Hallowe'en was pretty cool. I got to see lots of friends play killer cover sets (Jesse as Iggy Pop?? woahhhh!!!), played “wing-woman” to my roomie by getting her to wear a pair of shorts with a plastic butt on ‘em to the bar, and I got to dress up as the Ghost World duo with a beautiful Torontonian before she took off to South America for more adventures. 

Andy, Jesse and I got to play our first set as Battlewülf/Battle Wülf/whatever at Kitchener’s first Night/Shift, and that was rad as hell. I’ve missed playing guitar and though I love my accordion to bits, I can’t thrash around on one the way I can an old Ibanez with way too much delay… 
Our set wasn’t until 2am but some sweet friends stayed around to see us freak out and I managed to rip my pick in half and a chunk of skin off my finger half way through our first song. It was sloppy but fun and I can’t wait to do it again. I’ve been writing songs like crazy, likely because I have a couple of massive assignments due in a couple days (funny how much procrastination can act as inspiration) and am really excited to see what Andy and Jesse bring to them. Our next show is at the Yeti in Kitchener on November 22nd for Andy’s 24th birthday and I’m sure it’ll be a riot. If only I could get these damn first year Canadian politics papers out of the way. Christ almighty.