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Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt :
Shy ice power!Reader X Jason Todd. He finds her in one of his hideouts.


“Look Timbo, unless Dr.Freeze is out I don’t know what’s causing the blizzard in the middle of spring…”

“Jason, this is serious, we need to find the cause! ” Tim yelled over the phone causing Jason to stop in his tracks.

“You mean YOU have to find out! I’m on my goddamn break! Take the batbrat and go exploring!” Jason yelled back starting to move again. He was halfway through the stairs and near his door.

“Where the hell are you?! I’m not taking that demon with me! ” Tim protested.

“What are you? My mom? Then take that superkid with you for all I care!” Jason started to unlock the door when he noticed the handle was freezing cold.

“His name is Connor and-” Jason cut Tim off and put the phone in his pocket taking the gun out. Slowly he turned the handle and opened the door scanning his surroundings.

“Whoever is in here come out before I shoot you! ” Jason yelled trough the house closing the door behind him with his foot.

“P-please don’t shoot!” a panicked voice yelled.

“Show yourself! ” Jason still held his gun up waiting for the person to emerge from their hiding.

A girl stepped out from behind a wall her hands wrapped around herself.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” Jason questioned and the girl seem to blush and stammer at the sight of him.

“I-well.. uh.. My name is Y/n and I got in by freezing the lock on your back door and breaking it. ” she quickly said and avoided his gaze.

“Y/n… And your power is to freeze things, I’m guessing the blizzard wasn’t on purpose?” he lowered his gun and sat down on one sofa gesturing for her to do the same. She sat opposite from him trying not to touch anything afraid she might freeze it.

“Things got a bit out of control… ” she mumbled looking down at her feet.

“You don’t say… Can you make it stop?” he asked leaning in.

She looked up at him  and backed away immediately after seeing how close he got.
“I-i don’t know, usually it stops after an hour or so… ” she said.

“And the current snow in my house Y/n?” Jason asked and the girl looked confused until he pointed at the ceiling and she looked up.
Tiny snowflakes started to form and fall down on them and the furniture.

“Um.. Sorry about that..? ”

“Jason.. My name is Jason.” he smiled and the girl relaxed a tiny bit.

“You’re not going to call the police or anything, right? ” she asked.

“Nah, I think we just need to warm you up Y/n..” he winked and she blushed the snow still falling turning Jason precious house into a frozen wonderland.

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“Michael loved his fans, he loved his music and he loved making music for his fans. He liked to give love and joy to people. It was his mission. He was very devoted and loyal. It was something he wanted to do, or what he should do. He loved people deep in his soul. And when he was doing this music, it was for us."  Dr.Freeze