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why are we never talking about the grinch?


until dawn characters in a nutshell
  • chris: cutie patootie who tries his best
  • ashley: beanies and tears
  • mike: the biggest plot twist is realizing you actually give a shit about him
  • jess: boobs™
  • matt: needs a better girlfriend
  • emily: really it's only a matter of time before you're trying to get her killed
  • sam: magic towel
  • josh: didn't deserve this shit
  • hannah: mass confusion
  • beth: didn't deserve this shit 2.0
  • dr. hill: no

1st episode || 246th episode ~~ (2005-2017)

Feminist “Voice Of Our Generation” Remains Dead-Silent About Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Allegations

So back in 2010/2011-ish, Emma Watson went to Hollywood Powerhouse Harvey Weinstein to help her career, something other women have done. During this time and well before, rumors circulated that Weinstein was inappropriate with his “it girls,” but nothing was said of Watson and Weinstein. The inappropriate sexual behavior was an interesting thing for Watson to ignore, especially since she claims she was a feminist since age 18 and at that time, she acted like she was better than other women in the industry.

Other than meeting up at a sex nightclub called The Box, he also appeared with her before the BAFTAS in 2011. He gave her a very small role in My Week With Marilyn, also, and did not seem to feel she was “it girl” enough, hence her lack of work with him since then. Lawrence seemed to have taken Watson’s place and skyrocketed. It appears as though Watson and Weinstein had met up since 2011, but Watson hasn’t appeared in any of his films after MWWM.

So with that in mind, as well as Watson’s grandiose claims about being a ground-breaking feminist who is the voice of our generation (and who also made Malala a feminist), Watson has said absolutely nothing about the sexual assault allegations against Weinstein. Zero support for the other women in the industry.

She never said anything for Leslie Jone’s harassment by others on social media, she never supported Kesha during her sexual harassment case against Dr. Luke, never supported Taylor Swift during her sexual harassment case (for $1), never supported Ariana Grande and her fans when the shooting happened during her concert (and even was on board with an article saying she was a better feminist than Grande and Beyonce), etc. 

Meanwhile, celebrities are commenting everywhere showing their support for the victims of Weinstein. Even those who don’t make grand feminist claims about themselves. 

I think it’s pretty gross of Watson to completely ignore this, especially since she had worked with the man. Even if she thinks he is innocent for some reason, there are still ways to show support for the women.


✋🏽No one is you. That is your power. 🤚🏽

I recently watched the Stroke of Insight TEDTalk in my systems neuro class and am completely amazed at what Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor describes experiencing. Imagine what a superpower “turning off your left brain” and entering a state of just being would be? I highly encourage you all to watch the TEDTalk or read her book, especially any of you interested in neuro as a major/field!


Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Director - F. Gary Gray, Cinematography - Matthew Libatique

“Let me tell you what I see here: a lot of raw talent. Swagger. Bravado. People are scared of you guys. They think you’re dangerous, but the world needs to hear it. They want N.W.A, let’s give em N.W.A.”


Doctor Who + Out Of Context DnD Quotes

Bonus summary of this entire silly show: