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Official list of people who Deserved Better™

- Noel Kahn
- Wren Kingston
- Travis Hobbs
- Holden Strauss
- Bethany Young
- Carla Grunwald
- Pepe the Dog
- Tippi the Bird
- The N.A.T. Club (as a whole)
- Alex Santiago
- Dr. Sullivan
- Jake the karate kid
- Marion Cavanaugh
- The Wine Moms™

Feel free to add anyone I forgot


Okay guys, so here is my theory. It’s long so bear with me. I hope you’re convinced with this one

In this theory, I will tell you who Uber A is. Who killed Charlotte. Who killed Jessica. How every character is involved in the story. What the initials A.D. stand for. Everything that we are yet to know at this point. 

Who is Uber A? There are two people. A twin of a character we know and her helper. We have an identical twin among us that has been behind everything that we are yet to know. Bethany Young is the twin and she is Uber A. The show is coming in full circle. She killed Jessica, Charlotte, Sara Harvey, etc. Uber A and Charlotte’s killer ARE the same person. She is not here to avenge anyone’s death like they want us to believe. She’s here for revenge for having her life ruined. 

They promoted this new A as the deadliest and most twisted A of all the As (and the one who loves the game the most). That description doesn’t fit with someone who is avenging someone’s death. 

It all starts with Bethany and Charles. The night Marion Cavanaugh died. According to Charlotte, Bethany pushed Marion Cavanaugh and blamed her. This isn’t true. Charlotte killed Marion, Bethany witnessed it, and Jessica covered it. Charlotte blamed Bethany but Jessica paid Wilden to rule it out as a suicide. Flashbacks aren’t always true. It’s visualized on what the person is saying. Jessica wouldn’t cover up the murder if Bethany did it. That’s why in Bethany’s recordings we would hear her saying to someone “she’s a bitch, she’s an evil bitch!” It’s not clear as to who was she talking about but it was definitely Charlotte or Jessica. Bethany drew pictures of Jessica with horns and the word ‘liar’ all over it

Charlotte lied in her story so Alison and the rest of the liars would feel bad for her. This is why some of the things don’t make sense. A big part of her story was a damn lie. Charlotte is the biggest liar on the show. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Bethany got payback after the time jump by murdering Charlotte and throwing her off the bell tower, just like Charlotte pushed Marion from Radley. What I love about this is that Uber ‘A’ is putting the girls through hell to find Charlotte’s killer when she is the one behind it.

Who’s Bethany’s twin? Spencer Hastings. Mary Drake had Spencer and Bethany. Both are identical twins. One was adopted by The Hastings and the other one was put into family services and was adopted by the Young family and was sent to Radley later on. Before you all say “Bethany was two years older than Spencer and the rest of the girls” Charles was supposedly older than Jason but in reality they were the same age. Jessica and Kenneth came up with that lie to keep the adoption a secret from everyone else as it was revealed in 6x20. Bethany’s information was made up to keep her a secret from everyone

Peter Hastings was responsible for this and this is why he wanted Toby to stop investigating his mom’s death and sign the papers to close Radley back in season 4. The more he was investigating the more got to the truth. 

This is why we never saw her face when she escaped Radley. She has Spencer’s face. And this is going to be the ultimate final twist the writers already talked about. Lets be real, if she was a random girl we would see her face. They could’ve casted literally any blonde for this scene and they would show us her face. We still have yet to see her face as a teenager

One of the biggest mysteries on the show are Bethany’s drawings. There is a drawing of a woman falling (Marion), the picture of a demon (Jessica) taking a kid (Charles) away. We also see pictures of her but they’re all distorted. We can’t see her face

This makes me believe that she has part of her face disfigured or doesn’t want to show her face AND this is why Uber A wears masks

I will show you proof that Mary had a third child (which is the twin) In 7x08, Spencer and Aria go visit Dr. Cochran and he tells the girls that he helped Mary delivered “Two OF her babies” as opposed to her “two babies” hinting about another child. One was adopted and the other was put in family services. Mary was giving Spencer hints about a twin in the premiere telling her how much she and Melissa looked alike. 

This is one of my favorite scenes from 7A because Mary was indirectly telling Spencer her relationship with her parents and how they met a long time ago leaving Spencer confused

What does Sara Harvey have to do with everything? Sara was killed for knowing too much. She was a girl from another town involved in all this mess. Sara ran way from her home and Charlotte kidnapped and forced her to be her accomplice. She used her as a decoy in all the stuff that she was planning to do like “The Lodge Fire”. She knew stuff about Charlotte and was going to tell the girls and run away but Uber A was outside her room waiting to kill her. Never ever underestimate “A”. It happened with Jessica, Mona and finally to Sara. 

I hate to say this but Sara wasn’t the real Black Widow. The real Black Widow is the twin Bethany. She is the ENDGAME. I have proof of this. The first time we were introduced to the Black Widow was in the season 4 premiere titled “A is for A-L-I-V-E” (the title is a clue). Her introduction was really creepy and weird. It felt like a new character that was VERY connected to the story. Whoever this person was did NOT want to be seen in public because either they’re supposed to be dead, they are secret twin of someone or they are looking for them and that’s why she was wearing a mask and we can see this at the end of the episode

In 7x01 when the girls see the fake Hanna hanging in the bell tower. There was a clue that leads back to 4x01. Caleb looks at this phone and it’s 4:01 a.m. The writers tend to use numbers as clues. The episode where we are introduced to Black Widow

Black Widow had the girls as dolls at the lair. Sara may have been bad but having the girls as their dolls is completely twisted and it doesn’t fit her with character. Sara wasn’t wearing a mask when she lifted up her veil. I’m pretty sure the writers did this on purpose so we could catch the fakeness of Charlotte’s story.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense about her story. She shot Wilden twice. Lets be real here. She would know if he was really dead after shooting him. Why would she need Sara to go and check if he was really dead? This makes absolutely no sense. Here is more proof that Bethany is the real Black Widow. Toby was getting messages to take the RV and he would know what really happened to his mom. Who would know what happened to his mom? The witness. -A was helping Toby solve his mom’s mysterious death

What I’m about to say I believe no one has said it before. Bethany was working with Mona but Mona didn’t know who she was working for. Mona created the A game so Bethany could finish it. This has always been Bethany’s game. Mona loved playing the game and the last thing she would do was to reveal herself. Someone KNEW what Mona had done that night Alison disappeared and Mona was being blackmailed about it. She had no other choice than to reveal herself. How do I know this? Easy, Mona saying to Spencer “Either you join the A-Team, or you disappear” 

And of course Mona’s monologue when she’s admitted for evaluation: “I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering… I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango? (voice changes) They think it’s over, Loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what WE want?”

