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jurassic park-themed enamel pins by sweetandlovely

i LOVE me some jurassic park, as many of you probably already know (my jeff goldblum obsession is well documented on EFOTD … swoon) so i’m all about this pair of JP-inspired pins. from alan’s raptor claw quote to ellie’s amazing feminist retort, you’ll love ‘em too!


“So… Based on your theory, you’re predicting that Jurassic Park will fail?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at Dr. Malcolm as he stared at you.

Calculated.” He corrected. “I predicted nothing.”

“I think I’m still having trouble understanding chaos theory.”

“It’s simple…” He smiled. “Jurassic Park isn’t a zoo. Hammond has taken live creatures that no one has ever studied before, thrown them into enclosures, and now he expects them to behave essentially as animals would if they had been bred and raised in captivity.”

“Haven’t they?”

“Yes, but these aren’t lions or elephants that have gotten used to their handlers. It’s more primitive than that. You cannot expect to control something that we know nothing about.”

You shrugged and turned back to screen in front you to continue watching an animated DNA strand explain codes and cloning… Ian was still staring at you. He was intelligent for his field, as confusing as it was, and it was obvious that Dr. Malcolm was very confident in his calculations. You watched as a cartoon version of a tyrannosaurus rex appeared on the screen and suddenly you felt it… Your stomach dropped. Hammond wasn’t working with lions or elephants, as Ian had put it; he was working with some of the most savage carnivores to ever roam the planet.

“I hope you’re wrong.”

“So do I.” He said as he turned his attention back on the screen as well.


For large swaths of the Internet, the only important development about any new “Jurassic Park” movie was whether Jeff Goldblum would be in it.

Well, rejoice Goldblumites: The actor will reprise his role of mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm in the 2018 sequel to “Jurassic World,” after his absence in the 2015 reboot of the franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

You know what that means? More meme-making material!

Read more here: Jeff Goldblum will be in the next “Jurassic World” movie

helloooo!! since i haven’t rlly been so productive (pray that i do tomorrow yikes) i decided to do a list of quotes from different fandoms, famous people, etc. that i’ve experienced myself :D hope you like it! 

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NEWS: Dr. Ian Malcolm Is Back!

Tonight we’ve all received word that Jeff Goldblum will be returning to the Jurassic Park franchise, in his iconic role as Dr. Ian Malcolm. Let’s take a look at the reporting from THR. 

“Jeff Goldblum is returning to the land of dinosaurs. The actor, who co-starred in 1993’s Jurassic Park and 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park, will appear in Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s next Jurassic World film.”

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So they didn’t reveal much of anything about his return just yet, but he will be appearing in the film. In what capacity is the question. We assume Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will still assume the leading roles, but will Goldblum step up to a lead with them, or will it be more of a cameo?

Jurassic World obviously set up his reintroduction to the franchise by including his book throughout the film and the constant reminder of Chaos Theory with either the drops of blood in typical chaotic fashion and the state of Lowery’s desk. It was only a matter of time before he was announced. 

We’ll be podcasting about this soon, but in the mean time, let us know what you think ab out the return of Chaos Theorist, Dr. Ian Malcolm - in the comments below!