the summer mixtape pt II

there are some songs that are about or remind me of summer. perfect for car rides to the beach with all the windows down.

  1. girls - summertime
  2. best coast - when i’m with you
  3. miniature tigers - like or like like
  4. dr.dog - say something
  5. ty segall - goodbye bread
  6. coma cinema - her sinking sun
  7. tom milsom - take me out
  8. animal collective - flesh canoe
  9. space ghost - 3 weeks
  10. yuck - the wall
  11. keepers - vanghost
  12. maston - night
  13. big scary - summer’s last gasp

(download here or click the pic)


the sounds of looking for alaska // listen.

a mix following pudge and his emotions throughout the novel looking for alaska by john green.


Dr. Dog: The Girl

If you don’t already know Dr. Dog, I am so glad that you know them now. I describe their sound as garage lo-fi rock. ITunes classifies them as “other”. The band originated in West Grove, Pennsylvania and they were influenced by bands from the 60s. Anyways, I am going to see their concert in February. I’m so stoked. 

  • The Old Days
  • Dr. Dog
  • Fate

Dr. Dog- The Old Days

Ah… I’ve been fortunate enough to see these dogs twice!

And they’re awesome.

God I’ll never forget that first time I saw them. It was a sunday night and I had school the next morning.. but that didn’t stop me and my friends (S, J and the Gs) from going to Denny’s afterwards for some after partying, pancakes and fun. 2 hours later it was time to get up for school, I walk into class dead tired, with my sunglasses still on- I forgot they were on. One of the most awkward moments of school was when my teacher asked me “What on earth did you do last night?”

Ah “the old days”