dr.seuss' the lorax

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny DeVitto, Ed Helms, Betty White
Directed By: Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda

“Dr.Seuss’ The Lorax” could’ve been promoted by the Department of Agriculture and Al Gore. It centers it’s story on a boy who tries to impress a girl by looking for the last remaining tree as all have been extinct.

In the cased world of Thneedville, everyone lives on buyable air. Trees are extinct. Hence, you can buy your own design of electric-powered trees from the local store to decorate your front yard. Ted (Zac Efron) like the tad-older Audrey (Taylor Swift). Audrey likes to read about Science and history. She believes that Dr.Seuss’ version of trees are the softest and most beautiful things she’s ever heard of. She wants to see it. Ted makes this his mission to impress her. He asks around but no one knows where to find them. His Grammy Norma (Betty White) knows that he has to find the Once-ler (Ed Helms) outside town to learn about it.

Ted jets off town and finds the Once-ler. He learns that it was the Once-ler’s fault that all trees are gone. The Lorax, guardian of the trees, have fled their world. The Once-ler spends his time telling Ted the story of how he had used trees to make thneeds. The Once-ler has one seed left and he gives it to Ted as a last attempt to grow trees again.

“Dr.Seuss’ The Lorax” is a colorful and joyful foray into the world created by the famous writer. The film brings to life the world of Dr.Seuss’ with enough vibrancy and energy to tell The Lorax’ story. It’s a fun film for kids. Adults will appreciate its intentions as well. There’s a universal environmental message that lies in the heart of the story. It’s cheesy but hey, it’s meant for kids. The creators did a fantastic job at making the movie very upbeat. One would worry about stretching a short book into a full animated feature. This one succeeds happily.

*** (3 Stars)