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cmon guys we need more shitposts memes and broke college student jokes with these fuckers they’re from our generation after all

do you really think they wouldnt

[also im crying dahl stop]

  • Alchemist Cookie: In order to decide who will be facing whom in the semifinals, I've arranged a one-of-a-kind four-way Trophy Race.
  • Dr. Wasabi Cookie: A four-way? I've never even been in a three-way before! How am I supposed to know what to do?
  • Hero Cookie: Don't worry, Dr. Wasabi. Four-ways are simple. Just pretend you're in a two-way and focus on me. Your instincts will do the rest.
  • Alchemist Cookie: Okay, does EVERYTHING have to be a sex joke with you guys?
  • Hero Cookie: Yes.
  • Dr. Wasabi Cookie: Yeah, Alchemist is just mad because she's only ever been in a one-way.
  • Hero Cookie: Ha-ha, virgins!
Prey, Highschool Teacher AU. Prey Week

I’ve had this AU idea stuck in my head now for a couple of days, but I’ve been too lazy to write it out, so now I finally felt like doing it. Sorry for any and all grammatical and spelling errors. I’m not really good at writing.

•Alex Yu is the principal of a highschool that is highly praised for having some of the best testing scores in the world, Transtar Highschool.

•Alex is very concerned for his younger sibling because Morgan seems to be drifting away from him and losing interest in the goals of the school.

•Morgan Yu is vice principal, but often doesn’t act like it. A lot of the students think He/she is cool, unlike Alex. Morgan often forgets what he/she is supposed to be doing. He/she is low key dating a local mechanic that is hired to fix broken circuitry and stuff around the campus.

•January is Morgan’s self created, smart AI, phone because he/she is constantly forgetting things and usually needs directions, reminders, etc. Morgan doesn’t want anyone knowing about January.

•Morgan has trashed atleast three other AI’s due to them always giving false directions/reminders or just constantly crashing.

•Jason Chang is Morgan’s assistant. He has a huge crush on morgan, and enjoys working for him/her.

•Both William and Catherine Yu are on the school board of education. They both hold Alex and Morgan to high standards for running the school, and aren’t afraid to get them removed from their positions if they think they can’t handle it.

•Mikhaila Ilyushin is a local mechanic. She has a friend at the school who continuesly breaks stuff so she can constantly get hired and investigate the disappearance of her father who went missing after volunteering for a blood drive at the school.

•During her time there she develops a crush for Morgan Yu. Eventually she finds out that the feeling is mutual and they end up dating.

•Danielle Sho is the overseer of the school’s wifi network and works with a friend, Zachary West. She honestly hates working for this school. She’d rather be at her old job as the lead singer for a band rather than this, but it pays well so she’s fine with that.

•Danielle often talks shade about coworkers with her friend, Skye Braxton.

•One day Danielle notices Zachary talking to this cute janitor. She asks him who she is. Zachary tells Danielle that she is, Abigail Foy, a friend of his from his dnd group.

•Danielle eventually gets the courage to talk to Abby, and develops a relationship with her. Abby then invites Danielle to join her dnd group. That’s where she also meets Elias Black and Emma Beatty.

•Elias Black is one the school’s security officers. He’s also a huge nerd when it comes to dnd.

•Emma Beatty is one of the school’s P.E. teachers. She often also tries to get her fellow coworkers to exercise and stay healthy (mostly Alex).

•Sarah Elazar is the head of security at the school. She doesn’t feel like school security is taken as serious as it should be. She’s always concerned for everyone’s well-being and takes her job seriously.

•Dayo Igwe is one of the top science teachers in the school. He believes that Alex Yu is usually right when it comes to managing the school. He practically admires Alex.

•Walther Dahl is an inspector for the board of education. He is also ex military. He often intimidates the employees of Transtar Highschool, and finds this entertaining.

•Jada Marks is the most experienced bus driver at the school. She often refers to herself as Captain. This has caught on, and now everyone calls her Captain Marks. All of the other bus drivers think of her as their leader.

•Will Mitchell is the head “chef” at the highschool. The food is mostly just frozen so Will and the other cafeteria workers just reheat it. Will actually becomes a good friend of Morgan’s.

•Morgan actually made Will an AI buddie on his phone to cheer him up because he usually felt lonely or depressed while working. Will named it Skillet.

•Danielle wasn’t impressed or amused by Skillet.

•Lorenzo Calvino is the oldest of the teachers at the school, and his age is finally starting to mess with him. He’s starting to hallucinate a bit.

•Miyu Okabe is a student teacher who works under Lorenzo, and honestly cares for him.

•Mathias Kohl is one of the school’s councilers. Nobody actually likes him, or interacting with him.

That’s all I have for now. Feel free to add on if you want.