Mc Chris is the shit!

So I just put aside money to buy my ticket to see the amazingness that is Mc Chris at Chain Reaction in Anahiem on October 29th!

I am sooooo fucking excited. 

It’s been almost a year exactly since I saw him in person. That was such an amazing day! The sets that were played were so heavy in feels and after the show I got to hang out with all the muscians.

It was so crazy standing there fangirling with xblacki-chanx   when Dr.Awkward and Tribe one came up to us and pick up the comic I had Mc Chris sign and just started talking to us!

When I met Mc Chris I was shaking and wanted to cry, he hugged me and I told him how amazing he was and we talked about about what its like growing up with an alcoholic father and he told me I was an amazing person.

He even took a picture of my comic book I had him sign for me!  I will never forget that night.

I can’t wait to add another amazing memory like that too my mind. 


Day #26
Dr. Awkward - Now Hiring ft. Schaffer the Darklord
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