Burn Gorman (BB Burn) beatboxing in 2003.

I’m just…in awe.

He won by the way.

In this trance, his mind rolls over warm moments in his life, he feels like he’s drifting. He thinks of his first published paper in his teens, the first letter he received from Newton, when he wore his first binder, when he moved into his first apartment alone, the last time his mother embraced him in a hug, his drinking nights with the Kaidanvosky’s, Vanessa’s first sonogram… It all blurs and spills onto the keys below him.

omg i forgot to post this! from this fic A Duet Written in Blue 

There are so many great artists in the PR tag, with so many great styles. Now…Hermann’s a character that I’ve drawn in a (warning for slash) few different styles for my Newmann fanart purposes. But I felt like doodling and experimenting a bit with new brushes…playing around with a fun way to sketch him. While I feel that my previous styles of drawing Hermann made him decently recognizable as the character, I wanted to play with incorporating a bit more Burn into my drawings for this little sketch. <3 D'oh, I am so incoherent- uh, the original point was that I was really inspired by the awesome stuff I see by other artists in the Pacific Rim tag to try and break my mold a bit. @-@ I felt like I’d gotten a bit stagnant.

It was a nice way to unwind after cleaning…

An early b-day doodle for my twin (yes I know it’s not until the end of the week, but that’s what I will be calling all doodles for her up until the day, haha…)

Both of us were expecting at any moment that Dr. Newton Geiszler and Dr. Hermann Gottlieb to get together in Pacific Rim. But alas…

Even the screenwriter of Pacific Rim knows what's up.

Day was eager not to be just cracking jokes in his role as the science advistor, Newt Geisler — but he is very funny in parts, as he spouts exposition and talks about being a Kaiju fanboy. At the same time, there’s one key sequence where Day is supposed to be basically breaking down after an intense experience, and they shot 20 takes until he actually broke, and was trembling and seemed as though he had really “cracked,” as Travis Beacham puts it. And his relationship with his fellow scientist Burn Gorman goes past “funny pairing,” becoming kind of emotional and sweet by the end of the film.