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Why Bioshock should be a Netflix series

1) more time compared to a movie.  Each Level could be an episode. (with some levels getting 2, such as Welcome to Rapture, Fort Frolic, etc)

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2) No worries about ratings. Netflix has shown it doesn’t care about E/G, and Bioshock has to be R.  There is too much blood and death. Not to mention the Little Sisters and Big Daddies being who they are.

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3) The Audio Dairies can be flashbacks.  Some of them will have to be either simplified or cut (such as the ones about codes to get into rooms) but we could see Rapture’s rise and fall play out in bits. Maybe some can be added to show stuff form the novel or just to show stuff that were only talked about in a diary? (If I remember correctly, there is no audio diary FROM the take over of Fontaine Futuristc for example)

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4) Clarify a lot of canon.  Stuff from Burial at Sea, seeing Eleanor and Delta, etc.  Even places from 2 that weren’t seen or mentioned but would help the story and plot.  (such as the amusement parks, the trains, etc)

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5) More Tenenbaum, Ryan, Fontaine.  We get to actually see them play out and react, unlike in the game. We SEE Brigid come to her realization and change.  Ryan’s figuring out who Jack is. Fontaine setting up his little empire.  Suchong experimenting.  Sofia Lamb, Dr Steinman, Diane McClintock, maybe even Elizabeth and Booker.

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6) More focus on the effects of splicing.  Why people Splice. How people first realized what was going on.  Etc.

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7) the Civil War in all of it’s horrible glory. The Mind Control, the shortages, the people trying to escape, the houses, Ryan and Atlas going at it from their glass towers with everything they got and all the people dying in the middle.

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8) Big Daddies and Little Sisters!

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I just think it could really work. 

Bioshock 2 thoughts about Lamb and the Utopian


I’ll begin by restating the hypothesis presented by Dr Sofia Lamb.

That Utopia cannot precede the Utopian, one that does not currently exist and isn’t possible within the bounds of the human life as we know it.

A Utopian from my understanding, is defined by her as an intelligent, Sentient entity that acts for the Common Good above all else without regard for Ego. This seems to place her in the territory of supporting the concept of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch that was thought to one day rise and lead mankind forward and out of primitive notions of Good and Evil as we had previously defined them. The Ubermensch would lead by example, a model other lesser beings might aspire to be more like, though in Lamb’s case she doesn’t seem to wish all to BECOME this Utopian entity as one might expect, but rather to contribute to its creation.

This makes an odd combination with Lamb, she has a policy that sounds like one thing and effectively IS another while at once seeming to believe her own words wholeheartedly. She desires all to be cared for as a whole, and yet places herself above the others. Because she sees herself as the sole one that can perceive this future, she acts out of a very real duty to see it come to pass.

So her notion of acting for the Common Good resembles an Authoritarian Socialist state. Ideally it would be a benevolent Autocracy of either the original Utopian or perhaps others if the process could be duplicated. This is an odd notion overall, as it gives her the world she dreams of and the rest would need to live without self direction at all. It effectively is just another form of tyranny, but free of the Individualist ideals Ryan held but eventually abandoned. These Ideals at the least DID initially offer some kind of hope, the idea that nobody would take what you created from you, it’s a beautiful notion that we all wish could exist. None of us want to surrender all we have for the State. But what is odd, is that her state did not seem to fall apart.

Why didn’t it crumble? Was it simply because of how crushed the economy had been before? Even a state in utter disrepair was preferable to the condition of Rapture prior to her rise to prominence?

Anyway, I’ll take a moment to mention that for Lamb, the Butterfly, she spent a period in a dormant, isolated state once Ryan sent her to Prison and rapidly advanced to power once the time was right for her to escape. This brings two images to mind.

Obviously the Butterfly dwelling within the Cocoon, she was protected by her stay in Prison rather than harmed or Trapped. The second image comes as consequence of the image of herself as a Butterfly… The story of Daedalus the Father and Icarus the Son, gender flipped obviously.

Daedalus the father saw his son take up wings and fly to escape the island bound prison they both were sent to upon the failure of their creation Labyrinthos.

Daedalus invented a pair of wax wings, and saw his son take flight upon them, then fly too close to the Sun, watched his Wings melt, and then witnessed his son fall into the ocean and drown.

In Bioshock 2, Sofia invents the idea that matches the Wax Wings, and intends to shove her child out the window regardless of her wishes or safety. And in the end of this alternate version of Icarus and Daedalus, it’s very possible for Daedalus to be the one to drown in the end.

Lamb’s theming after the Lamb invites a certain expectation of her to sacrifice herself. But we never see her drop a thing she truly values. Instead setting up Eleanor to make the sacrifice herself. A rather consistent theme with Sofia Lamb really.

Anyway, that’s a part of what I was considering. The other aspect was Nina Carnegie.

A young woman who starved herself to give children a chance to survive longer in crisis.

Meanwhile another person that we knew generally loved children, actually sealed himself up and hoarded rations and supplies. These two events happened within less than a half mile of one another. It’s difficult to argue for the Utopian concept being outside of our reach when humans do show such altruism every day. Though it certainly is true that self interest can also outweigh our self sacrificing nature as often or perhaps more often than not.

Side note, I’m trying to get a patch to be released to give Bioshock 2 some sort of addition into the Bioshock Collection version, since it desperately needs more Love. In particular, I want to see a Hardcore type difficulty. Maybe call it Big Daddy difficulty. 

Mother says that my condition is a blessing in disguise; she constantly reminds me that I was born for the express purpose of promoting her ideals. And now she’s trying to convince me to begin splicing with the same cocktail that drove Dr. Alexander mad! She thinks that my condition makes me immune to the damage…. The surface is my only chance at freedom. But Mother took the one person I knew from above and murdered him in front of my eyes… Father. If I could only find a way to bring him back…

Eleanor Lamb

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☞ + Sophia Lamb.

She never wanted to do it.

But she needed to.

“There is one detail of your mutual bond she failed to account for….”

The pillow in her hands is irritatingly unsteady, even as she walks towards her daughter’s sleeping body as quietly as possible.


Not her daughter. Her daughter was raised to be good, obedient, only thinking of what the world wanted and needed. Her daughter was raised not to be some girl, but a savior, a messiah set to cleanse the world. Her daughter was raised to be a utopian, an eradicator of the individual gene which caused the world’s strife.

“…Your body was designed to lapse into a coma when her heart ceased to beat.”

This girl lying on her bed was his daughter now. He turned her into a spoiled child who rejected the responsibility for which she was raised, the sacrifices her mother made for her. He turned her into a festering plague of Free Will who thought the surface was some storybook land made of sunlight and trees. He twisted her once holy nature into something ugly, something that would destroy the Family, her Family and all it stood for.

“Eleanor…forgive me.”

Anything resembling ‘love’, that silly word that every psychologist rightly knew never to consider in any aspect of that field had been burned away and when the pillow crashes down on this girl called Eleanor’s mouth, there is nothing but an empty, hollow void where poets might have said a heart once had been.

The Utopian was gone. The world was damned.

Now there was nothing left but to destroy this tower of ego and all that tore her hope for a better world apart.

I know the surface, Eleanor. I spent half a lifetime there, in service of the common good. But then, I heard my own words twisted by fat old men, squatting over the embers of Hiroshima. Were the modern world a patient in my care, I would diagnose it suicidal. On perhaps that point alone, Andrew Ryan is correct. Rapture… is deliverance.
—  Dr. Sofia Lamb