dr. waffles

prettypfefferi  asked:

what's Waffle House

this is so funny i have had to explain to two friends from california in the last like half hour what waffle house is

so basically like, imagine Dennys right? its fucking disgusting. you’re having a bad time. the servers arent serving you, the food they brought out is cold and it tastes like paper. but youre there anyways, because its 2AM, and you’re a little bit high. or maybe you’re just a tiny bit tipsy. whatever. its fucking Dennys. WHATEVER.

but like, waffle house. waffle house is Dark Dennys. waffle house is Dennys on steroids. its disgusting. where did the waitress go? is the chef smoking pot? whatever. its past the Hour Of Dennys (2AM, as previously mentioned) and you’re not tipsy or a little high. youre fucking SLAMMED. you’re also probably cross fading. it is 4AM. there are truckers everywhere, or maybe they’re serial killers, idk. 

tl;dr waffle house is a PVP enabled zone