dr.frank n furter

10 Quotes That Give Me Feels Of Dr.Frank-N-Furter

1.) “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.”- Dita Von Teese

2.) “Nobody know’s what anticipation is anymore. Everything is so immediate.”- Joan Jett

3.) “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.”- David Bowie

4.) “Reality is something you rise above.”- Liza Minnelli

5.) “I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.”- Edgar Allen Poe

6.) “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”- Tim Burton

7.) “I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.”- Rose McGowan

8.) “Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.”- Oscar Wilde

9.) “Take me I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic.”- Salvador Dali

10.) “You were wild once, don’t let them tame you.”- Isadora Duncan

5 Thoughts for playing the role of Dr.Frank-N-Furter.

1.) Ambiguity 

Whether you’re a female, male, or some fabulous shade in between, the score of Frank’s attraction is that he’s just all of the above. You ought to have the power of a villain, the charisma of a hero, the elegance of a heroine, and the temper of Vercua Salt. There’s no room for what gender assignment, however, when there is so much fabulous to be shown! It’s this ideology O’brien aimed for when birthing Transsexual aliens into our square world.

 This is an opportunity to explore yourself in terms of your sexual nature, and embody a character that’s beyond a plain Jane or ole’ Joe.

 Bless The Rocky Horror Picture Show for being a shrine of encouragement for self-exploration.

2.) Don’t say, just show

Tim Curry himself stated that Frank is a “walking billboard.” The beauty of this character (and musical in general) is there is no such thing as going overboard. Naturally in theatre every expression, gesture, and line should have purpose. However,in manifesting Furter, you ought to crank that definition about 3 more points. Although this won’t feel like establishing a natural essence of a character, it’s organic for Frank, and thus acting over-the-top must be done in style. 

In short: Act as if overacting is the way you always act.

Skip to 4:58, you can be indulged by Mr.Curry describing the difference of physical extravagance between stage acting and film acting that supports what the f*ck I’m talking about. 

3.) Seduce 

In this role, you are alluding to coitus the entire show. Even in a birthday hat, you’re a charismatic genius of another world. Think of this entire show being nothing more than your foreplay. Frank wears a vampire cape during his introduction- vampires feasting is metaphorical to love making-and thus you are walking sex from the beginning. The audience is aching for you, even if they don’t know it yet. You are the master of this castle, everyone in it adores you, and you see no reason why you should be any different. 

   “He’s a drama queen, really…he’s a hedonistic, self-indulgent voluptuary, and that’s his downfall. He’s an ego-driven . . “ - Richard O’Brien interview with Dominic Wells

4.) Don’t do a Tim Curry impression

Nothing wrong with drawing inspiration to touch up on how he moved his arm during such and such, or, how he went to a lower key during so and so. However, an outright role play is painfully obvious when done, and even when done well it’s important that you know that this your moment to embody the character. Make it your own. 

A gorgeous example is David Bedella who dominated Dr.Frank-N-Furter by his own charismatic accord.

5.) Be fearless

Whether you’re tuning your inner sweet transvestite for a major audition, a shadow cast in your community theatre, or even a thirty second monologue for  theatre class at school, this character isn’t just your moment in the spotlight, it is quite literally your moment to be the spotlight! The stage is yours, you are the ring leader, the primary attraction of the musical, don’t let this scare you, but, empower you. 

“It takes a certain amount of courage to play Frank, but the only thing I’m sure about as a performer is that you have to be dangerous. If you’re going to take a risk, take a big one. It’s like the circus. You’re on a tightrope, and the people come to watch you fall. If you fall with your whole heart, then that’s all right. You have to be as brave as you can in your work. Give as much blood as you can.”

Tim Curry - Tim Curry Spices The Rocky Horror Show by Bart Mills -
After Dark - March 1975

Now show your audience up to the lab and see whats on your slab.

God knows they’re shivering with antici-….

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Vintage Gender Bender

If The Rocky Horror Picture Show film characters were reversed in an earlier time frame.

1.) Dr.Frank-N-Furter: Isabella Rossellini

2.) Brad Majors: Diane Keaton

3.) Janet Weiss: Leonard Whiting 

4.) Riff-Raff: Meryl Streep 

5.) Magenta: Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)

6.) Rocky: Farrah Fawcett

7.)Columbia: Joel Grey

8.) Eddie: Joan Jett

9.) Dr.Everett  V. Scott: Angela Lansbury

10.) Criminologist: Anjelica Huston

The Obnoxious Nature Of Humans: Endorsed by Frank.

Humoring people by pretending to be something, or, someone you’re not.

That luke warm response that forces you to question what you thought was your first-rate accomplishment.

