So I’ve been walking Bones lately and there’s this character in the third season who has just been getting under my skin.

It’s like I know I knew him from something, but I couldn’t figure it out. I don’t know if It’s just me, but if I google it, it just feels like I cheated, you know?

Anyways, in one of the episodes I was watching he made a face for a split second. It was so fast that I couldn’t get a screen cap, but in that moment I realized who he was.


“I beg your pardon?” Sweets asks.

“I said I think she has a little crush on you,” Booth teases.

“Wait, r-really? Are you sure?” Sweets blushes and looks over his shoulder to make sure no one’s listening. 

“Yes, I’m sure! Ask her if you don’t believe me!” Booth gets up and leaves Lance flustered and confused.

Dr. Sweets (first line): Ok. Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth, together. A little closer, that’s perfect, beautiful…

Dr. Sweets (last line): You two, the world is a lot better than you think it is.

- Bones 3x04 (The Secret in the Soil) | 10x01 (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)