Soulmates - (2/?)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Read part 1 on my page! Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show. It will have a continuation. Don’t give up on it just yet, it will be a nice story.

* (Y/A) : your age


You opened your eyes and saw yourself standing in a large rock. You didn’t know what was happening. People all around you ran frantically. Rescue squads. Paramedics. Police officers. They yelled things at each other, but you couldn’t understand the words. There was a loud noise on your ears, like a whistle, and it was deafening you.

Suddenly, it all came back. Jeff. The hole on the asphalt. The truck. The whistle stopped.

“We found another one!” Someone shouted, and the paramedics rushed on that direction. It was under the car. Was that… Jeff? You heard a woman’s scream.

When your throats started to ache, you realized you were the one screaming.

Someone grabbed you. You turned around, freaking out, and saw Jeff embracing you. He looked perfectly fine. His white shirt was spotless, his cap didn’t move an inch since before the crash.

“J-Jeff? What the…?”

You looked at yourself. Your green dress was just as tidy. The arm, previously slashed apart by glass, didn’t had a single scratch.

“Something happened, I don’t know what” he tried to explain. His face didn’t look as good as the rest of him. He was pale and seemingly about to throw up. “We’re there… but we’re also here”

Your eyes widened. Your car crashed and some extracorporeal shit started going on? That was bullshit. A sick joke.

“I don’t believe in that crap!” you pushed him away and walked towards the wrecked vehicle. As soon as you looked at the body underneath it, you let out another scream, mortified.

Nobody even looked at you. You stared at them, tears running down your face, and tried to reach them. You shouted, punched them, did everything you could think of. Nothing worked. It was like you weren’t even there.

“Jeff” you cried. “What happened to us? That… thing… under the car. I don’t even know which one of us it is. It’s totally deformed”

“I know, I know” he hugged you. You sobbed so hard it hurt your back, but you couldn’t stop.

“Are we-” you started, but couldn’t bring yourself to say what you were thinking. Dead. The whole situation said it loud and clear: you were both dead. Not much left for interpretation.

“I’m not sure” he said, while he watched the body underneath the car be taken away to the ambulance. He turned you around so you wouldn’t see. “They already took one of us to the hospital. Let’s follow the next one there and see what we can find out, okay?”

You nodded. He gently grabbed your waist and lifted you high enough to reach the passenger seat of the ambulance.

“I’m going behind” he said. “There’s no room for both of us here”

“Don’t” you held his hand as tight as you could. “You can fit here too if we squeeze”

“Okay” he climbed up.

You remained silent all the way to the hospital. You weren’t sure if the paramedics talked to each other. If they did, you were too distracted to pay attention. The initial panic worn off and you were now completely void.

You did look at Jeff once to see how was he doing. He seemed lost in thoughts, somewhere in between serenely and sadly. A glance of concern crossed his face when he caught you looking at him, but it disappeared as fast as it came. Also, he didn’t look like he was going to throw up anymore.

Once you got to the hospital, he jumped out and picked you up. You walked through the front door, not looking behind, avoiding the bruised and crushed body.

“I think that’s you on the E.R.” Jeff pointed out. You looked away and saw yourself, dressed in emerald clothes and covered in blood. You were lying on a stretcher, lots of agitated doctors around you. You gasped.

“That means…”

“The one underneath the car is me. I figured” Jeff nodded. “Let’s do this: you stick around your body and I’ll go find mine”

“Okay” you said, unsure. “But let’s meet back here once we have news. I don’t wanna be alone”

“Deal” he said, and left to find himself on his own stretcher, paramedics pulling him out of the ambulance. You looked away and approached yourself.

Another doctor, looking a little older than the others, reached out for your stretcher too.

“What’s the chart?”

“(Y/A) year old female, car crash. Basilar skull fracture, pneumothorax, broken jaw, broken wrist, minor contusions and two open wounds on the thigh and forearm”

“Did you get an O.R.?”

“They’re all occupied, but Dr. Grey is almost done with her carotid endarterectomy in O.R. 2”

“Page Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Torres. I want only the best people on this. I know (Y/N), I am friends with her parents. Did she come in alone?”

