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Dr. Stephen Strange
ENTJ [The Commander]

Like ESTJs, ENTJs reason conceptually, with deductive and inductive logic. But these types are not content to negotiate structural relationships within a system. ENTJs want to be in charge of a system, to improve it, to realize its functional potential. They are decisive, charismatic, impelled by the courage of conviction, and able to manage power with confidence and determination. Their energy and ambition in service of an idea can put one in mind of ENTPs. But ENTJs don’t share the Perceiver’s holographic visionary perspective. Like all types who use Extraverted Thinking, ENTJs need factual and material predictability for their skills to operate well, and their left-brain orientation gives them a ruthlessly linear approach to goals and decisions. 

They have the capacity to sacrifice everything to the realization of a plan. Their strength, their strategic ability, and their pragmatic approach to rules and policiies (if it works, use it; if it doesn’t, change it) motivates others to follow them–and to earn their respect. It should be granted, however, that ENTJs don’t pay much attention to the effect they have on others in the emotional realm. They are invariably articulate and aggressively verbal, and they discover quite early in life that the well-chosen phrase in a many-splendored thing: it convinces, dissuades, and wounds as well as communicates. ENTJs quickly learn the utility of cold sarcasm to distance themselves from a situation that strikes them as unreasonable or not worth their time. And they’re astonished by the power inherent in the form, because they themselves are nearly impervious to signs of criticism from others. 

ESTJ [The Guardian]

ESTJs observe facts, draw tentative conclusions, predict what will happen next, then check their predictions against real-life consequences. Anything that can’t be proved by hard evidence is ruled out. In the inimitable words of Sherlock Holmes, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” ESTJs generally want their abilities to be useful to others. They’re like ISJs in this respect. However, they don’t have the ISJ’s self-experience as rescuer or caretaker. ESTJs see themselves more as advocates–people whose position and knowledge permit them to represent a system and to negotiate its structure for others. 

For ESTJs, people are like buildings: The deeper the foundation, the higher they can go. Progress is earned by the hard work one invests, and it’s always a step-by-step affair. Each stage requires the genuine mastery of defined tasked and is marked by specific rewards. To skip a step or to be rewarded for merely personal reasons strikes them as unfair and a potential threat to the system as a whole. People sometimes take the ESTJ’s gradual approach to change for an investment in the status quo, as though such types didn’t want to try anything new. But ESTJ’s are not conservative by temperament. Once they’ve mapped out the territory between intent and objective, ESTJs become resourceful and inventive. 

Descriptions from Lenore Thomson.

Don’t Be A Cog...

Originally posted by insxneofrp

Sorry if this is a bit long guys but I really hope you enjoy it and I hope you don’t like Dwight too much…just saying haha!

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan…especially in Gotham.

Here I am…just left school and starting on my way on a career path…well that is until I got fired.

Typical office job…9 til 5 and 5 days a week.

It was okay…a little boring but okay.

If it wasn’t for the supervisor…she wasn’t a manager but just a supervisor who acted like a manager. She was probably the reason the term ‘Micro-managing’ was created.

I really needed this job and she knew that but still just through me out like trash.

I know they say you can’t find happiness at the bottom of a bottle but I wasn’t sure what else to do…I didn’t want to go home just yet and confront my parents.

So I made my way to a new club that opened not too far away. After flashing my ID to the guy standing at the door, I made my way in and weaved through the crowd, taking a seat at the bar.

I ordered the strongest drink they had and was shortly served. While sipping my drink I looked around and noticed everyone in the club was dressed in the same sort of clothes. The shirts appeared to be straitjackets and a lot of people were wearing messy clown makeup.

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