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Have another Jealous Black Hat~ I’m planning to make a chibi Villainous comics like this one soon~ I don’t have ideas yet but I’ll see what I can do

Day One Hundred and Three

-The first guest of my shift placed their babbling, giggling newborn on my conveyor belt for me to ring up, instantaneously paving the way for a bright and joyous day.

-I became ecstatic to find a roll of fresh, new, spring-themed stickers the size of my face at my register. The sticker renaissance shall now commence.

-I rang up an intimidating biker with a wizardly beard for his purchase of one single Dr. Seuss book. I now consider him a close friend, as I stand by my lifelong belief that not a soul who reads Dr. Seuss can do anything wrong.

-Shortly after the discovery of my spring stickers, I came to the realization that they were, in fact, a heretofore undiscovered strand of Christmas stickers that we had not previously had on hand. I do not understand why we have such a large and untapped stock, but I am prepared to make the most of it.

-A man in his sixties, phenomenally spry and smooth-skinned for his age, purchased forty dollars worth of dried prunes. I believe he may have uncovered the secret to immortality. While I appreciate the scientific progress this man is making, I will embrace whatever final form nature has in store for me so long as I do not have to give up my crunchwrap supremes.

-A mother asked her child if he wanted his shoe back, pulling one single Croc out of her purse. I am not sure what he may have done to lose his shoe privilege in the first place, but I am glad to see that he is earning it back.

-After I gave her a sticker, a mother told her daughter, “Say thank you.” In a brilliant moment of word association, she peacefully replied, “You are welcome.” I consider myself blessed by this small person and will live out my life in bliss.

-I befriended the kindest and most eloquent child named Bennett. We shared a lovely conversation, touching on such topics as how nice our respective names are, his recent go-karting accident, his subsequent recovery, and stickers. I believe I may have found my Best Man.

-A woman in her seventies attempted to run her husband over with her cart, gleefully yelling, “Beep beep beep!” Hopefully, I have just received a glimpse into my future.

-I have adopted a new motto in life, and that motto is as follows: “You have never seen true purity until you have seen an infant in glasses." 


So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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Raise your hands if you guys want a Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde modern AU where everyone’s a university student and jekyll’s this little perfectionist bean with anxiety issues

because I feel like writing something so


i talked about one of my edgy theories on twitter tonight

(sorry the order of the posts is a little weird, i’m bad with making these kinds of posts)

Things that are an ongoing frustration for me in pretty much every fandom ever:

When fans of a thing only read fic by already established authors (or occasionally authors who get heavily recommended by someone well-established in a fandom) and don’t bother with authors who are new to writing, new to the fandom, or don’t have the connections in a fandom to get reblogged and recced by someone known (and presumably trusted).

Look, I know that people’s time isn’t all that unrestricted. I get that a lot of people prefer to pick up something by an author they already know and like. And I’m not saying that it’s wrong to have those kinds of authors, or that they don’t deserve the attention. This isn’t about how popular authors should have less attention. It never is about that. They have the readership for a reason.

But it’s ridiculously hard for an author to break through in a fandom when very few people are willing to give a chance to authors with less of an already established name in that fandom. 

The whole “sort by kudos” function on AO3 is great, don’t get me wrong. But too many people stop at a certain point, assuming that because a fic doesn’t already have a high amount, it’s crap. And that’s simply not true - it just means in a lot of cases that others did exactly that. Skipped over fics, maybe ones that they’ve spotted recced even, because other people before them did too. 

Or people search for a specific theme, but don’t bother with fics when they don’t recognise the author name from anywhere. Or there’s a fic fest or big bang, and there’s a disproportionate difference between the most and the least read fics. 

tl;dr: I wish people who read fanfic would give a chance to fic and authors that are less known. 

“‘Oh, yes. It’s a Spanish word, you know, or was originally. English is like that, though.’ His voice had taken on his familiar lecturing tone yet again. 'Not much of it is original; you lot tend to adopt words out of any language you fancy. Spanish, French, Italian, Scandinavian, Greek, Latin–lots of Latin. All those Romans in the three and four hundreds, building forts and roads and what have you.’”

okay don’t drag me for reading dr who fanfic of all things but this is literally wrong. like that’s not where the Latin influence in English comes from at all, the vast majority of the Latinate words we have in English come to us through 1. French bc of the Norman conquest of 1066 or else 2. French and Latin bc of people in the 1700s & 1800s deciding to make English an “erudite” language and coining or importing a lot of Latin-based terms. the Roman conquest they’re talking about was relatively brief & resulted in almost no contact between the two populations, certainly not enough for more than a handful of terms to make their way into the English lexicon. so get that right

thoughts: sora and character development

Okay, so I’ve been talking about doing this for a while, but after screaming at ilusionada​ for a while yesterday, it kind of inspired me to actually get this done. Maybe because it bullet-pointed all the things I want to hit. Of course, this is all personal interpretation, but I’m using what’s actually seen in canon as my sole base for this.

But I really, really want to talk about Sora’s development through the course of Kingdom Hearts. Because he absolutely is not a static, one-note, happy-go-lucky character. His characterization isn’t defined solely by those traits, and I really, truly feel that his actions in every game make sense for the context. I’m going to leave KH1 out of this, because I feel like it’s straightforward, and I’m only going to touch on Chain of Memories because I’ve touched on it a little  in the past. That said, this may get pretty lengthy, since I have a lot to say.

I don’t really find anything inherently wrong with how he was portrayed in CoM, but I hardly think it’s the apex or climax of his development. He does show a range of emotions—defeat, loss, frustration, anger that’s almost irrational. But all the same, those weren’t the most natural or organic of his reactions. They were born from being toyed with, from Naminé pulling his memories apart and replacing them, along with some really blatant goading by way of Repliku. And that’s fine. It’s great that we got to see it, but I can’t help but disagree when I see people say that it’s the only time he really develops, or that his portrayal in KH2 was “out of character” or that his portrayal in DDD was “regressive.” I have a difficult time seeing things that way, and here’s why.

When Sora wakes up in KH2, the surface memories of everything that happened in Castle Oblivion are gone. Sure, they’re somewhere deep in his heart, deep enough that meeting Axel again and seeing the coats of the Organization members didn’t trigger anything. All the same, Roxas has been forcibly brought back to him, and up until their face-off at Sora’s Station of Awakening, there’s definitely some dissonance and unrest. Right from the start, Sora is in kind of a precarious situation; they wake up in an unfamiliar place with no idea how much time has passed (presumably enough, considering Sora has all but outgrown his clothes, which I’m sure he felt quickly enough, even if it wasn’t pointed out til later). He’s quickly faced with enemies unlike what he’s seen before, and tires out until Mickey gives them help.

But during all of this, that sense of familiarity thanks to Roxas’ memories and influence are there. We see this when he leaves Twilight  Town, with this melancholic thoughts about how he feels like he’ll never see the place again, or the tear he sheds when leaving Hayner/Pence/Olette. Even the way Sora gazes out the window of the train as it moves along the tracks is vaguely reminiscent of Roxas.

And as the story goes on, we see a lot of different things happen. We see Sora start largely okay. We see the little things start to get under his skin. We see his emotional stability waver on more than one occasion. We see him try hard to keep his promises to his friends and a happy face whenever possible.

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