Okay there’s been theories that it was Charlotte talking after Mona but it’s impossible because Charlotte was a patient at Radley and met Mona later during her stay. Whoever was talking was helping Mona all along and she was present in the season 2 finale. She was at the masquerade party. She was right in front of us wearing a red dress with a full mask. The camera focuses on her. She has been watching them all along

Now. I will talk about her helper. Her helper is Dr. Wren Kingston. Wren has been an A-team member since the beginning. Mary sent him to Rosewood check on The Hastings and the only way to continue reporting her what the Hastings were doing was to get engaged to Melissa Hastings but he fell for Spencer and everything was ruined

I will give you the biggest clue that Wren is AD’s main accomplice

In 7x01, we see Mary talking to someone on the phone and according to Mona, “It’s definitely a man. I think he has an accent. Maybe Aussie, maybe British. Note: This can’t be Rollins because Mary and Rollins were not in touch for a couple of days

This is going to sound really twisted but I don’t think Mary cared about Charlotte at all. Charlotte was looking for her and she was spending time in other countries. 

Something that hasn’t been explained is why Wren suddenly decided to volunteer in Radley when Mona was admitted there. He volunteered to continue the A game but with a new leader (Charlotte DiLaurentis). Eddie Lamb suspected and knew all along that Wren was bad news

The infamous visitor’s pass. Wren didn’t make the pass for Charlotte. it was for Bethany but under the name CeCe Drake. She used Charlotte’s “alias” when she had her out privileges. She was sneaking into Radley under that name to visit Mona wearing a Red Coat. That pass couldn’t have been for Charlotte because she was already a patient there. All she needed was to get out of her room and visit her. Why would she need a visitor’s pass?

Mona said to the liars in 3x24 “that she made a deal with the devil and she gave me a way in and out of that place”

Charlotte wasn’t giving her a way in and out of Radley because she needed Mona to get out of that place without anyone noticing as she stated in 6x10.

So who was Mona talking to? Uber A. The real Red Coat and Black Widow. 

Only someone who works or was a patient for a long time knows the exits and secret doors. Bethany escaped Radley so she would definitely know the secret exits

Uber A manipulated everyone to do her dirty work. Just like Mona, Charlotte was addicted to the A game so why would she just give herself up? Because someone was telling her what to do. And this is why they introduced us to the board game. This is how Uber A was manipulating everyone. Telling them what to do.

In 6x10, Mona tells the girls that she didn’t tell CeCe about them but somebody at Radley did start sending her riddles and twisted rhymes. More proof that someone else was seeing her. 

The last time we hear about Wren is in 6x17 in a flashback of Hanna and Melissa in a restroom. According to Melissa, he was in contact with Charlotte when she was at Welby. Melissa tells Hanna that Charlotte ruined her relationship with him because he found out that she killed the girl in the grave. Wren was blackmailing Melissa about this throughout 6B. This is why Melissa was terrified if someone else had the tape confession because someone was targeting her.

Now the last question. Who’s in the grave? A stranger that was killed and buried with the outfit. Grunwald rescued Alison and someone with a red sleeve rescued Bethany. There are two different scenes with two people wearing different clothes and rescuing someone. Whoever was identified was killed and buried with the yellow top outfit

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Star Wars Fictober 2017 Masterlist

01 First - C-3P0 doesn’t remember his first mind-wipe.

02 Island - Obi-Wan is an island in a sea of sorrow and sand.

03 Emotion - Caleb Dume is that student. 

04 Flight - Sabine uses her new jet pack to avoid her thoughts.

05 Game - Padmé teaches Ahsoka the trick to dejarik and politics. 

06 Friend - Obi-Wan worries about Anakin’s lack of friends.  

07 Absent - Absence makes Shmi’s heart grow fonder.

08 Winter - Tatooine’s most dangerous season. 

09 Flaw - The Council debates Anakin. 

10 Dream - Ahsoka gives Anakin advice on dealing with prophetic dreams.

11 Child - Janus Kasmir wonders why he keeps Caleb Dume around. 

12 Destiny - The clones have outlived their purpose.

13 Look - Padmé has thoughts on Anakin’s look.

15 Age - Ezra, Kanan, and the fruits of a misspent youth. 

18 Weapon - It would be easier of Vader really was a weapon. 

21 Family - The events of Vader Down go very differently. The father and son reunion is only a motion away.

22 Pain - Thrawn thinks about the uses of torture. 

24 Forgiven - Kallus searches for forgiveness. 

25 Heartbeat - Two hearts beat as one until only Vader is left.

30 Peace - Padmé and Bail lobby for peace.

Season 7, Episode 15 - THAT Scene

Well, well, well…

This was a huge episode for the “Spencer has a Twin” theory, because we possibly got a very good look at her, this week.  

As a brief recap of the moment leading up, we have Aria becoming a spy for A.D. (who is now video-chatting her with the weirdest face and voice disguising software ever—looking and sounding like Aria), and she and Ezra getting into an argument over whether he should really be going up to Maine to take care of Nicole or not.  Luckily for us, Ezra went anyway, because as he turns away from the Departures board (where it would appear his flight has been delayed, though admittedly, I didn’t get a great look at specific locations), he spots Spencer in an argument with a shaved-headed man in the café.  

Ezra tries to turn away, because the discussion Spencer is having with the man is clearly heated, but Spencer spots him, and calls out.  As the man turns around, we see none other than Dr. Wren Kingston, who many of us, including myself, have insisted (rightly or wrongly) must be involved in the A-Game.  There is many a loose thread involving Wren since the last time we saw him (in season 4, apparently?  My, how time flies…), including the audience seeing him coloring in a picture of a dark-haired woman in a red coat, and delivering an odd phone call that was never explained, where he told someone he was taking care of his side of things.  

Yes, indeed, Dr. Kingston has lurked in the background, girl- and hospital-hopping in an entirely suspicious manner.  And now we see him back (from Julian Morris’s other acting gigs) again in season 7, ¾ of the way to the end of the season, and the finale of the show.

Alright, so I don’t think that the different watches on different wrists is quite as crucial as I initially did when I heard about it (I’ve been rewatching the show from season 6B, on, and am currently at the start of season 7), but I will say that, having watched Troian Bellisario’s wrists very carefully (way too carefully—I’m going to start forgetting that she has a face), she is never without a watch.  That is to say, she might not wear a watch getting out of the shower, and such, but fully clothed, she is always, always wearing either her analog watch, on her right hand, or her Apple Watch, on her left hand.  In this scene, the Spencer we see is wearing no watch, and specifically asks Ezra not to say anything to anyone about seeing she and Wren at the airport.  Really? I mean, okay, it could just be fodder for the masses, a giant red herring, and if so, it’s well-delivered, because I am buying it hook, line, and sinker.  This is not Spencer.  

