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Does brunch with Chris Beck count as a prompt?

Hell yeah it does! (I can’t concentrate on revision so I wrote this quickly) also because I haven’t posted anything in absolutely ages!

Brunch and a Baby

Prompt: Does brunch with Chris Beck count as a prompt?

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Word Count: 911

Warnings: Lots of fluff!

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“Chris!” You whine, shaking his shoulder vigorously. All he does is snort and roll over, his soft locks falling over his eyes.

He got back from a mission a week ago, it wasn’t too long, but it still makes him sleep in for ages. Sometimes you think he does it because he wants to cuddle you in bed longer, but not today.

“Doctor Christopher Beck! Wake up!” You yell, but with no anger behind it as he wraps his arm lazily around your waist, trying to pull you back down. You laugh, batting his chest.

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-hangs head in shame for the terrible joke-

This is for my friend’s 25th birthday - he’s a massive Whovian and Kuro fan so I thought combining the two would be a great idea to give him something unique :) Please note, I’ve never actually watched Doctor Who so apologies if Capaldi’s outfit isn’t exact - I was using a few reference photos from Google. I hope he likes it! And I hope you guys like it too - it was a lot of fun :)

Program - Manga Studio 5.

happy 35th birthday to the love of my fucking life, sebastian stan, you’ve made me smile when I’ve wanted to cry, and not enough thank you’s will ever be sufficient enough for all you’ve done for me