“No sir. Male driver, allegedly Jeffrey Atkins according to the documents found on the car, but no visual confirmation” a paramedic answered.

“Meaning what?” a younger doctor asked.

“Too many injuries to be recognized”

“O.R. 2 is clear” a nurse showed up and informed.

“Coming in”


You met Jeff at the waiting room, as you agreed. He was there, asleep on a chair. You sat beside him and, even though you tried to do it silently, you ended up waking him. His blue eyes greeted you, and he let out a lazy smile.

“How are you doing?”

“I got out of surgery a few hours ago. The doctors just told my parents I’m in a coma” you rubbed your eyes. “I’m so tired”

“Yeah, me too”

“What about you? I mean, your other you” you asked, causing Jeff’s smile to widen up a little.

“Some people came by to see me. Clay and a few jocks. My parents are out of town so I guess they will take a while to get here. My grandma came, though”

“But what about you? Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine” he said simply, and saw the look in your eyes. “Do you want the full medical report? I broke a lot of bones, lost a leg and a hand, my face looks like Quasimodo’s but worst”

You held your breath.

“Oh my god, Jeff, I’m so sorry…”

“Yeah… and only thing I can think about, with all that happening, is that I’ll never play baseball again. How stupid is that?”

“It’s not stupid” you held his hand. “Look at me”

He looked up and you saw the red puffy bags under his eyes.

“I’m here for you, okay? I’m so sorry, this is all my fault” your voice broke.

“What are you talking about?”

“You wouldn’t have been anywhere near that cliff if you weren’t giving me a ride”

He shook his head.

“(Y/N), don’t do this to yourself. If we’re gonna talk about blame, there’s enough to share. If you’re gonna feel guilty about that, I should feel too. I’m the one who forgot my seatbelt, and I’m the one who wanted to take a shortcut. Zach is the one who sent me on a beer run. The truck driver is the one who didn’t see us. We could go on forever and it still wouldn’t make anything better. It would only get worse, with that poisonous feeling”

You nodded. After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke again.

“I think we should get out of here”

You frowned.

“And go where?”

“Wherever we want. It might take a while until we wake up, and we should do something other than feeling sorry for ourselves until then. What do you say?”

“Well… why not?”

Don’t spend all your time wondering what you are, or who you like, or whether it’s right for you or wrong for you. Just let yourself be happy.
—  Callie Torres, Grey’s Anatomy

For Christmas the year after Callie moves back to Seattle, and they get back together and become a family again, Arizona gets Sofia specially made, child-sized scrubs in exactly the same navy blue as the attendings at Grey Sloan Memorial, for no other reason than she thinks it’ll be cute and she knows their daughter loves playing doctor. Callie swipes an authentic scrub cap from the intern’s locker room to complete the outfit, and from that day forward whenever Sofia has to come to work with one of them she insists on wearing her scrubs cause “I’m gonna be a surgeon too!”.

Naturally everyone at the hospital thinks it’s freaking adorable, especially because she also gets her first pair of heelies that Christmas and becomes a miniature version of Arizona speeding along the hallways.

(Callie swears her hair is turning more grey by the minute every time she sees her in those damn sneakers, but she can’t help but love it all the same, because every day she reminds her more and more of Arizona.)

Sofia tries to convince her moms to let her watch real surgery after school, but that’s where they both draw the line – they know she’s smart, but they don’t want to traumatize their eight-year-old with actual open bodies. They get her anatomy colouring books instead, but when they’re not looking, she convinces her Uncle Alex to sneak her into the gallery anyway.(And she thinks it’s the COOLEST THING EVER. It 100% cements her dream to become a doctor just like both her moms.)

When she graduates med school years later, Callie digs this photo off her hard drive and has it printed (they have a framed version in their bedroom already), and they slip it into the card they leave at her apartment the morning before they depart Baltimore to go home. Sofia opens it later that day, after she drops her moms off at the airport, and when she turns over the photo she sees a message in familiar handwriting that makes her grin from ear to ear.

“Guess you won’t have to sneak into the gallery now (don’t think we didn’t know.) Love, moms.”


