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“Excuse me, where is my key?” Sherlock asks. He is already annoyed at this man.

The innkeeper looks puzzled. “I’m sorry? Do you need two rooms?”

“Yes, obviously.” Unfortunately. “I am a bit tired so please do hurry up.”

The man searches through his papers and after a while looks up at Sherlock apologetically.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Holmes. There must have been a misunderstanding. Dr. Huxtable only booked one room for you and I’m afraid that we’re booked up.”

“Oh for god’s sake – “

“It’s okay.” John interrupts him. Sherlock is puzzled. What? Does John really want to share a room with him? Of course we’ll be needing two echoes in the back of Sherlock’s mind.

@hiatustory here is my submission for May’s writing challenge. I finally figured out how to share an AO3 link on tumblr :) It’s quite a simple story but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Cosby’s show playing on telly daily now and I can’t help but re-obsess. Now that I’m older, I understood that Denise is truly the style queen no one can ever do in the 80s. She, rocked, that big shoulder pad coat with swag.

Yep, I told ya. Layers and pure swag in he hairstyle before the pixie trend came along

Or the boho hippie headbands Nicole Richie (failed) doing

External image
External image

Even a religious-shaped looking head topper looks just fine

I mean, the big fashion no-no to look good is not the oversized - but she did it

Or the trend of backside as point-of-style with still being ‘on the loose side’

Now we sort of know where J. Monae gets her inspiration from:

No one can handle her swag even pops Dr Huxtable

Well, no one can. She’s got it and you can’t cross her throne

Who else is obsessed with her fashion sense? I compiled these photos from all tumblr things and I’m gonna start taking pictures. Feel free to share with me other screencaps of her style, we need more of her originality without any make-up, surgery, and all the shit happening today.


I just saw that James Avery just passed away and all I could think of was this scene from Fresh Prince. The ending moment between Will and Uncle Phil was unscripted and it shows how caring and loving James Avery was towards the people he interacted with. Judge Phillip Banks was the first positive black male role model I saw on TV (other than Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable…) and I want to post this in tribute. Mr. Avery, thank you for being a part of my childhood and you will be sorely missed.


Warnings: None

Dean grumbled under his breath as he tried to change (Y/N)’s diaper. “I’ll pay you money of you sit still.” He mumbled, causing his younger brother to chuckle from the table he was sitting at, doing some research. “This is like diffusing an IED, but with.. Poop.” He groaned. He finally got the diaper on, which was quite a struggle. He deserved a pat on the back. “Okay, okay. Alright, alright. You are.. Golden.” The eldest Winchester said, quite proud of himself as he picked (Y/N) up. “Time to hit the hay.” He murmured, and started to pace the room slowly, humming a Led Zeppelin song under his breath. Meanwhile, Sam watched with an amused expression on his face. 

“Dean, you’re just going to make her cranky again-” Sam started, but was soon cut off by his brother. “Sh, it’s working.” He scolded his brother, his voice barley above a whisper since he could clearly see that (Y/N) was starting to fall asleep. “Okay, if I put you down, are you going to be mad about it?” He asked, referring to the baby as he walked over to the crib, slowly setting (Y/N) down, watching as she fell into a peaceful slumber.

“Huh.” Sam said id quite disbelief. “What?” Dean asked with a raised brow. “You’re actually.. Not awful at that.” He admitted, watching as his brother folded the towel that (Y/N) was previously laid on. “Dude, I’m barley keeping her alive.” He quickly denied, scoffing. “No, no, no. Seriously, you had a whole Dr. Huxtable vibe coming off of you, like.. Father material.”

Emily Brontë was such an avid fan of “The Cosby Show” that she actually named her infamous dark hero of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff, after the show’s main character, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, played by Cosby himself.

The more you know.