ولا نخلط بين الإسلام السياسي والإرهاب فالاسلام يقوم كله على الحرية ويرفض الإكراه بجميع صوره والمناظر التي نراها من خطف الرهائن إلى تفجير العربات إلى نسف الطائرات إلى اطلاق النار على مخفر شرطة ليست إسلاما ولا أصوليه بل جرائم يرتكبها مجرمون قتلة والإسلام اختبار واقتناع وسيلته الدعوة بالحسنى وهو لا يرفع سلاحا إلا ردا على عدوان ولا يقاتل إلا دفاعا عن حق مغتصب وهو دين الرحمه والمودة والسماحه والحلم والعفو والمحبة وهو سلام كله تحيتة السلام وروحه السلام

We do not mix political Islam with terrorism for all Islam is based on freedom and rejects compulsion in all its shapes and forms that we see today, such as kidnapping, blowing up cars and airplanes or firing bullets at police stations. This is not Islam and not fundamentalism, it is crime committed by murderous criminals. Islam is based on experimentation and persuasion and uses kindly invitation as its method and it does not raise a weapon except when countering an attack and it does not fight except to defend and restore someone’s rights, it is the religion of mercy, affection, forgiveness, forbearance, love. It is based on peace, its greeting is peace and its soul is peace.

Should trees have rights? What is their legal status? If non-humans, like corporations and animals, have a variety of legal rights, shouldn’t trees also be offered similar protectionary rights? The law has changed and matured over time, but trees seem to be left behind. Why?

In this influential work, Christopher Stone argues that special guardians be empowered to speak for the “voiceless” elements in nature, in effect, to give legal standing in the court of law to endangered species and threatened forests.

Stone showed how the law has progressed over time to confer rights upon persons or entities that society previously had considered incapable or unworthy of having rights.

Children, slaves, women, Native Americans, racial minorities, aliens, fetuses, endangered species—all have been the beneficiaries of this drive to give legal voice and legal rights to those who once lacked both voice and rights. So, too, argued Stone, has the law recognized corporations and other entities as having legal rights. It was not always so…


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