I watch this show with my mother, sometimes, and she was watching it tonight.  She finds my “forensic” (as she puts it) analysis of the episodes to try to bolster my theories entertaining, but tonight she said, “You’re right, that is not Spencer.”  The whole scene just cries out for masses of fan theories (which I’m sure will be crashing in within an hour of the episode’s end), because it’s so off-feeling.  Spencer at the airport, right around the same time she’s having issues with Detective Furey, hanging out with Wren (who Melissa said broke up with her a few years prior), apparently in some kind of major argument with him, wearing no watch for the first time since Hanna’s “dream” about Spencer when she was being tortured, and asking Ezra not to tell anyone about seeing her.

Also, this is the exact same night that Spencer is trying to meet with Mary, but gets caught by Furey.  Do we really think she also somehow makes it to the airport to meet with Wren?  

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but this feels like a smoking gun.

Spencer Hastings is A.D

First in order to prove that Spencer Hastings is A.D I must state she is extremely smart. The only person other then Mona who would be smart enough to make the electronic game board. Whenever someone is working on something, such as Caleb working on computers Spencer always asks questions. It looks like she’s doing it cause she’s curious however maybe she was asking so she could learn more to use it against others.

Also Spencer really likes old things. Old books or plays. AD always plays old music. Plus Spencer loves to read. AD uses a lot of poems as references.

I also want to look at the time jump.

When Spencer left rosewood in the five year jump she was the only one that really held on to the past. All the other girls went their own ways. All the girls had broken up with their boyfriends/girlfriends, and although Spencer did break up with Toby she hadn’t moved on with someone random and new, such as Hanna or Aria. Instead Spencer randomly bumps into Caleb (Hannas ex!) and starts dating him? Maybe she set it up on purpose. She could either have wanted to keep the people of Rosewood close to her or she have kept him around because he’s very techy. He could’ve been unknowingly helping her the whole time. She could’ve been watching what and how he does his computer work, which allows her to learn more.

Once she does return to Rosewood she’s the only one who didn’t try to leave. Hanna returned to New York to try working again. Aria left in the middle of the investigation to go to work. Emily was only a bartender so whatever. But spencer worked for like a law firm. Big job guys. But she never once tried to return to work. Yes I understand she had to be there for her mom, but she was still employed in Washington. When the other girls were worried about returning to work Spencer didn’t seem to care at all. She was content with staying in town as long as possible. Staying in town, and keeping the girls in town will allow the game to continue. Maybe she wanted to stay so she could continue the game.

I also want to point out Spencer is never shy of doing anything, especially if it’s illegal. However in the recent episodes the police were looking to her as being the killer but they needed the bar receipt to prove it. Usually in the past this wouldn’t stop Spencer, she would’ve broken into the hotel herself and destroyed the receipt herself. Instead Hanna and Caleb do it. That’s not like Spencer. She and Aria (team Sparia!) would have gotten it done with no hesitation.

So I think this goes one of two ways. Spencer either has split personality or she has a twin. Now everyone has been one the twin train for a long time. So I thought I might add that in as maybe a possibility.

If we are talking about the possibility of twins then I think Bethany young could be Spencer’s twin. The doctor who delivered Mary Drakes (who we all know now is Spencer’s birth mom) baby he said “I dealt with two of her babies”. Not pregnancies. Babies! Yes he could’ve delivered Cece, but if he did why did he say babies instead of pregnancies. The two babies could have been spencer and Bethany. Furthermore Jessica, Marys sister, used to visit Bethany in the insane asylum. She’s demanded in the past that Bethany call her aunt Jessie. Aunt! If Bethany was Mary’s daughter then Jessica really would be her aunt! Plus Bethany got pissed at Jessica cause she found out she was dating her dad. We alllll know Jessica had an affair with Spencer’s father. If Spencer’s dad was really Bethany’s dad then that would explain both the aunt and the affair.

On a side note I truly do believe Spencer’s father is her birth dad. When she was born it was truly easy for the Hastings to adopt her. Usually the court try’s to place babies with family but for whatever reason Jessica was unable to adopt Spencer like she did Cece. If the courts did decide to place the baby with family who better then the aunt but the actual father?

Anyways back to the Bethany Young being the twin. If we really want to follow how things went in the books Bethany and Spencer could’ve switched places at some point. The real Spencer, who befriended the girls when they were young could’ve been shoved into the hole and killed by Bethany, then she happily took Spencer’s place. I think this is a bit of a stretch but some people may really see some truth in this

Also in the episode when Hanna got kidnapped she had a dream of seeing Spencer. And at first I would say maybe it is Spencer, however if you look closely her hair was cut differently, she didn’t have bangs yet. Back when Allison was believed to be dead Hanna often “dreamed” of seeing her. But as it turned out she really was seeing Allison. Considering Hanna tends to dream about people who are really there maybe this “dream” she was actually seeing Spencer’s twin. And I want to point out in the scene Spencer sang Hanna to sleep, it’s the same song that Mary sings when she believes Spencer is dying. But Spencer wasn’t raised by Mary, so why sing that song? Maybe the twin was, so she sang the song she grew up hearing.

To top the twin thing off Ezra goes to the airport, in about two episodes ago and he sees Spencer there with Wren. However she’s suddenly no longer wearing the coat she was in earlier and when she sees Ezra she starts talking really fast almost nervously. She even goes as far to ask Ezra not to say anything to anyone. Maybe because if he did someone will realize Spencer was in two places at once?! Spencer’s twin was with Wren!

I think this can also go with the split personality. Maybe the reasons she’s surprised and nervous is because it isn’t the true Spencer out but only her other personality.

Now I want us to talk about Wren for a moment.

Wren suddenly appears at the airport out of no where? No one truly meets getting off the plane for drinks. Realistically what would’ve happened is Spencer come pick him up then take him somewhere else. They could’ve gone to a bar or restaurant. Instead they stay at the airport. You only stay to have drinks at the airport if you’re waiting for your flight to be called for boarding. The plane hadn’t just landed. It was going to take off!

Plus Wren is a doctor. It’s been admitted Alison is pregnant through an operation. Dr Rollins was revealed to not be a doctor at all. He couldn’t have done the operation. However Dr. Wren could. And who would he come back to do the operation if someone asked? Spencer!

Now I want to take a look back at the possibility of a split personality.

Back in season 1 Wren and Spencer kiss out of no where. Maybe Wren kisses her because either A. He mixed her up with her twin or B. Her other personality flirted with him and maybe kisses him in the past. So now he thinks it’s okay.

She spent time in Radley. Her mental instabilities got to the point where she needed meds. However eventually she got addicted and had to be taken off. Maybe the pills were for her split personality. In that case if she was taken of the pills due to addictions then her split personality could have got out of control.

Then also whenever Spencer does planning and uncovering stuff one song plays in the background. It’s called sail and one lyric goes “blame it on my A.D.D.” Like seriously?! A.D?! And it goes “this is how I show my love. I made it in my mind because”. Made it in her mind? The split personality is all in her mind, which would explain the lyric. And the personality does all this stuff maybe because she truly thinks she’s doing something out of love.

