dr. suzuki


i made the esper squad + reigen sprites in danganronpa style!
(i was pretty much bored so i started doing this and this took me actually a few hours :v)

they’re obviously based on original dr sprites and some slighty edited (if you can’t tell)
teru and ritsu are based on komaeda’s sprites
reigen on hinata’s
mob on naegi’s
and shou on fuyuhiko’s sprite (which fitted best imo)

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Malcom doesn't hide his surprise when he's suddenly sweet talked. ".... Yer.... Awfully happy for someone in a killing game labyrinth...." He's admittedly very uncomfortable at the moment. ".... I'll be honest with ya, it's a bit creepy...."

What kind of girl would get nervous with such strong-looking guys around to protect her?! *Holds up her bracelet which says “Acting out of your Idol Character”*

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He gives her a glance of pity. "Let's just.... Find a challenge room." 'I'm not heterosexual enough for this bullshit....' He thinks, wondering what could have either him or Maizono done to any god to deserve this. "Oh yeah, and... I guess it's only fair I show ya my code. Here." He shows his own bracelet, displaying: "Closing your eyes for longer than 5 seconds". "Oh and.... I hope that ain't rude, but would it be out of character for you to... er... stop flirting? I'm too gay for this."


Sayaka-chan does whatever her fans want her to do!

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"Okay, let's go in a challenge room so we can go on each in our own way and not suffer." 'This is my years at Hope's Peak all over again, minus the shipping with Shima. Ugh.' He continued to walk around the maze in hopes of finding a challenge room.

Of course! The sooner we can all get out of this, the sooner I can get back to helping my fans~! (Kill me now…this is why I was ready to retire)

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'Oh hey it's the hot guy.' "Oh hey there. Er.... Uh.... Dude. Man it's good to hear a familiar voice..." Malcom keeps walking, hoping to get in one of those "challenge rooms". "I thought the FF was a safe haven? How'd they catch us? Did they follow our ride back to the base?"

No idea! Though I hope it’s that one! Any other possibility would mean there’s a traitor in our group!

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"I hope i run into someone soon. I hate bein' alone. Or maybe get in a challenge room..." Malcom sighed. "Good luck, buddy." He promptly cut off the communication with Nekomaru, and continues walking throughout the maze. "This better not last long... My Code's gonna be rough to uphold otherwise."

(God. This is the worst. How am I supposed to keep up this code…?)

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"Oh, heya there! I'm glad someone else is around.... By the looks of it, yer code is pretty hard, huh?" He gave Maizono a friendly smile. "So, we've never seen each other. I'm Malcom Suzuki, one of the trainees, Former Ultimate Boy Scout Leader. Nice to meet ya."

Ah~! It’s so totally nice to meet you! My name is Sayaka Maizono, but call me Sayaka-chan~! You’re a super big cutie aren’t you?!

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"I just can't be bothered to remember his long-ass name. Neko-something, I don't really know." He shrugged. "The big old guy with this weird electric arcs on his eyebrows. Don't even ask me how that last part's possible, I skipped school most of my life, I know nothing of electric stuff. I just know to avoid the hell out of electricity." Malcom stretched a bit before standing up and towering over Kanon with his massive 6'4". "I can't stand being in one place so long, wanna sneak somewhere?"

Wait……Nidai-kun is here?! Heck, he was the coach for Leon-niichan’s baseball team a time ago. Before him, Leon-niichan was the only good player on that team….wow.

But we can go about, I’m sure there’s something better to do right now.

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"Damn.... I haven't even met everyone. I wouldn't know if I'm with some FF member or with a despair.... eh, I'll just have to win every challenge I guess." Malcom kept walking. "Do ya know how to contact specific peeps with these? I wanna make sure my bff's okay."

You can scroll through the other players on the bracelet! So, pick the person when you find ‘em!

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"Cool? I dunno about that. I mean, sure, it sounds pretty cool, but it ain't nothing super amazing, like bringin' out a whole new point of view on the Scout Movement or somethin'... I guess I did help stop a forest fire when I was a kid. That's somethin' that people keep using to label me as a hero of sorts. But to be honest... All I really did was order people 'round and helped a bunch of teens outta the woods." He shrugged. "Did what any decent person would do if they were there."

Yeah but to be fair, it’s hard find decent people in the first place in some places.

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He pondered for a bit, before shrugging. "Joined a scout group, baked cupcakes to save it from disbanding, moved out to Tokyo, joined another group, won a scout contest and got scouted." He chuckles at his own accidental pun. "Not that interestin'." 'It's not like she needs to know my backstory.' He thought. "At some point though, I was so into the Scout movement that I'd skip classes to hone my skills. Y'know, climb trees, make knots, I even taught myself to make kickass weapons!"

That’s…actually pretty cool!

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"We actually filmed it! Sometimes, we'd stream it too. I think that's what got Shima in Hope's Peak in the first place. He had tons of subscribers that watched his videos of exploration of abandoned sites, houses, malls, amusement parks... Then I tagged along 'cause I thought it could be fun and inspire me for scout activities. And it was!" He stops in front of a random door and tries to open it. "Damn, it's locked..."

Then what’s your story? I think I overheard you saying that you went to Hope’s Peak as well.

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"It's my motto! Keep smiling to get the people around ya smiling! That's how I kept the mood high whenever I was with my group." He claimed proudly. There was a moment of silence before Malcom just lied down on his back. "But now I'm booored. Nekomacho went away to the party too, so we can't do our training thingie."

Nekomacho? What kind of wacked up name is that?