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Injury update: went to dr this am, took X-rays so I’m waiting on those results. Also he put me on crutches and said no weight bearing whatsoever for one week.

Debated going into work for the afternoon, but I’m on my patio in the sun right now and I don’t think work will be happening today. I slept crappy last night and I’m tired and crutches are a huge pain in the ass.

Saddest part - no soccer for 6-8 weeks probably. 😭

Also I have a cankle.

Timeless (part eleven)

Summary: You and Bucky pay a visit to Dr. Helen Cho and she examines your injured ankle. 

Bucky x Reader. FLUFF. Word count: 783

TW: none

A/N: This is part eleven of a multi-part series. If you’d like to be added to my tag list so you know when I upload new fics, just let me know!

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“Hello Y/N, Sergeant Barnes,” said Dr. Cho.

“Please, call me Bucky,” he reached his hand out and she shook it.

“Hi Helen! How are you these days?” You had known Helen for so many years that the formality of calling her ‘Doctor Cho’ had fallen away ages ago.

“Pretty well, thank you. Captain Rogers mentioned your ankle?” Bucky set you down on her exam table and Dr. Cho began looking at your sprained ankle.

“I twisted it after an incident with a broken stiletto,” you explained. Dr. Cho took some x-rays and determined that your ankle wasn’t sprained, but actually had a small fracture.

“Helen, you’ve got to be kidding me,” you said, voice full of dread.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m going to put you in a cast and I’d like to see some new x-rays in a month. If I’m not in New York, Dr. Banner should be able to take the images and send them to me,” said Helen.

“So I take it I’ll need crutches then? Unfortunately, Bucky can’t carry me everywhere all the time,” you asked.

“Actually, the fracture is small enough that I think a walking cast would work well, so no crutches, just a cane,”

“NO. You CANNOT make me use a cane, Helen. You CAN’T,” your tone was so serious it surprised Helen.

“Why not?” asked Helen and Bucky simultaneously.

“Because everyone already calls me ‘Mom,’ and if I start using a cane the old lady jokes will NEVER STOP—especially if Tony has anything to say about it,”

“Y/N, I’m sorry to say it, but as a doctor I really think it’s the wisest choice,”

“Don’t worry doll, if Tony bothers you, we’ll just bother him right back,” said Bucky, flashing you a grin. Dr. Cho noticed his behavior.

“Fine, fine, you win. I’ll use it. I’m making it pretty though—rhinestones are going to be involved and nobody can stop me!” you joked, and Bucky and Helen snickered. Dr. Cho then cleared her throat and turned to Bucky.

“Bucky, would you mind excusing us for a little while? Since I have Y/N here already, I’d like to run some routine tests, and no offense, but it would be a little easier to do so without an extra person in the room,” said Helen.

“You got it, Doc. I’ll be up on our floor. Have FRIDAY holler if you need anything,” said Bucky. He leaned over to kiss your forehead and then hopped in the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, the woman standing next to you went from the professional physician that everyone knew to the old friend you’d shared many good times with.

“Y/N! You and Bucky! You two are so perfect for each other! I mean, I don’t really know Bucky but based on the way I’ve heard you and Captain Rogers talk about him he seems like a pretty great guy, and he’s super cute! Way to go!”

“Thanks, Helen. It’s still a pretty new thing…okay, it’s still a really new thing, but I think it’s going to be great. We’re both really happy when we’re together. Now, about those tests?”

“Oh, I just wanted to take a blood sample to check on the levels of serum in your system. I’m really surprised Dr. Banner hasn’t been able to determine exactly what it is since it’s not the same serum used on Bucky and Captain Rogers. Anyway, it should be quick—I really just wanted Bucky to leave so I could pester you about him. I’m leaving for Seoul tonight after Tony’s party and I wasn’t sure if I’d see you there,” she smiled as she prepped a needle for the blood draw.

“Shit! I forgot that was tonight. Yeah, I’ll be there. I hear Thor will be there, too,” you winked at Helen as she finished up the blood draw and started to fit you for the cast. She had a big crush on Thor and as her friend, you felt obligated to tease her about it from time to time.

“Y/N, if you tell anyone I like Thor I’ll shoot more old lady jokes your way than Tony ever could,” With that, the two of you burst out in laughter. Helen handed you a boring, silver cane.