The spilt personality also would explain why Spencer acts so surprised. Whenever something goes on she is shocked. Even though it’s her doing it she doesn’t remember cause it’s another personality.

I also want to point out A.D seems to have a soft spot for Aria, at least that’s what everybody says. I have just one word to say to that… Sparia. Out of the four girls. The one who is the closest to Aria is Spencer. This could explain why there’s the soft spot for Aria.

I know there’s a lot of suspects and a lot of possibilities but I truly am leaning towards Spencer. For whatever reasons I think it’s her. I’m also positive it was Wren who did the operation on Alison.

What do you guys think? Do you believe Spencer is A.D?


“…and there’s your baby.”

Wren and Tristan looked at the ultrasound screen in wonder. It hadn’t felt real until this moment.

“Are you interested in finding out the sex today?” Dr. Murdoch asked. 

Wren turned to Tristan. They had talked beforehand, weighing the pros and cons of knowing whether they were having a boy or a girl. Now that they were here, Wren knew without a doubt that she wanted to know, and when Tristan gave her a nod and smile, she knew he did too.

“Yes, we’re ready to find out,” Wren said, turning back to look at Dr. Murdoch and her baby on the screen.

“It’s a girl,” Dr. Murdoch said with a smile. “Congratulations.”

“A girl,” Wren breathed, returning her gaze to Tristan. He took her hand, his eyes shining with unshed tears. “We’re having a girl.”

More evidence that Aria is on the ‘A’ team

So this may be going back a bit far, but I think that it could be important. 

Can someone please explain to me how Mona knew that Aria had hooked up with Ezra at the bar? The writers made it quite clear that Hanna and Mona were out shopping while the pair were making out in the bathroom, so my question is, how would Mona have known unless Aria told her?

Just think about it. All the other messages in the pilot make sense. We know that Mona found out about the girls secrets when she found Alison’s diary, presumable in one of the boxes that Maya’s family put outside. Which may I just point out, was after Aria had received her first ‘A’ message!

Emily’s first ‘A’ message is delivered after she kisses Maya and if Mona had just found the diary, she would have been there to see it. Therefore, it makes sense. Spencer’s ‘A’ message is about Wren and after reading the diary, Mona would have known about Ian and when she watched Spencer, so would have realised that she liked Wren as well. Therefore, it makes sense. Hanna’s ‘A’ message is about her past weight problems, which Mona knew about anyway, but would have found out about the real extent of it in Alison’s diary. Therefore, it makes sense.

However, Aria gets a text before Mona finds the diary! But you could argue that Mona was nearby when Aria and Alison spotted her Dad and Meredith. What you can’t argue about though is the fact that Mona cannot teleport. Therefore there is no way that she could have seen Aria and Ezra in the bar, because she was shopping with Hanna. Therefore, this does not make sense!

Plus, Aria’s first ‘A’ message does say that it was sent from her. Just throwing that out there.

Personally, I believe that Aria joined the ‘A’ game on Halloween 2008, (i.e. during ‘The first secret’). Think about it. Throughout the whole episode we see Alison bullying Aria about the affair, deliberately hinting at it while they’re with the others and then using it to blackmail her. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that the famous ‘A’ signature didn’t come until after Alison had threatened Aria about going to the party? Aria certainly seemed curious about the messages Ali received after the party. Almost as if she was going to report back to someone.

As far as 6B is concerned, is still think that Aria is shady as hell. She still hasn’t gotten a personal text from Uber Bad, who I’m presuming is either Dr Rollins or Wren. I kind of like the Aria and Wren are cousins theory. I should probably point out that I strongly believe the ‘A’ team and Uber Bad are separate. 

However, the facts still stand that Aria rushed back off to Boston a day early and left the hotel during the time that Charlotte was murdered. Let’s not forget how she stormed around to Ezra’s apartment, demanding that he didn’t tell anyone they met up. Like seriously? If she had nothing to hide, why stress about it? Also, just to point out, apparently it took Aria about 30 minutes to get back to the hotel, which is just out of town, but we never actually see her being dropped off outside. Although I don’t think she killed Charlotte, I’m pretty sure she knows who did. My moneys on Lucas although they are making Melissa look pretty suspicious.

So yeah. I just thought I’d put that question about the pilot out there. I’ve watched the pilot carefully many times and literally every single scene that Aria is in suspicious for about five different reasons. Even if she’s not ‘A’, I refuse to believe that she’s not somehow involved. She has to be. There’s just too much evidence pointing towards her. Tonnes more than Mona and Cece put together. Unless of course they go down the alternate reality route. I’m kind of hoping that they do. At least they’d be able to pass off some of the plot holes as mistakes that Aria has made whilst writing the book.

CeCe Drake & Her Lies

Lately I have been thinking a lot about CeCe Drake. WHO IS SHE? 

  • Is she Charles DiLaurentis? Alison’s brother/sister?
  • Is she Charlotte Drake? Mary’s daughter?
  • Is she Bethany Young? A Radley patient 
  • Or is there another connection we don’t know about yet?

I believe she was never a patient at Radley, she is not related to the DiLaurentis family, and she has been working for Uber A since the beginning.

I decided to analyze everything we have seen and learned about CeCe throughout the series.

*All pictures from Google, Credit to owners*

In “The Kahn Game”, we see CeCe for the first time at the Brew. We learn a few main things about her:

  • She has a striking resemblance to Ali (personality and looks)
  • Tells Aria & Spencer that Ali talked about them all the time, but the 4 girls have never heard of her
  • She was a student at UPenn but was kicked out
  • She used to date Jason DiLaurentis (who she broke up with the day after Alison went missing) Wait what? She dated her brother/first cousin? No way. CeCe is not related to the DiLaurentis’.
  • She owns a boutique. How is that possible?
  • She spent the summer in Cape May with Alison before she disappeared.

Emily shows CeCe a photo from Ali’s diary of the two of them in Cape May, hoping she will know who Beach Hottie is. CeCe claims not to know. (I think BH is Darren Wilden). 

We later find out MELISSA took the following picture of Widen, Ali and CeCe (notice Wilden and Ali seem to be hugging one another). One of my burning questions has always been- How the hell did CeCe become friends with all these people if she spent her life in Radley and only got out privileges to go to classes at UPenn?

Alison tells CeCe that her period is 2 weeks late. Like a million other theorists out there, I believe it is definitely possible that Ali had sex with Wilden or maybe even Ezra.

In “Crash and Burn, Girl!”, Nigel Wright admits to Toby and Caleb that he was paid by CeCe to set up a private flight to the lodge on the night of the fire. Now tell me something, How does a girl who has lived in a mental institution all her life afford to pay for a PRIVATE PLANE? She doesn’t, shes working for someone. I think the girls were supposed to die that night, but Ali showed up and pulled them out.