Contemplating that 90% of the information you receive is useless, already known, or will never be interesting enough for you to remember.

Trusting someone to do something and in return they make the situation ever more difficult for you. 

Not always being your best self and hypocrites wasting no time to remind you of it.

Understanding happiness is fleeting and expecting this to shield you from surprise when the unexpected occurs.

But,  this shield obviously doesn’t come with a manual because the unexpected still manages to mentally mind-f*ck you.

Feeling as though the entire world has a secret agenda to prevent you from having a good time.

 Believing you’re destined to only watch happiness rather than experience it.

Having an elaborate script of how your life and the things in it are to be, yet nothing and no one seems to want to follow it!

Kindness turning the opposite cheek when exhausted on the wrong people.

Feeling betrayed by the rejection of others, even if what they’re rejecting you for may be reasonable.

Acting weary of other peoples sensitivity.

Despite your suspicion that you’re actually the fragilest flower of them all.

Well babies, don’t you panic, all this ugly proves a very lovely point:

You’re lot more like Frank-N-Furter than you thought! 

Congratulations on being the master of your own castle !  Let the party and the sounds rock on!

(* Seriously though, celebrate yourself, even the unpleasant, it’s all completely necessary in being who you are ~)

5 Mistakes Dr.Frank-N-Furter Made In The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Although The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film that is senseless to make sense of, it’s inevitable to analyze it when given the chance. 
Given Frank is, arguably, the primary attraction of the film, I gathered five reasons Furter induced his own obstacles, and ultimately own demise.

1.) Frank went off base of his “mission” to Earth.

This is the uttermost obvious mistake he had made, and it is stated plainly by Riff-Raff’s interruption during the floor show. However, Frank’s objective in coming to Earth is never distinctly specified. What may be assumed is Frank’s personal agenda was pleasure, given he created a muscle man for self-gratification, likewise pursued and seduced Columbia, Brad, Janet, and Eddie for the sole purpose of fulfilling his lustful desires.

 If the initial “mission” was pursued, it more than likely would not have involved gathering playmates to distract Frank, likewise ticking off Riff-Raff.

2.) Frank chose native Earthlings for lovers without investigating their origins.

Despite Dr.Frank-N-Furter stating he was aware of who Dr.Everett Scott was, it was rather peculiar that Frank was oblivious to the relation his delivery boy, Eddie, had to Dr.Everett Scott as his nephew. In consideration of that mishap, it was rather naive of Frank to assume that Brad and Janet, two young Denton native’s, would not have any correlation with Dr.Everett Scott who was in fact a science teacher at Denton Highschool (Brad’s jacket even has a Denton Highschool 1963 patch on it). 

A part of me suspects Riff-Raff may have held this knowledge, but, withheld it to trap Frank in a folly out of envy of his master’s success

3.) Frank did not consider his own creation’s sexuality.

A  remainder of the rising events to the floor show revolve around Frank’s jealous rage over Janet and Rocky’s fleeting affair. However, this make’s it evident Frank was oblivious to the possibility that Rocky may in fact prefer women. It’s safe to assume Frank’s ego had him rest assured that his lustful tactics would inevitably charm all potential lovers- regardless of gender.

Frank does, however, make a brief acknowledgment of this lapse of judgement, as he questions whether or not he made a mistake in splitting the brain of Eddie- whom had also slept with a female, Columbia, in spite of Frank- to transplant into Rocky. 

4.)Frank simultaneously pursued lovers.

In term’s of Frank’s apparent jealousy ranging from Eddie and Columbia, to Rocky and Janet, there’s a foul case of hypocrisy on Frank’s behalf in terms of his “playmates.” Frank seduces multiple partners in a lone night, however, he demonstrates entitlement of faithfulness from his lover’s to devote themselves to him alone, and not with each other. With the apparent exception of pool orgy’s, if Frank desired subservient lover’s, it would’ve been a far more realistic approach to pursue his prey in separate time frame’s, without other playmates roaming about after Frank had them tasting blood and wanting more. 

5.) Frank underestimated his servants, and overestimated his invincibility. 

This is the sum of the plot of the film, likewise Frank’s existence. Despite Frank being the ‘master,’ and from Riff Raff’s statement, the old “commander” it is discreetly, but, plainly shown throughout the film that whilst Frank plays with his Earthling toys, the ‘faithful handy man’ and domestic are plotting against him. However, Frank met his demise as any other mortal, and Frank was in fact no more or less “human”, despite his God complex. In that, he mistreated his capable servants, awhile overestimating their “loyalty,” in which strayed Frank from the consideration that they could ever turn on him.

In the end, Frank’s ultimate flaw was the inability to foresee the consequences of his actions.