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Loved seeing Dick's drive in in your aesthetic. Do you know about Dick's or just liked the sign? Dean would love their burgers, especially after a late night of drinking.

Wait… that’s an actual place you can eat burgers at?? Dick’s?? We don’t have those where I live, or at least not to my knowledge anyway. I just saw the sign and liked it, especially since it fit so well with the coloring and ‘Dean’ feel.

I need to know more, anon!!

You’re a mean one, Mr. Tohru
You really are an ass

You’re as sparkling as a Ziodyne

And as charming as a troll, Mr. Tohru

You’re a bad police man
With a smug of a jester. 

Just face yourself
You’re an asshole, Mr. Tohru, yes, you are

Your heart’s an empty hole of fucks

Your tv is full of bitches and whores

You’ve got Magatsu in your soul, Mr. Tohru

I wouldn’t trust you with a
12 inch tv.

You’re a sinister one, Mr. Tohru

You have the dirtiest expressions,

Your bullshit lies stink as much as a big rotten Mara,
Mr. Tohru.

Given the choice between the two of you,
I’d take the big rotten mara
. (No homo doe)

It's our wedding anniversary

We have dinner but we’re not eating food. I tie her up with each limb tied to the four corners of the bed.
My tongue begins on her belly button and then works it’s way down to her second lips.
My tongue flips, my lips suck
Her eyes roll back as she whimpers the word “fuck”
Her legs start to close
Like the gates of heaven to hoes
She tries to stay quiet as sweat drips off her toes.
She cums consecutively
She knew she would when she got into bed with me.
Every climax is a jolt, she just might have an epiphany.
Time flies like an arrow if I say so myself.
Flies faster than a toddler when his mum grabs the belt.
3 hours have gone by, bed sheets are mad doused.
She’s embarrassed, her cheeks are red as if wind blew up her blouse.
I untied her and brung her close to my chest.
She says “don’t look at me, I’ve made such a mess”.
Hush you’re so modest, you’re a goddess regardless.

Turns on the TV and the Dvr and selects a previously recorded episode of game of thrones*