Hanna tells Wilden that they know he was in Cape May the summer Alison went missing. She sees Wilden forcing CeCe in his car. Does Wilden think CeCe told people about him possibly getting Alison pregnant or that he was in Cape May with them? He later threatens Ashley Marin to not let Hanna tell anyone about Cape May. Ashley panics and hits Wilden with her car. Later, she and Hanna go back to find him, but he is gone. In “A is for A-l-i-v-e” the girls see the corpse of Wilden under the sheet. He was shot multiple times. But how do we know this wasn’t just a mask? That corpse could be anyone.

In “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”, the liars think CeCe murdered Wilden. Why would CeCe murder him? Did Wilden know something about CeCe’s true identity that would blow up the A Game? Was CeCe instructed to kill him by Uber A? It was later revealed that CeCe made huge money deposits before Wilden died. Someone paid her for killing him…

Spencer and Aria are chasing the two Red Coats, and CeCe is revealed as one of them. She falls and looks dead, but then her hand twitches and she disappears. Someone got her out of there really fast..it had to be UBER A. 

In “I’m Your Puppet”, we see that Dr Wren Kingston authorized CeCe with a visitors pass to Radley. UM WHAT??? If CeCe was a patient at Radley, wouldn’t all the doctors there recognize her? How could she come in with a visitors pass? Why would she NEED a visitors pass if she was a patient there?This makes no sense at all and really makes me think that CeCe was never institutionalized there. 

CeCe wanted to get into Radley to talk to Mona. I firmly believe that CeCe and Mona were working for Uber A and it was in the plan for Mona to take the fall as A. CeCe probably needed to get a message to Mona from Uber A. Later, Mona claims that she did see CeCe in Radley, but she doesn’t remember what they talked about due to the medications she was on. YEAH RIGHT. 

The flashback of Jessica yelling at Ali about the prank her and CeCe played is also a huge clue.

Jessica gets a call from Radley saying that her daughter checked in. But when Jessica gets there it is CeCe dressed as Ali.  “It’s not my daughter sitting in Radley, it’s CeCe Drake.“ Charlotte/CeCe was a patient there at that time. Are we really expected to believe that the staff at Radley seriously do not recognize their own patients??

I think that line specifically- “It’s not my daughter sitting in Radley, it’s CeCe Drake.” is a huge clue that CeCe is NOT Jessica’s daughter. CeCe wears Ali’s clothes and has been known to take on Ali’s personality. Obviously CeCe is deranged and very jealous of Ali, but we still do not know why. In my opinion it’s NOT because she is her sister/cousin who was institutionalized all her life. There is certainly another reason.

According to CeCe’s story, Jessica was on the board at Radley to supposedly protect and look over CeCe. CeCe later claimed that Jessica paid for her transgender surgery, and took care of her and hid it all from Kenneth. But Jessica HATED that Ali and CeCe were friends. She didn’t like her. If she really was her child, she would have recognized her and wanted her and Ali to be close. It doesn’t seem like the loving mother/daughter relationship to me that CeCe later describes.

In “She’s Come Undone”, it was revealed that CeCe witnessed a fight between Spencer and Alison on the night of Ali’s disappearance and that Jessica paid CeCe to be quiet about it. Why would Jessica have to PAY OFF her “daughter” to not talk about it, when they supposedly have this great relationship? Something is very fishy here. 

In “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” Aria talks to CeCe’s old roommate. She reveals that Alison got CeCe kicked out of college after she pushed a girl down the steps at a frat party. She lived in an apartment/had a roommate/went to frat parties after being in Radley her whole life? Shady. She only had out privileges to go to classes, she couldn’t possibly live outside of Radley. 

There seems to be a whole lot of stories about a person being blamed for something someone else did.

  1. CeCe claims that Ali pushed a girl down the stairs at a frat party and CeCe got expelled from UPenn because of it.
  2. Charles/Charlotte put Ali in a bathtub to help her relax and got sent to Radley because her parents thought she was trying to kill Ali.
  3. CeCe claims Bethany pushed Marion off the roof but CeCe got blamed for it and diagnosed with “intermittent explosive disorder” and put on meds.
  4. Mary Drake claims that Jessica neglected a child (Teddy Carver) while babysitting and Mary was blamed for his death and sent to Radley.

All of these stories cannot be true. I think there is one true story and everyone else bends it into their own convenient lie.

During the season four finale “A is for Answers”, CeCe is arrested by Detective Holbrook and questioned about Wilden’s murder. She confesses to knowing who murdered Bethany Young, (who has been identified as the girl buried in Alison’s grave) that it is the same person who Ali is afraid of, and that Alison is still alive. ((Side note: I DO NOT think Bethany Young is the girl in the grave. See my other theories for an in-depth analysis on this topic))

This episode is also where the girls finally sit down with Ali and hear her side of the story. She claims she gets hit in the head with a rock, Jessica think she is dead and buries her, asking someone “What did you do?” From the way Jessica seemed to feel about CeCe, there is no way she would cover up her child’s death to protect her.

Grumwald pulled Ali out, brought her to the hospital, and afterwards Mona picked up Ali and brought her to the Lost Woods Motel under the name Vivian Darkbloom, who we know as Ali’s alter ego. 

At this time, Ezra believes that Jessica is A. They chase a hooded figure-who turns out to be Shauna- and Ezra gets shot in the chase. THIS WAS ALL PLANNED. It made Ezra look like an innocent boyfriend trying to catch A and protect the girls. Ezra is Uber A. ((See my theory, Pretty Little Masked Clues))

We see someone dragging a dead Jessica across the ground and burying her. I believe CeCe killed her because she knew too much.

In the first episode of Season 5, “EscApe From New York”, we find out that CeCe has escaped jail and Ezra is in the hospital. Ali brings the girls to Fitzgerald Theater, where Ezra once brought Ali when they were ‘dating’. Coincidence? NO. I hope Ezra’s A :-)

CeCe finds Ali at the theater and asks for her help. If CeCe was always being helped by Uber A before why would she need Ali’s help to get out of the country all of a sudden? Maybe because Uber A (EZRA) was hospitalized for gun shot wounds and couldn’t help her….

They meet Noel at a diner and they give her Ali’s fake passport under the name Vivian Darkbloom. 

Ali comes back to the theater and tells Emily that CeCe was being paid by EZRA for information and then claims that she asked her to dress up as Red Coat only to distract “A”. No. This is not true. Why would Ezra PAY A MENTAL PATIENT for information on the girls for a book? 

CeCe has to be Big A & Red Coat, and Ezra is Uber A. 

Ali tells Emily that CeCe killed Wilden. Although Wilden was a corrupt cop, he got to close to the truth about the real Uber A and needed to be silenced. CeCe flees to London. 