“Well, Helen, it’s been a pleasure but I’d better go figure out what I’m gonna wear to Tony’s party. I’m getting really sick of those things after all these years. Ah! There I go sounding like an old lady again. I’ll see you at the party, Helen,” you said before making your way to the elevator. Helen waved you goodbye as the doors closed and you went back to your floor.


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STEVE: Not how you expected to spend your birthday, I guess… interrogating a German spy?

BUCKY: I’ve learned to have no expectations, Steve. It’s been a long war. How did you spend your twentieth birthday?

STEVE: Me? I was in a lab. Having blood work done… getting jabbed with needles by Dr. Erskine… having x-rays taken… basically being a lab rat. Now let’s go find the bar and celebrate yours…

[Captain America v5 #50] Bucky’s 20th birthday.


De humani corporis fabrica libri septum, 1543 (Latin for On the fabric of the human body in seven books) by Andreas Vesalius (1514–1564).

The original wood block engravings for Vesalius’ great atlas of anatomy,  De Fabrica, were destroyed in Munich in World War II. For my French teacher Dr. Dumas, the engravings were holy relics and in his grief and anger he became inspired to compile a new atlas of anatomy. It would be the best to date in the line of atlases that succeeded Vesalius’ in the four hundred years since De Fabrica.

Dumas found that drawings were superior to photography in illustrating the anatomy, and essential in elucidating cloudy X-rays. Dr. Dumas was a superior anatomist, but he was not an artist. To his greatgood fortune, he saw my schoolboy drawing of a frog, followed my progress and secured for me a medical scholarship, which is how I ended up studying at John Hopkins. 


The celebrity dermatologist talks serum and lasers with The Sephora Glossy.

“With over 100 patients in our offices every day, we don’t need to conduct market research to know what to come up with next,” surmises Dr. Fredric Brandt, founder of the eponymous skincare line. “Our clients tell us what they want.” As it turns out, that would be lasers that don’t require an office visit. Brandt’s solution: a trio of serums modeled after the effectiveness and, well, laser precision of laser procedures. We sat down with the doctor to discuss his first important launch in over a year, the new Laser Fx series. MELISSA LANE

“We wanted to mimic the technology and effectiveness of our in-office Fraxel technology to create products that would target specific concerns.”

“For years, laser procedures were invasive—much more than they are today. The power of the laser beams would create an open wound, prolonging the healing process. Even with the introduction of Fraxel lasers—which fractionates the beam, creating multiple micro-wounds and stimulating your body’s own natural healing process and making it much faster—the idea of lasers still frightens some people. So, we wanted to come up with something that clients could use at home.”

“All three of the Laser Fx serums were formulated with a technology called Smart Dual Encapsulation, which targets specific cells according to concern. The first layer of the encapsulation acts as a shuttle; it is driven by peptides that deliver the formula to the targeted cell. The second layer is a protection layer that holds the active ingredients, only releasing them once the targeted cell is reached. This keeps the active ingredients fresh and potent until they’re ready to go to work.”

“Never look back—wrinkle reduction with a laser-sharp attitude.”

“Take dark spots to the vanishing point!”

“Get skin high: Take sagging skin to the stratosphere.”

“These are serums, so they’re lightweight. They should be applied after cleansing and toning, before moisturizing. Always allow each product to penetrate properly and dry completely before moving to the next step. It never hurts to use the excess on your neck and hands! If someone feels that they have multiple concerns, they can actually layer these serums because they’re so light—or just use one in the morning and one at night.”

“If you’ve ever had a laser procedure done, you know it takes several sessions to achieve the best result. The graduated markings on the bottles show what you can expect after using the product for each period of time. It makes me excited to get to the end of my bottle!”

“Each serum works best for their target: Perfect serum for lines, wrinkles, and texture; Lift serum for sagging; and Bright serum for dark spots and uneven skintone.”


dr. ray palmer

its so strange i hands down forever olicity,but thats going to be longing moments now that he cant live the two lives

they picked ray as felicity love interest,gonna be fun to see oliver’s reaction

 I can totally see it. they have a cute bickering chemistry 

 they can do tech talk, he’s funny and weirdly charming

saying she doesnt get how sales really work 

saying he might be a stalker

and i love that she messed with all his tech for revenge.