Grey’s Anatomy
season 13

Episode 1 : Undo

Episode 2 : Catastrophe and the Cure
Overview:Meredith considers her loyalties, as Alex deals with the repercussions of his actions. Newlyweds Amelia and Owen host a dinner party with unlikely guests, and Jackson proposes an arrangement to help April through her recovery.

Episode 3 : I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

Episode 4 : Falling Slowly


I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

honestly, despite everything i didn’t like abt this anime, at least it introduced this brot3 which i still love more than anything and will probably continue to make sappy fanart of looong after dr3 has ended
whatever game they are playing, they all really really suck at it. but the imposter is winning :3

Ok, but can we talk about how comfortable Mikan looked with class 77? She cried once and it was because she was happy. Like, Saionji thanked her happy…. and she didn’t even break into tears! Also, she didn’t apologise once after being spoken to in the episode, after falling down or after using her syringe.

I’m just trying to say that Mikan looked so much healthier and way better than how she looked towards the final episodes of DR: Despair. I’m so happy for her, she deserved it after all she went through.

(Nagito and Saionji both seem far healthier as well)