wintersummer--3232  asked:

Could you possibly draw that sketch of you know those seven people playing monopoly and one of them is in a cardboard box labeled jail, two dudes in the front one of them holding a mic and the other praying and shedding a tear, the loser flat on the board, one of the guys in the back clasping his face, and the winner wearing sunglasses and one of the dudes raining money down on him but with the Lucifer gang (Lucifer, Chloe, Linda, Maze, Trixie, Ameandiel, and Dan)?

-“Et tu Mazikeen?”


Even Sticks is getting sick of Sonic and Amy’s denial about their relationship, lol.


SANS: Ok…thanks….but first unrelated to my past.


SANS: So those voices…..are whispers? Are they like….real?

GASTER: Yes..? I’m unsure who or what is talking to us from beyond but…they’ve been very kind and helpful to me. Most of them are quite friendly.

SANS: Weird….