I’m sorry to announce that, with the conclusion of the haunt season, Dr. Maw 2.0 had been officially decommissioned. This is due to things like the haunt wearing him down and his hoof heels really fucking with my knees.

If you’re a fan of Dr. Maw, don’t fret, he’s certainly not gone. I will be working on another version of him with a different theme for next haunt season.

Dr. Maw has been given a little shrine where the little bastard can watch me work on Maw 3.0. I’ll continue to update about this seasons haunt like perhaps the walk through of the haunted house and Miss Manny.


Thumbnails for an Egg Boss themed animation I’m thinking about doing. Inspired by anime intros that are heavy on the action. 

The thumbnails might be a little hard to follow. I sketched it out really fast and really small (cause, ya know, they’re thumbnails). I didn’t want to get too bogged down with details, especially since some of the poses and/or angles might be changed later on.

I wanted to do something like this months ago when some of the Egg Bosses were revealed. But I decided to wait until I got a good idea of what all their abilities were like. And I’m glad I did!

headcanon that if maw has an announcement he yells something to get everyone’s attention and then carries on to the actual topic. For example:

“I’m gay. The economical rise in my region has been-”
“Connie, I’m pregnant and it’s yours. A wildfire is currently raging dangerously close to-”
“Mordred, meet with me again on the ballroom piano. Princess Acorn has succeeded in-”
“Axel, you’ve got an aesthetically pleasing behind. A typhoon may strike my area-”
“Pingus. There’s a rise in orphans, which we could possible recruit for-”