The fact that her destination is London of course makes me think of the one and only WREN KINGSTON, who I hope is tied up in all of this as well.<3

Shauna comes in with a gun to kill Ali but Aria hits her over the head, killing her. I think this attack was a side plot of the group of people that hated Ali for treating them so badly- Paige, Jenna, Mona, Lucas etc. I don’t think it has anything to do with the main A story line.

Fast forward to the episode, “Taking This One To The Grave.” Mona is nowhere to be found but the amount of blood found in her house suggests that she is dead. As we all know, Mona was never actually murdered, just kidnapped and put into the Dollhouse. I think she staged the entire thing with the help of Uber A and maybe even Big A (CeCe). We know she was saving her blood. 

I think it is important to note that the whole episode before Mona’s ‘death’ was spent with her trying to get the girls trust and trying to convince the girls that Ali is A. 

We then see Mona’s body in the trunk of a car, but I think it was a mask on a doll (similar to Hanna in the bell-tower). 

We know that Ali eventually gets arrested and put in Jail for Mona’s murder. If we believe CeCe’s story, CeCe kidnapped Mona, faked her murder and put her in the dollhouse. If CeCe loved Alison so much WHY ON EARTH would she get her put in prison on a MURDER charge???? I do not believe the bullshit about Ali being safe in prison- because she wasn’t. If CeCe is the real A behind everything then why didn’t she just help Ali run away and stay away once and for all? Instead she continuously tortured her. 

In “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”, CeCe shows up at the Christmas Dance to comfort Ali. Hanna is in Ali’s attic reading a letter that Ali wrote to Bethany (Ali later claims this letter is fake). Suddenly, ‘A’ shows up in the attic and knocks out Hanna and sneaks out the open window. This could NOT have been CeCe. She was with Ali at the time!!! I personally think it was a member of the A team or Uber A himself. 

In “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” Mona wakes up and there is a present for her, addressed to Alison. She opens the box and finds a gas mask inside with a card that says “Because you’re my favorite. -A”

If CeCe was A why on earth would she want to save Mona out of everyone? Ali HATED Mona and vise versa. If CeCe loved Ali so much why would she save Mona- her enemy? CeCe didnt really think Mona was Ali, since she later tries to break Ali out of prison. NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE. 

Spencer sees Charles written in blocks.

They are asked to organize a “Phantom of the opera” prom from 7 years ago that Ian and Melissa attended. Which reminds me of the Fitzgerald theater and A loving the arts…

Mona is crowned as “Prom Queen Alison DiLaurentis”.

A steps around the mannequins.


If she struggled all her life wanting to be a woman WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE DRESS UP IN A TUXEDO AS A MAN AT THE PROM AND WANT HER SISTER/COUSIN ALISON AS HER DATE/THE PROM QUEEN? This just does NOT make sense. Why didn’t she just kidnap Ali and put her in the Dollhouse? What the heck is all of this?? What does it mean? We DON’T KNOW. There is a hugeeee chunk of the story still missing. This is a MAN. This is NOT CeCe. This is Uber A.

The vault is full of all of A’’s things. CeCe claims she is Charles, the transgender child of Jessica and Kenneth, and Ali’s sister. NO WAY. 

3′s have reoccurred in the story line a lot. Notice the 3 different colored hand prints in the frame. 

A is NOT represented in this 4 person mannequin family.

I think A is the twin brother of the little boy (Jason) and the baby is Alison. Notice that in the hand-print frame, there are 5 blue and 5 red hand-prints? And then only 3 green.. 

In the video Spencer watches, the boys have blue and red shoelaces and the baby is wrapped in a greenish yellow blanket. 

The Cherished Memories picture frame also makes me feel like A is upset he was never a part of any of that. It seems like Ali was born and he somehow blames her for him getting exiled from the family. And that’s why he has been torturing her and her friends for so many years. I also think this frame was put in ARIA’S bedroom, because Ezra is Uber A and he wants her to see that this is his family.

There are apples in the background. Apples are known to symbolize many things, but they are mostly associated with temptation. Eve is told she can eat any fruit in Paradise, except for the fruit on one tree. She is so tempted that she eats the forbidden fruit and man is damned for eternity. This makes me think that Alison did something really really bad, and it ruined A’s life. Remember Adam never ate the fruit…It was all Eve’s fault… Apples are also associated with TEACHERS. 

When A and Spencer come face-to-face, I always found it interesting that there were books in the background, and who do we know that owns a bookstore and loves to write??? EZRA.

Anyway, why didn’t A do anything to Spencer? If this was CeCe wouldn’t she have lashed out or tried to hurt Spencer?? 

Fast forward to “Game Over Charles,” where CeCe is ‘revealed’ as A. 

I believe that her and Uber A had a set plan in place in case CeCe was ever caught. He instructed her take the fall for everything, and to make up a story that would get her sympathy.

She tells Ali she is her transgender sister Charlotte-born Charles DiLaurentis. She claims she became A because she loves Ali so much (WTF?). She tells the bathtub story, and claims her parents put her in Radley because of the incident. 

I believe Uber A instructed CeCe to tell this story. It is not true. THIS IS NOT THE REASON THAT A TORTURED THE 4 LIARS AND ALISON FOR YEARS OVER. Not a chance. And we are expected to just believe her when she says, “I did this all because I loved you.” Come onnnnnnn. How were the girls so gullible? That really made me angry at the show. 

She then tells the story about her and Bethany Young on the roof of Radley. Bethany pushes Marion off the roof and blames CeCe. This leads to her being wrongly diagnosed with “intermittent explosive disorder.”

CeCe is medicated for a few years and then is let out for a ‘funeral.” Mrs. D and CeCe make a fake grave for ‘Charles’ at Aunt Carol’s house, and Mrs D helps her transition into Charlotte. She then brings her back to Radley. 

With Jessica being on the board, she got CeCe out-privileges to take classes at UPenn. Lets stop here for a second. According to CeCe, her and Jessica were so close. So how do you explain the years of CeCe and Ali’s friendship where Mrs. D hated her?…

She claims one day at school she made up a bomb threat to get out of classes and goes to Rosewood to take a yearbook picture, where she meets Jason.

She then starts DATING HIM.  And tries to play it off like they didn’t do anything sexual, “Why do you think he was so mad all the time? He was so frustrated.”

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! This cannot be true. It is too disgusting. There is no way this show can have an incest story line. CeCe says this because Uber A instructed CeCe to do everything she could to make the girls believe her lie, that she is Charles. 


Ali says that she cannot believe their mother would be okay with it, and CeCe claims Jessica didn’t know. “All this time you’ve been pretending to go to school, while you were running around Rosewood with my children?” Mrs. D says. COME ON. That means Mrs D didn’t know that Ali’s best friend and Jason’s girlfriend was her DAUGHTER CeCe??????

