dr. septimus pretorius

Horror Icons

Dr. Septimus Pretorius

from Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

portrayed by Ernest Thesiger

Here we have one of the first really evil mad scientists in horror films.  Dr. Septimus Pretorius is without a doubt insane and wants only to manipulate others for his own wants.  He is first seen when he comes to Henry Frankenstein’s mansion after coming back from the incident with the monster.  We find out he was an old psychology professor that taught Henry and he wants to show him his own experiments.  He shows Henry that he has created several miniature people and says to have grown them himself.  Dr. Pretorius then offers a toast to Henry stating that he wants to create a mate for the monster to control him.  He then breaks into a crypt with the help of his two assistants Karl and Ludwig.  Even after finding there needs Dr. Pretorius stays to eat a light dinner over a coffin, this shows how crazy of a person he is in itself.  The monster comes down and find him there and then Dr. Pretorius lets the now speaking monster know that he plans to create a mate for him.  He then goes to visit Henry to ask him to create the mate with him but Henry refuses.  Then Dr. Pretorius uses the monster to kidnap Elizabeth so Henry will have to work with him.  They then work together and create the mate bringing her to life.  After she sees the monster however she quickly rejects him.  After this the monster is angered and tells Henry and Elizabeth to leave the lab but his mate and Dr. Pretorius to stay.  The monster then pulls a lever to destroy the lab killing his mate and Dr. Pretorius in the explosion. Dr. Septimus Pretorius is a very evil and insane scientist shown by his strange creations and his actions throughout the film.  He is the first character I would call true evil in this series and cares only about what he wants.