Actual Gothic Romance Heroine Beverly Crusher

- grew up in fake Scotland with the wind battering at the windows
- hears voices in her room
- wears a nightgown straight out of a period drama
- has a turbulent fling with a possessive ghost
- orphaned at 3, widowed at 30
- sees reanimated corpses in the morgue
- gets involved in a murder mystery involving a reanimated corpse
- her grandmother literally rises from the grave
- alabaster skin
- knows about herbal remedies
- falls for non-corporeal/non-humanoid life forms
- sleeps with her hair in a ribbon like some kind of Jane Austen character

‘Once the medical supplies had run out, she had to use what was at hand. So she learned all about roots and herbs, and then taught it to me.’ // Star Trek mood boards - Beverly Crusher, botanical edition