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Dr. Lance Sweets x Reader

Words: 2645

Part 1 of 3

Warning: Swearing and gore (I mean, it’s Bones, you should expect that)

Summary: You’re an FBI agent working a case with Booth and the Squint Squad. Your boyfriend Lance starts to get nervous when the serial killer that you’re investigating leaves you a threatening note. You shrug it off as an attempt to scare you and continue the search, leading you straight into a trap.

Note: Since Sweets is my favorite character on this show, I was really excited to write this. I love doing these Bones imagines, so let me know if you guys have requests for more of them. And just a warning, I don’t really know how some things work, so don’t hold it against me. (P.S this was split into to parts because it would be outrageously long if it wasn’t)

You stared down at the mutilated body. It probably would have made you sick if it hadn’t been the fourth one you’d seen. You and Booth had been assigned to this case for nearly two weeks, but it seemed that this serial killer was just slipping more through your fingers. Like the others, the victim appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties. Unfortunately, also like the other victims, most of the flesh had been stripped from the body.

“Son of a bitch.” You muttered, taking a look at the bloody note written on the wall. Run, run as fast as you can… but you can’t catch me. “Booth!” You walked in the direction of your partner. “Please tell me you’ve got something.”

“Just the same things we find at every crime scene.” He sighed. “The bloody message and a CD with audio documentation of the torture. All we have is the sound of our sick bastard’s voice and the screams of that poor girl.”

“Will Dr. Brennan be able to identify her?” You wondered. Booth gave you a look.

“Bones can identify anyone.” He turned to the investigating team. “Let’s get this body to the Jeffersonian!” You paused to stare at the note on the wall, trying to find some hidden code or translation. But you found nothing. “Hey,” Booth placed a hand on your shoulder. “Try to take it easy okay? I know it’s your first major case.”

“Do you know why they put me on this case with you, Agent Booth?” You inquired. Booth gave you a quizzical look. “Because I am one of the best agents of my class. My age doesn’t matter.” He opened his mouth but you cut him off. “And I will not ‘go easy’ until this psycho is behind bars.” As you started to walk away, he handed you the CD.

“Can you have Sweets analyze this?”

“Booth, we both know what’s on that disk.” You said, surprised that he would want to subject someone else into listening to a young woman be sliced apart.

“I know, but maybe instead of trying to match this guys voice to a person, maybe Sweets can figure out what he’s trying to accomplish by all this.” He looked at you with pleading eyes. “Just ask him?” You snatched the disk and put it in an evidence bag.

“I will see what I can do.”

The first thing you did when you entered his office was pull him in for a long, apologetic kiss. As much as he enjoyed the surprise, he pulled away, looking warily at your expression.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, but you just pressed your lips to his again. “Y/N, you’re upset, I can tell.”

“Do not analyze me when I am kissing you.” You scoffed.

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So I’ve been walking Bones lately and there’s this character in the third season who has just been getting under my skin.

It’s like I know I knew him from something, but I couldn’t figure it out. I don’t know if It’s just me, but if I google it, it just feels like I cheated, you know?

Anyways, in one of the episodes I was watching he made a face for a split second. It was so fast that I couldn’t get a screen cap, but in that moment I realized who he was.