Our “The Doctor Is In” T-shirts arrived today, and Dr. Maw himself is quite pleased with the results! Thanks @teespring
We’re hoping to launch more t-shirts in the near future. Be sure to like Meagan’s Monstrosities on Facebook to keep up with our latest news and projects!
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I’m sorry to announce that, with the conclusion of the haunt season, Dr. Maw 2.0 had been officially decommissioned. This is due to things like the haunt wearing him down and his hoof heels really fucking with my knees.

If you’re a fan of Dr. Maw, don’t fret, he’s certainly not gone. I will be working on another version of him with a different theme for next haunt season.

Dr. Maw has been given a little shrine where the little bastard can watch me work on Maw 3.0. I’ll continue to update about this seasons haunt like perhaps the walk through of the haunted house and Miss Manny.