he’s still a good bit taller than Flug, who is upright here.

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But what BH experiences those pesky emotions. He has no clue how to deal

BH’s default emotion is anger. He’s very familiar with that one. But the rest? Oh boy

  • Sadness: Sometimes he feels bad, but doesn’t understand why. Maybe it’s anger? yeah, it must be anger. he’s just angry that this happened. it’s probably just his usual rage.
  • Happiness: it’s like an allergic reaction to the smell of money, right? (BH gets confused whenever he feels that nice without money around)
  • Fear: BH causes fear. He’s not supposed to experience it. He doesn’t know what it feels like. (At least, that’s what he says. but there was a time, millennia ago, when he knew very well what fear was)
  • Jealousy: He REFUSES to acknowledge its existence, but he feels it. It’s not envy; he already has everything he wants: money, employees, a successful business. But he doesn’t want to lose anything he owns. That’s not acceptable, for someone like him. He’s an extremely possessive, materialistic person, and he refuses to let anyone take away what’s rightfully his.
  • Embarrassment: he doesn’t really feel shame, but he doesn’t like to be made fun of. So he just gets mad, again.
  • Surprised: He can be startled, either by Dr. Flug creating an actually useful invention, Dementia sneaking up on him, or 5.0.5 trapping him in a classic hug-ambush

Overall BH still doesn’t know what the names of feelings are and normally reacts to everything with rage haha