Why Bioshock should be a Netflix series

1) more time compared to a movie.  Each Level could be an episode. (with some levels getting 2, such as Welcome to Rapture, Fort Frolic, etc)

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2) No worries about ratings. Netflix has shown it doesn’t care about E/G, and Bioshock has to be R.  There is too much blood and death. Not to mention the Little Sisters and Big Daddies being who they are.

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3) The Audio Dairies can be flashbacks.  Some of them will have to be either simplified or cut (such as the ones about codes to get into rooms) but we could see Rapture’s rise and fall play out in bits. Maybe some can be added to show stuff form the novel or just to show stuff that were only talked about in a diary? (If I remember correctly, there is no audio diary FROM the take over of Fontaine Futuristc for example)

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4) Clarify a lot of canon.  Stuff from Burial at Sea, seeing Eleanor and Delta, etc.  Even places from 2 that weren’t seen or mentioned but would help the story and plot.  (such as the amusement parks, the trains, etc)

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5) More Tenenbaum, Ryan, Fontaine.  We get to actually see them play out and react, unlike in the game. We SEE Brigid come to her realization and change.  Ryan’s figuring out who Jack is. Fontaine setting up his little empire.  Suchong experimenting.  Sofia Lamb, Dr Steinman, Diane McClintock, maybe even Elizabeth and Booker.

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6) More focus on the effects of splicing.  Why people Splice. How people first realized what was going on.  Etc.

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7) the Civil War in all of it’s horrible glory. The Mind Control, the shortages, the people trying to escape, the houses, Ryan and Atlas going at it from their glass towers with everything they got and all the people dying in the middle.

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8) Big Daddies and Little Sisters!

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I just think it could really work.