fecipher twitter, 24-2-2017: “Unseen Shield, Kellam”

[Card Showcase] The unnoticeable heavy knight, Kellam, makes his debut as a promoted card at last! This gallant figure graces not only a regular Rare card, but also a signed Rare… er, where is he?! No, no, this is definitely what the card is supposed to look like. Be sure to check out the actual card and confirm it for yourself! (Illust. Mayu)

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ロンパまとめ4 by 木尾 | Pixiv ID 4775370

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Simple Man

I’ve had a serious thirst for some Daddy!Bones here as of late. So I wrote this real quick in order to help pacify it. I think I just ended up making it worse! Ah, well! Everyone gets to suffer with me now! Enjoy :D

1,096 word(s) of fluffy daddy Bones. Leonard x Reader

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You and Leonard just had a beautiful baby boy a few days ago. You were both nervous about it, but you shouldn’t have been. As soon as the baby was born it all seemed to click into place. Leonard fell into the loving father and doting husband role perfectly. He did things for your son without question or complaint, and took care of everything you needed while you recovered, nearly running himself ragged trying to do everything so you wouldn’t have to.

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