dr. seuss actually

Bookworms are badass
  • My sister would read me the same kind of books when I was little, to the point where I could recite them all. One night I took the book from her and pretended to read it back. I remembered all the rhythms and cues but I didn’t actually fully know how to read. She thought I was a tiny genius. 
  • Year 1 we had a reading corner. It was made by two perpendicular bookshelves with a big fluffy blanket and giant cushy pillows nestled in the corner. Everyone used it to talk or nap. I was the only one who used it to read (shoutout to Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl). Actual quote from Matthew C. “Why are you reading in the reading corner?”
  • In primary school I was in the group for advanced readers. Since the books they assigned us were technically borrowed by the school and not under our individual library cards, I usually kept all the books instead of returning them. (HAHAHAH, you can’t trace it back to me!). By the end of Year 6, I felt guilty and snuck back around 2 or 3 bags full of unreturned books at the library door before school started. They figured out it was me but didn’t say anything. 
  • Also in the 6th grade I challenged a friend to see who could read the Da Vinci Code faster. TAKE THAT, JACK DELACEY. 
  • 6th Grade again (wow, a big year of me): I loved the Captain Underpants series so much that I brought the bookset to read during silent reading time. Classmates would ask to borrow them. I even drew and wrote two of my own Captain Underpants comic books which people actually borrowed!
  • I have finished a series before by reading a book per night, no matter the size.
  • I have portion of my bookshelf devoted to borrowed books that I never had the chance to return from friends. Sorry, guys! I just haven’t seen you in so long. 
  • I went overseas to San Fransisco for the first time in February. Every day, except one, was devoted to visiting family members. My cousin took me on an unofficial secondhand bookstore/cafe tour. I ended up buying 9 books and 3 silent movies. I would have been much, much, more if I hadn’t remembered the weight restrictions for suitcases.