03.03.2015 / 6:47pm

Nineteen hour left before my first exam of the semester. I’m starting to freak out! Anyway, I’m almost done with my flashcards. I just need to memorize them after.

Side note, how cute are my socks!? 🌹💕

Jai, 30

“I’m wearing a beanie I knit, pants I made of an old skirt, a t-shirt I got from Susie’s Deals for 10 dollars, and Dr Martens shoes. I mostly shop women’s clothes, because I like androgyny and eccentrics shapes. My obsessions are sewing matching tops and bottoms, and psychedelic video games like Katamari Forever.”

Nov 14, 2015 ∙ West Coast Craft Fair

Hand painted 1461′s, which you can win if you can get your butt down to the Dr Martens shop in Brighton or to their stall at Brighton Pride this Saturday. Tickets are £1 and will be drawn on Sunday! There’s tons of cool customised stuff to be won. All proceeds going to the Rainbow Fund.