There are WAY TOO MANY plot holes and things that don’t make sense. Maybe I am just being optimistic, but the writers of this show know how obsessed the PLL fandom is. We analyze everything. There is no way they would give us an A reveal with this many plot holes. I think they did this so later when we find out who CeCe and Uber A really are, it will be that more jaw-dropping. 

CeCe then claims that Bethany pretended to be Charlotte and used her out-privileges to sneak out of Radley. 

So lets get this straight… The staff at Radley:

  • Called Jessica and told her that Alison is at Radley, and didn’t realize it was CeCe (their LONGTIME patient) sitting there in Alison’s clothes.
  • Let CeCe go in and out of Radley as a GUEST to visit Mona
  • Didn’t realize it was Bethany using CeCe’s out-privileges

CeCe was never in Radley, and didn’t have the relationship she claimed with Jessica because she is NOT CHARLES. It just doesn’t make any logical sense at ALL. 

CeCe supposedly sneaks out of Radley THAT NIGHT and hits- who she thinks is- Bethany in the head with a rock, but it was actually Ali. Of course its totally logical that 3 girls were wearing the exact same clothes (eye roll). Jessica sees it happen and starts burying Ali and covering it up for CeCe.

The girls then discover how CeCe was able to afford being A. “CeCe’s the real Wolf of Wall Street,” Mona says, looking through a stock portfolio. “She never made a bad investment.” REALLY???? SO WHY DID SHE NEED TO LIVE UNDER THE DILAURENTIS BASEMENT, WHY DID SHE NEED TO ASK ALI AND NOEL FOR MONEY AND A PASSPORT? These forms were FAKE.

Continuing her story, CeCe claims she met Mona in Radley, learned everything about the girls, and stole the game from her. 

Now she says  that Mona helped her escape out of Radley and that’s the first time she met the girls at the Brew. But wasn’t CeCe going in as a GUEST to see Mona???? REALLY? 

Wait a second CeCe, get your story straight, did you have out-privileges or did Mona help you get out? AND HOW DID YOU OWN A BOUTIQUE??? You sneak out of Radley for the FIRST TIME and have a clothing store in Rosewood? NONE of this is true. It is so full of potholes it is ridiculous. Mona has always been evil. She took the fall for Uber A and got put in Radley. CeCe would go into Radley to talk to Mona and work on the A Game. CeCe was never in Radley. Thats why she needed a guest pass.

CeCe claims she became A because she hated the girls because they were happy Ali was gone.

Really CeCe, really? That’s why you tortured them to that extent? REALLY??

Give me a BREAK. 

CeCe says that she started the fire at the Lodge that night because she knew Ali would show up to save them if she was alive. She then says that Red Coat is Sara Harvey. ((I believe that the character we know as Sara Harvey is 1 million percent the real Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis who actually did spend her life in Radley.)) 

Ali then asks the question on everyone’s mind. “If you really cared about me, why did you keep playing the game?”

CeCe claims she knew it was time to end the Game when Shauna was killed, so she left the country but missed the game so much she came back to play more. 

No. No. No. No.

Ezra (Uber A) was hospitalized for gun shot wounds at the time and the Game needed to stop while it’s leader recovered. 

Ali wants to know why CeCe attacked her in the living room. She says she was scared to lose Ali. Um what? So you tried to strangle her? Yeah that makes sense.

CeCe says, “I know you won’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls. That’s why you’re still alive. I would never let anything… really bad happen to them.”


She says she sent Sara Harvey as Black Veil to Wilden’s funeral to make sure that he was really dead because apparently Wilden knew Ali was alive. CeCe killed him to protect Ali.  

CeCe says that before she flees to Paris, she goes to say goodbye to Jessica, but finds her dead in the grass. She says, “Mom was the only person who ever really loved me.”  No…because from everything we have seen it seems like Jessica hated CeCe and didn’t want her near her children because she was a bad influence. CECE IS NOT A DILARENTIS. 

CeCe was instructed to kill Jessica because she knew something Uber A didn’t want her to know.

The girls escape the Carissimi Group lair, Emily slaps Sara and they chase CeCe to the roof. Game over.

Can we just talk for a second how POORLY MADE this episode was. It was all over the place, and to me just seemed put together so last minute and was so ridiculous. Was that the writers trying to show us that it doesn’t make logical sense because its not true? 

Now it’s five years later. 

Ali is a teacher at Rosewood High and writing, Mrs. Rollins on the board. Aria says, “He’s coming for you.” 

Who is HE????

The REAL Uber A of course.

I feel like this poster says it ALL.

CeCe is Red Coat

Ezra is Uber A 

Sara Harvey (Charles) is Black Veil 

Ezra IS THE LEADER and always has been.

CeCe’s story was a LIE, it was all to cover-up for the REAL Uber A. 

The Killer Three: Cece, Bethany, and Mary Drake

I had an epiphany the other day, and I mean the kind of epiphany that only happens when I’ve actually figured something completely out and checks out factually and can’t believe it.

This is it. This is how everything connects. And this is where we find out everything we were told by Charlotte was a lie.

Everyone complaining about the plotholes… I have heard you, I have answers. FInally.

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I had a theory. That theory involved Charlotte hating Jessica and Alison to the point where she wanted to kill them. This is true. Charlotte wanted to kill Alison and Jessica, but… So did Mary Drake. They teamed up together, they planned this together, they were in this together, they wanted revenge TOGETHER.

I wondered why, why in the world would Charlotte do all these things to Alison if she loved her? Why would she torture her best friends and watch her suffer? It’s because she absolutely 100% DESPISES HER. And she despised Jessica, after all- who could love someone who put you away in a mental asylum as a child and forgive them for that?

And Mary… Ohh Mary, sisters that fight over things only for one to stab the other and get sent to an insane asylum, and then later have their only child be taken away from them and given to said sister? Who WOULDN’T be mad? 

And now, getting to Bethany Young, Bethany was the start of all this. Something about what happened with her and what the tapes said happened never added up to me. If you remember, one of the tapes Bethany was recorded saying “Everything she said, every visit was a lie. I mean is it like mother like daughter? I wonder if I can trust anyone in that family.” This never made sense to me… Until I connected these two events. 

In “The mirror has three faces” Jessica tells Emily and Hanna a story- we have a flashback of Jessica storming in and slams the piano lid down- scaring Alison. Alison asks why she’s so pissed off, Jessica said she got a phone call from Radley saying Alison was there, that she wants to stay there, that she wants to hurt herself. Jessica says she got to Radley and Cece was there head to toe in Alison’s clothing calling herself Alison DiLaurentis. 

I believe it’s quite possible that yes, what Charlotte said about her being Charles is completely true- but I believe Charlotte did not return to Radley after she transitioned and after they faked Charles’ death. Charlotte was free, she was free until… That party at UPenn. I believe it was Wren who said Cece had a psychotic break because of Alison and getting kicked out of UPenn- which had been backed up by multiple people. So, she decided she didn’t want to get even, she wanted revenge. She lived through hell and just when she thought she was getting her life together, another DiLaurentis comes around and ruins it.