  • Me watching Grey's Anatomy: omg here we go, Meredith and Christina drama, I don't know if I want to cry or laugh
  • Also, Me watching Grey's Anatomy: omg Sheppard and Bailey's drama, I'm going to cry, I'm definitely going to cry *tries so hard not to cry but fails miserably*
  • Also, me watching Grey's Anatomy: omg Callie and Sloan drama, this two need a hug...and a rainbow flag...and lexie *laughs and then starts crying*
  • Also, me watching Grey's Anatomy: haha interns drama...fucking idiots *laughs cause they're interns*

@pieces-falling-from-me it’s not that great, but I hope it makes you smile just a little bit

“You ready?” Callie asked.

The two were scrubbing in on a surgery together; a child had broken a few bones after falling out of a tree and it happened to interrupt their planned lunch together.

“Yep!” Arizona smiled tying her mask over her face.

Getting into their surgery, Callie requested music to be played at high volume and Arizona almost winced. Callie was the head surgeon of this case and Arizona was just fine watching the love of her life in her element helping to save a child’s life.

She watched her, blue eyes tracking brown that lit up with excitement down to gloved hands that held a drill with so much strength; it made her knees weak. Realizing that getting turned on in the operating room wasn’t the most appropriate thing, so she peaked over Callie’s shoulder and whispered, “You know this is the song we danced to on our first date?”

The drill screeched, Arizona’s eyes widening before Callie let out a laugh. “Of course I know. It’s why I played it.” Callie mumbled something to a scrub nurse and returned to her task at hand. “I have our whole playlist on.”

“Our playlist?”

Callie paused and shook her head playfully. “Actually, I made this for us. I was going to play it and subtly hint at it during dinner tonight.”

The song changed and Arizona instantly recognized the tune. “Calliope…” her voice was inaudible to everyone in the room aside from Callie and, smirking while snapping a bone back into place, knew playing the song they first danced to at their wedding was right.

Clearing her throat, Callie spoke up. “Dr. Robbins, I’m having trouble deciding if this bone looks like it’s aligned correctly. Would you mind taking a closer look?”

Everyone in the OR knew the two were together, and their obvious attempt at trying to get close during surgery was not unnoticed by their staff.

“Of course, Dr. Torres,” holding her hands behind her back, Arizona leaned forward and briefly glanced at the exposed bone. She knew of Callie’s skills and had no doubts that what she did was close to perfection. Well, it was perfection. She looked up at Callie and smiled enough so that it reached her yes and, the way the two of them have mastered, communicated almost every thought through that simple contact. “Everything looks good here, Dr. Torres. It all looks perfect.”

The surgery continued, Arizona finding herself swaying her hips to a few songs, memories of their past flooding her mind. But soon, the operation came to an end. “Stop the music.” As requested, the room fell into silence and Callie did one last task, requesting for someone to close the patient up. They both hip checked each other as they went to scrub out, Callie smiling at finally being able to see Arizona’s dimples after they were hidden for hours.

“I just realized…” Arizona began. She dried her hands and stared at Callie, replaying the songs from their playlist in her head, a smile taking her lips to touch her eyes. “It’s been a year.”

A chuckle. “Took you long enough to remember.”

“You knew and you didn’t say anything!” she gasped and threw her arms around Callie. She cupped Callie’s face and kissed her with passion, with ease, with a force that nearly knocked the brunette off of her feet. She held her arms around Callie’s neck when they ran out of breath. “I love you.”

The biggest smile Arizona had ever seen made its way onto Callie’s face. “I love you, too.”

A peck on the lips. “Who knew that a year ago we’d be here? That you’d come back and we’d be together…after all this time.” She tried her best not to let the tears take control of her voice, but the quiver in her lip was quickly seen by her lover.

“Just think about how happy we’ve been. How happy we are.”

They kissed once more and only pulled apart when a friendly face opened the door.

“Oh, come on. Everyone knows you love each other, now,” Bailey shooed them away with her hands. It was obvious she was trying to hide a smile. “Get out. Go make out somewhere else.”

Laughing like a group of school girls, the duo left the scrub room and stumbling into the nearest on call room they could find.