Newest OC from a story I’ve been working on. This is Adrien McAllister–DOCTOR Adrien McAllister, that is. He’s investigating a rash of plague victims in a corrupt city, while trying (and failing) not to get caught up in the antics of a rash assassin. He’s a brilliant doctor with a level-head, but easily flustered by things like human contact and being nice to people.

Collaborative character design with the wonderful Chaos! You’ll be seeing him around with Fabrizio and some other new characters we’re working on!

Imagine Dan having a Superbowl party at his and Barry’s place, but he’s the only one that follows the sport so no one else actually cares about the game, but Dan tries to teach them a little, and Holly and Suzy brought like football themed snacks. The game is going to start and Barry is watching, like, Steven Universe and Ross and Holly arrive and Dan’s like 

“Okay, let’s put the pre-game on.” 

and Ross is like “Wait, I like this episode.” 

And Dan is lile “But we’ll miss the stats!” 

And Holly pats his shoulder comfortingly. 

Then, like, he actually manages to get the game on and Arin and Suy are there and Dan really tries to explain it to Arin, who TRIES really hard to pay attention for 5 minutes before he devolves into making jokes about the player’s last names. 

Dan would be a little bummed because no one gives a crap, but slowly, they start to try to get into it for him and they root for the team Dan wants to win- except Ross and Brian throw their support behind the opposing team- and they actually pay attention through the second half of the game. And Dan is a happy little cupcake. 

House M.D. MBTI

Dr. Gregory House

Because INTJs rely on Extroverted Thinking for their dealings with the outer world, they often have a scientific, somewhat skeptical approach to reality. They want to know how things work and what they’re likely to do under varying circumstances. Impatient with wasted motion, words, and emotion, their outward demeanor may be difficult to read. They are rarely committed to general assumptions about rules, laws, and hierarchy, and they may have an acerbic or wry sense of humor about such things. INTJs will use what works in the service of their ideas; and they will quickly discard or change what doesn’t.

They don’t take criticism of their ideas personally. Position, title, and reputation have no meaning of these types. They will not entertain another’s judgment of their worth unless they believe the person intellectually qualified to make the assessment. And even a legitimate judgment will usually strike them as an indication of the other person’s assumptions and expectations. INTJs can also be lonely behind their reserve, not knowing how ti fit in even when they want to be included.

Dr. Eric Foreman

ISTJs are so task-oriented, and so conscientious in their handling of details and standard procedures, that they are often stereotyped as “establishment” types, weighed down by the gravity of institutional priorities. Although ISTJs are indeed careful, and concerned to preserve what has been proved worthwhile, these characteristics are only a part of the type’s approach to the world–the part that most people see. ISTJs are fundamentally Introverted Sensates, with a highly subjective, original turn of mind.

Beneath their apparent detachment, ISTJs can be badly hurt by criticism and rejection. They have a strong need to feel useful, appreciated, and valued. They may feel quite insulted when someone appears to question their word, their expertise, their experience, or their honor. Their vulnerability in this regard can be surprising, and it’s usually evidence only when the situation is already out of hand. An ISTJ whose pride has been hurt will become distant rather than argue, and it may not be at all clear what the type experienced as the last straw.

Dr. James Wilson

Because INFJs use Extroverted Feeling to relate to the outer world, they may seem more outgoing than they really are. Their personal approach and ability to find common ground with others combines with their Intuitive need for innovation and alternative views, and they frequently find themselves in positions of authority. They may not seek leadership, but they are often elected by others to serve on boards and committees. People appreciate their ability to listen and consider group feelings and values. 

INFJs are genuine romantics. They can’t help but Intuit the individual emotions and visions that lie outside the standard canons of genralized knowledge. They are frustrated, sometime infuriated, by cultural myths that come in the guise of objective fact, forcing people into stereotyped behaviors, compromising their autonomy. 

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

ESTJs see reality as a kind of puzzle whose pieces must fit together logically if they are to understand the whole picture. They have an incisive understanding of organization and complexity. Theirs is not, however, nut-and-bolts approach to life that characterizes a born technician. ESTJs reason conceptually, one step at a time. The problems that absorb them are too complicated to be solved by common sense or intuition. They require the negotiation of structural relationships by way of logic. 

ESTJs see themselves more as advocates–people whose position and knowledge permit them to represent a system and negotiate its structure for others. Although ESTJs need interaction with people, they’re not group oriented in the way ESFJs are. They don’t want to make their plans in terms of others’ ideas and approval. They want to play their part in a larger system and be accountable for meeting their objectives.

More to come, will be added as they are typed.

Descriptions from:

Thomson, Lenore. Personality Type: An Owner’s Manual. Shambhala, 1998.

thisisacrazydream asked:

For the three sentence fic meme. Alex/Astra, sixth date

Astra expected to finally be invited to Alex’s apartment this time, six long weeks and six dates since their first, frantic kiss in the heat of battle. What she didn’t expect was, in the process of making Alex scream her name, for Kara to come flying through the bedroom window. Kara left almost as quickly as she arrived, but Astra knew the look of horror on her face would not disappear quite so fast.