Dr. Montgomery: The cancer has spread, and there is nothing I can do.
Susan: So I’m gonna die.
Dr. Montgomery: We can make it comfortable, but.. uh.. yes.
Bizzy: No!
Dr. Montgomery: I know that this is hard.
Bizzy: What it is is unaccpetable.
Dr. Montgomery: (eyes wet) The cancer is too far advanced. The best I can give Susan a couple of extra months, but she’ll be miserable.
Bizzy: (slap Dr. Montgomery) You will save her life! Do you hear me? You will save her life!

Private Practice 4.11 - “If You Don’t Know Me by Now”

I have strong feelings about Dr. Addison Montgomery in greys anatomy.

She deserves so much better than “mcdreamy.” And she deserves so much better than being called names and rumors spread about her and to be known as the dirty adultress.

She is badass and kind and talented and so smart. I hope she moves on and lets herself be happy