Female Awesome Meme - [3/10] supporting female characters: Addison Montgomery. “Dr. Karev, I may be a board-certified OB/GYN, but I also have fellowships in maternal-fetal medicine and medical genetics, and I’m one of the foremost neonatal surgeons in this country. When you can top that, you can mouth off. Until then, you will do your job and you will do it right, which at this point in time means you keep your mouth shut unless I give you permission to open it. Understood? ”

First meeting || Ava and Addison

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Ava bit her lower lip, she wasn’t this scared her whole life, even before her biggest performances with the thousends of people watching. With a big sigh she entered the practice. Woman in registration confirmed her appointment with Dr Addison Montgomery. Younger redhead sat in the empty chair waiting for the ob/gyn. In her head she was repeated the talk, she prepared for the occasion. 

Her thought were break when woman at the registration said she could enter the office. Ava was curious if the woman could tell that she looked familiar, like the color of her hair, shape of her eyes were this same as the doctor she was meeting with. 

Openng carefully door to the office she came inside with a gentle “Good afternoon.” young redhead closed door behnd herself and before she could stop herself she blurred. “My name is Ava Aurora Montgomery and I’m your half-sister.” her voice sounded calmer and steadier than she thought it was possible.

Kate Walsh talked about her favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” moment, and all about *that* surprise death

Her character might no longer be on the show, but that doesn’t mean that Kate Walsh doesn’t still have a favorite Grey’s Anatomy moment, and some *serious* opinions about some of the show’s most controversial deaths.

Walsh, of course, played Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd on the show for three seasons, before going off to lead her own spinoff show, Private Practice. From her first appearance (“And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband”) the incredible neonatal cases she took on, and her complicated, messy, and glorious love life, Addison really struck a chord with people. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that what Grey’s Anatomy needs now is the return of Dr. Montgomery, wouldn’t you?

Well, Kate Walsh herself has now been revisiting her time on Grey’s Anatomy, sharing her fave moments from the show and which death she thought was pretty darn brutal.

Sitting down with Buzzfeed, Walsh answered 27 questions, some of which were all about Seattle Grace, Seattle Grace Mercy West, and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (if you don’t watch the show, they’re all the same hospital).

Firstly, the actor, who is currently starring in Netflix’s breakout hit 13 Reasons Why, said that she hasn’t actually watched her turn in the now iconic ABC medical drama back, although she said it would be “really interesting to go back and watch now.”

Walsh then shared her favorite Addison moment from the show, and it’s an iconic one.

“That entrance [at the end of Season 1] that changed my life. I got more calls and attention from that 60-second scene than anything in my career before. Isn’t that funny? Shonda [Rhimes] is a genius. Everyone hated me, but at that time there was no Twitter. There were chat rooms, but I never really went on them,” she said. “I kind of liked being the Wicked Witch from the east. Or the wicked bitch. Shonda’s really gifted at flipping every character that’s seemingly awful. It’s a great lesson in how to have compassion for people that you initially hate.”

Of course, Addison got off lucky with her exit from Grey’s and ultimate ending with Private Practice in that she is still alive. However, for her ex-husband, things weren’t necessarily the same.

“I was surprised when they killed off Patrick [Dempsey],” Walsh admitted to Buzzfeed. “It had been so long and I was like, ‘Oh, really?’ And I tuned into that episode. It was like, ‘Oh, I guess I should watch this.‘”

Walsh said, however, that literal overnight success of 13 Reasons Why wasn’t the same as the success that Grey’s Anatomy eventually achieved.

Recalling what it was like shooting those early episodes of the show 12 years ago, Walsh said that initially the mood on set was a bit somber because the name of the show kept getting changed willy-nilly.

“To keep our morale up they started showing us episodes at Friday lunches that were already edited. And I was like, ‘This is a really good show’ and I was so excited to be a part of it,” she recalled. “I was supposed to do a pilot for another sitcom on ABC, and it didn’t end up getting picked up and then they called me to be a series regular on Grey’s and the world changed. It was stunning right? It was really phenomenal. And that Super Bowl episode! That was what put us into the stratosphere.”

While Kate Walsh might have been chatting about all about Grey’s Anatomy, the actor didn’t say anything about her potentially returning to the show, so we guess we’re going to have to look up our own Addison Montgomery fan-fiction for that to happen.

However, it was recently announced that Kim Raver would be reprising her role as Dr. Teddy Altman on the show for a story arc when it returns in the fall. Exciting stuff!

Strictly Professional

[A storyline with @drderekshepherd-seattle]

As the Chief of Surgery, it had only been right that Addison used the name that she’d spent years practicing medicine under. Dr Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd. Of course, her and Derek weren’t married any more and she only used that name under strictly professional terms but the redhead couldn’t help the tiny buzz she got every time she read the name plate on her office door.

“Good morning,” Addison greeted several of her co-workers as she passed them in the halls. Several replied with simple ‘good mornings’, but Meredith Grey had chosen to reply with ‘good morning, Dr Montgomery.’

“It’s Montgomery-Shepherd, Grey and you’ll do well to remember that.” She replied icily, glaring at the blonde.