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tl;dr: I came out to my family and I ran away because it wasn’t safe for me. I then had to give up $20,000 to pay for my parents’ mortgage and now I have no money. I need your help.

Hi guys, 

I need help. 

If you’ve been following me for the last two weeks (you probably know me better for my previous url, commanderhearteyes), you’ve probably seen me post about my situation. My financial situation isn’t looking so good right now and with how crappy the economy is lately, I’m not sure how long it will take before I can find a job. 

I am asking for your help. Here is my full story. 

Two weeks ago, while I was out with my friend Nicole @dr-johnwatson, my mom decided to go through my things because she suspected I was gay for a while. She found cigarettes in my backpack (it’s funny how the world works because I was planning to give up on smoking that day). She confronted me the next morning about the cigarettes, and I got fed up with everything - with what little privacy I had at home, with no freedom… I’m 21 years old but I couldn’t be out past 9pm without them demanding me to be home and they would constantly check where I was by dropping by without calling to see if I was really there… I got fed up with all the secrets I was keeping from them… so I made a choice to come out to them. I told them I had a girlfriend. 

Things escalated at home, and I no longer felt safe, so I packed two backpacks and left. I was travelling by foot. I walked a block before my brother texted saying I should call the police because my dad was chasing me down and was going to kill whoever was picking me up. You can imagine how scared I was. I saw my dad driving recklessly by me (he didn’t see me for some reason). I quickly walked across the street to a residential area and took a cab to university. I called a different friend up and she generously took me in. 

The following few days, my parents harassed one of my best friends and showed up to his house to guilt-trip him into telling them where I was. My parents constantly threatened to do something to Nicole because they’ve met her twice irl and thought she was my girlfriend (#logic). For everyone’s safety, I got the police and campus security involved. 

My parents then told me to give them $20,000 (which they originally gave me and it was what I was depending on to move out) because they had no money left to pay for the mortgage. Although tbh, I think they asked for it back because they were worried that I was going to spend it all on my girlfriend. My brother later informed me that my dad was very unstable, called a lawyer up (so he could “officially disown me” and assuming to take the $20k back), and threatened to kill me. The police advised me to give them the money back so they wouldn’t have leverage on me. That’s what I did. 

…which leaves me with very little money left in my account. 

My friend offered me a place to live for $500/month. I am on campus food bank but it’s barely enough to keep me going (I am currently underweight at about 93lbs). I am not employed. I have been applying at every job openings, constantly checking for new postings and to see if anyone emailed me back. I’ve been seeing a psychologist for months now to cope with my depression, but with everything that’s going on, it’s not helping.

I cannot go home. I don’t know what will happen if I do. I’ve talked to my mom over the phone and she seems determined to “fix” me with a boyfriend. Our last phone call, she yelled at me for leaving them and called me dirty. As if things aren’t bad enough, I found out my actual girlfriend cheated on me and broke up with me tonight.

I didn’t want it to come down to this but I am honestly emotionally, physically, and financially drained. I’m exhausted. I need help. I need your help.

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When you finish your prayer followed by its Dhikr (remembrance), do not leave until you have raised your hands to God with an emotional Duwa’ coming from your depths. Ask God (with a state of supplication and humbleness) all your needs, refuge to Him from all your fears, and beseech forgiveness for your bad deeds.. Because there is no good in a slave’s incomplete prayer that is not stamped by his beggary from his Lord.
—  Shaykh Dr Ramadan Al-Bouti

Everyone is so in awe of Evie Frye as being the “first” female assassin. Hello, you forgot Aveline de Grandpre. She was the true first female assassin, and everyone forgets her! It’s sad because I love Aveline! Liberation was the first AC title I played and I really have a deep love for Aveline. She’s brave, fierce loyal and spunky. Aveline deserves more and I’m sad that Evie overshadows her. 


Hip Hop Family Tree #7 (2015)  //  Fantagraphics

Before there was NWA there was a group called the World Class Wreckin’ Cru anchored by the young, impeccable Dr. Dre from Compton. This issue is jam packed with early appearances of Ice T, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Notorious BIG, and a punk rock band called Beastie Boys (which has a female drummer).

Story and art by Ed Piskor

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