Getting back to Bethany and Jessica’s story, this is how it all began. Remember when Emily and Spencer went to the riding stables? The man said Jessica used to go there with a girl who had anger issues and whenever she asked the girl to call her “Aunt Jess” she would throw a fit. It was Mary. Mary was taking Bethany out, Mary took her to riding lessons. Why? She was preparing her. 

She and Cece came up with a plan to kill not only Jessica, but Alison as well. You see, parts of what Cece had said were possibly true. What she said about Bethany being very violent and having outbursts were backed up by what the man at the stables said. Which means it is entirely plausible that Bethany did in fact kill Marion and blame it on her.

 This is where the plan also comes into play, you see… Bethany Young only knew Charles DiLaurentis, a young boy… What do you think happened after Charlotte transitioned? That’s right. Charlotte got out of Radley, transitioned from Charles to Charlotte, and returned to Radley as Cece fucking Drake years later, JUST AS JESSICA SAID SHE DID. But Bethany didn’t know a Cece Drake, she knew someone blonde, beautiful, and the daughter of whom everyone assumed was Jessica DiLaurentis. Bethany knew Cece as Alison DiLaurentis, the daughter of Jessica DiLaurentis, whom was really Mary Drake. 

This plan… This plan was the mother of all plans… Mary and Charlotte wanted revenge, Mary and Charlotte wanted revenge on Jessica for the lives she took away from them, and Charlotte wanted revenge on Alison why? Do you remember that story from a while back about Alison getting Cece kicked out of UPenn? A story she repeated to people over and over, a story her roommate repeated to Aria when she came looking for her? It was all true. Mary and Charlotte planned to befriend Bethany as Jessica and Alison DiLaurentis because they planned for Bethany to MURDER Alison and Jessica DiLaurentis. And Bethany was going to go down for the entire thing. They were going to get away with it too.

Cece, Bethany, AND Alison wore the yellow tops, she wore them and planted Bethany and Alison’s… Why? Because she was going to murder Alison, and since Bethany was SUPPOSED to kill Jessica, anyone who saw it happen would BLAME IT ON BETHANY. Charlotte fucking LIED about everything. And since Bethany didn’t kill Jessica, Jessica witnessed Charlotte hitting Alison, the plan was ruined the minute Mona hit Bethany over the head and Melissa buried her.

And now, Melissa… Remember the little flashback of Melissa and Charlotte?

Yeah, this happened. Melissa most likely called Cece and told her she thought Spencer killed Bethany and then Melissa buried her. This is exactly the reason Cece and Mary thought it was SPENCER who killed Bethany, not Mona.

When we heard that Charlotte called Wren and told him what Melissa had done, this further catapulted my suspicion that Cece had been evil the entire time. Gotta give you props, Cece, I am proud of your performance… Now let’s see what mommy dearest and your psycho sidekick have planned.


Evidence of Martian life could be hard to find in some meteorite blast sites

Scientists in their preliminary findings suggest signs of life from under Mars’ surface may not survive in rocks excavated by some meteorite impacts.

Scientists analysing samples from Mars’ surface have so far not conclusively detected organic compounds that are indigenous to Mars, which would be indicators of past or present life. The inconclusive results mean that researchers are now suggesting that a good place to find these organic compounds would be deep underground - from rocks that have been blasted to the surface by meteor impacts. This is because such rocks have been sheltered from the Sun’s harmful radiation and from chemical processes on the surface that would degrade organic remains.

Now, a team of scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh has replicated meteorite blasts in the lab. The aim of the study was to see if organic compounds encased in rock could survive the extreme conditions associated with them being blasted to the surface of Mars by meteorites. The study, published today in Scientific Reports, suggests that rocks excavated through meteorite impacts may incorrectly suggest a lifeless early Mars, even if indicators of life were originally present.

In the study the team replicated blast impacts of meteorites of around 10 metres in size. The researchers found that the types of organic compounds found in microbial and algal life - long chain hydrocarbon-dominated matter- were destroyed by the pressures of impact. However, the types of organic compounds found in plant matter - dominated by aromatic hydrocarbons - underwent some chemical changes, but remained relatively resistant to impact pressures. Meteorites often contain organic matter not created by life, which have some similarities in their organic chemistry to land plants. The team infer that they also should also be resistant to blast impacts.

Their study could help future missions to Mars determine the best locations and types of blast excavated rocks to examine to find signs of life. For example, it may be that meteorite impacts of a certain size may not destroy organic compounds or scientists may need to concentrate on rocks excavated from a certain depth.

Professor Mark Sephton, co-author of the research from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London, said: “We’ve literally only scratched the surface of Mars in our search for life, but so far the results have been inconclusive. Rocks excavated through meteorite impacts provide scientists with another unique opportunity to explore for signs of life, without having to resort to complicated drilling missions. Our study is showing us is that we may need to be nuanced in our approach to the rocks we choose to analyse.”
Dr Wren Montgomery, co-author of the study from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, added: “The study is helping us to see that when organic matter is observed on Mars, no matter where, it must be considered whether the sample could have been affected by the pressures associated with blast impacts. We still need to do more work to understand what factors may play an important role in protecting organic compounds from these blast impacts. However, we think some of the factors may include the depths at which the rock records are buried and the angles at which meteorites hit the Martian surface.”

Previous in situ analyses of the Martian terrain have found inconclusive evidence for the existence organic compounds - so far only finding chlorinated organic matter. The issue for scientists has been that it is not easy to look at simple chlorine-containing organic molecules and determine the origin of the organic compound components.

NASA’s Viking landers in 1976 detected chlorine-containing organic compounds, but they were thought to be chemical left-overs from cleaning procedures of Viking’s equipment before it left Earth. Later, the Phoenix Mission in 2008 discovered chlorine-containing minerals on the Martian surface, but no organic compounds. In 2012 the Mars Science Laboratory Mission detected chlorinated organic matter, but they thought that the analysis process, which involved heating chlorine containing minerals and carbonaceous material together, was producing chlorine-containing organic compounds. Working out whether the source of the carbon found on Mars was carried once again from Earth or was indigenous to Mars remains frustratingly difficult for scientists.

The team carried out their research by subjecting the different types of organic matter to extreme pressure and temperature in a piston cylinder device. They then did a chemical analysis using pyrolysis-gas chromatography mass spectrometry.

The next steps will see the team investigating a broader range of pressures and temperatures, which would help them understand the likely effects of a greater range of meteorite impacts. This would enable them to identify the specific conditions under which organic material may escape the destructive effects of blasts - even when excavated from deep underground by violent events. This could help future Mars missions further refine the types and locations of rocks that they can analyse for signs of past or present life.