dr. tenenbaum

American Horror Story: Rapture

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Denis O’Hare as Andrew Ryan

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Zachary Quinto as Frank Fontaine

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Finn Wittrock as Atlas

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Jessica Lange as Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum

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Evan Peters as Jack

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Joseph Fiennes as Dr. Steinman

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Sarah Paulson as Julie Langford

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Neil Patrick Harris as Sander Cohen

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Also Starring:

Michael Chiklis – Peach Wilkins
Lily Rabe – Diane McClintock
Chloë Sevigny – Jasmine Jolene
Daniel Dae Kim - Dr. Yi Suchong


Jamie Brewer as the voice of the Little Sisters

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John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Bubbles

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October - 2016

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Mercymaker Bioshock AU

Mercymaker Bioshock AU because… reasons

Amelie is a dancer in the upper parts of Rapture; she with her husband Gerard have built quite a life for themselves since moving to the underwater city. Gerard and Amelie regularly attend much of the nightlife in Rapture, and when Amelie isn’t dancing they attend formal parties thrown by some of Rapture’s elite.

One night while attending one of Rapture’s formal ball’s, Amelie is struck by a Big Daddy as it pursued someone else. The fall cuts her right forearm rather badly, requiring a visit to the hospital. While admitted, Amelie becomes acquainted with Dr. Angela Ziegler, a child prodigy who has made quite the name for herself as the assistant who helped discover ADAM’s regenerative properties.

Angela uses this technology on Amelie with her consent. It closes the wound but leaves a couple of straight line scars on her right arm.

They exchange a few words, Angela admitting she hasn’t been down here that long. Amelie asks how she’s adjusting to which Angela replies, “I don’t mind salty as long as it comes with something sweet,” as her hand brushes over Amelie’s. Amélie, still dressed in her formal attire, doesn’t move her hand away at the gesture, meeting Angela’s gaze with her own. They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before Gerard bursts in. After assessing his wife’s arm he changes his focus to Angela, bowing before her, thanking the doctor for her efforts and telling her that they are most appreciative of her help.

Over the next month Amelie makes frequent trips to see Dr. Ziegler at the hospital. Usually it’s a minor cut, or a sprain, nothing time would not fix, but Amelie insists she needs ADAM every time to get her back out there as soon as possible. She couldn’t let Gerard down by taking a break, even for a night. Angela complies, as each visit is accompanied by very noticeable flirting from the dancer. It never escalates further as Gerard is always waiting very close by, eager to escort Amelie to wherever they had to be, even back home.

During Rapture’s descent into chaos a few weeks later, Amelie kills Gerard in a crazed ADAM-induced rage, believing he was planning to do the same to her given the chance.

As the years progress, Amelie transforms into a spider splicer, her eye colour changed from hazel to a yellow pigment. She spends her days hunting down little sisters for their ADAM. Every time she adds an additional line to her right arm to signify another kill, more ADAM to add to her supply, all branching off the lines she was marked with by Angela on her first visit to the doctor.

Meanwhile Angela manages to survive the onslaught going through Rapture with the help of Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum. Tenenbaum has regrets over the creation of the little sisters, or little ones as she calls them, as she and Angela try their best to cure the little ones of their illness, to give them another chance at a normal life. They learn about a ghost that lurks in the night, assaulting any little sister unfortunate enough to have lost their Big Daddy protector.

During a raid where Tenenbaum and Ziegler are rescuing a group of little ones from an apartment building they encounter Amélie. In her now altered state, Angela doesn’t recognise her at first, but as Amelie engages Angela in combat the doctor can recognise the woman that was before them. Thinking quickly, Angela pierces Amelie’s chest with a little sister’s harvesting needle, incapacitating her.

Angela spends weeks treating Amelie, curing her of the excess ADAM in her system. It takes an excruciatingly long time and leaves Amelie in immense pain, but it eventually clears out of her body, leaving her sane and in control again. Amelie still remembers the atrocities she committed as a splicer, but Angela, with the assistance of Tenenbaum, help her find redemption by aiding them in rescuing the little sisters before others can harvest them.

After a successful job where they rescue a handful of little ones and secure some additional supplies for their makeshift orphanage, Angela offers Amelie a bottle of water with the remark “Don’t worry, it tastes much better than the water outside.” Amelie replies, “Hmph, I don’t mind salty as long as it comes with something sweet,” placing her hand on Angela’s shoulder. Angela gazes into Amelie’s yellow eyes as they both lean in for a kiss. Tenenbaum is taking care of all the kids across the hall and won’t need to check the supply room until breakfast the next morning.

Amelie takes ahold of Angela’s waist as she guides her towards the bed. They have much to catch up on.

Jasmine Jolene

That creepy Dr. Tenenbaum promised me it wasn’t gonna be a real pregnancy, they’d just take the egg out once Mr. Ryan and I had… I needed the money so bad… But I know Mr. Ryan’s gonna suss it out, gonna know I wasn’t being careful… gonna know I sold the… Mr. Ryan’s gonna be so mad at me…

Bioshock characters (1/?): Brigid Tenenbaum

What makes something like me? I look at genes all day long and never do I see the blueprint of sin. I could blame the Germans, but in truth I did not find tormentors in the prison camp but kindred spirits. These children I brutalized have awoken something inside that for most is beautiful and natural…but in me is an abomination. My maternal instinct.

anonymous asked:

Confession: I have been carefully planning a Bioshock cosplay involving myself as Dr. Tenenbaum, a college buddy of mine as Jack, and my 10-year-old niece as a Little Girl. She's too young to actually play, but I allowed her to watch the less... brutal parts of my own gameplays and shown her plenty of fanart. She loves it, but I may have sugarcoated the plot a bit when explaining it to her parents.

As far as she is concerned, Big Daddies never turn into brutal killing machines. 

Bioshock Characters (19/?): Jasmine Jolene

“That creepy Dr. Tenenbaum promised me it wasn’t gonna be a real pregnancy. They’d just…take the egg out once Mr. Ryan and I had– Oh, I needed the money so bad! But I know Mr. Ryan’s gonna suss it out. Gonna…know I wasn’t being careful. Gonna know I sold the– Mr. Ryan’s gonna be so mad at me!”

The Signs as Video Game Moms
  • Aries: ur character from Fable 3 that had like 12 families and 50 kids
  • Taurus: Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum
  • Gemini: Samara
  • Cancer: Maria Auditore
  • Leo: That one woman from Dead Space that got blown up by the fuckin' baby necropmorphs???
  • Virgo: Leandra Amell
  • Libra: Matriarch Benezia
  • Scorpio: Jenova
  • Sagittarius: Scout's Mom
  • Capricorn: Flemeth????? probably???
  • Aquarius: the irresponsible as shit mom from all pokemon games