dr. rudd

                                             ENDS IN –EL

Nearly all angels names end in – iel/ - ael. The semantic root “ el” means Lord or God, and specifically for angels it has the meaning “ of God”. Many demons began  life as angels and some of them retain their angelic sounding names despite they’re fallen angels. This causes problems with discerning the fallen from the unfallen, as their names can be almost identical. The 17th century scholar Dr. Rudd found a solution to discern who is who: he outlined an extensive question and answer session intended to trick demons into revealing their infernal natures. It begins with getting the spirit’s name and ends by asking the spirit to agree that all the fallen ones have been justly condemned. The idea is that a fallen angel will reply at this statement and reveal itself by trying to argue the point.

ImageGustave Dore - The Fall of the Rebel Angels

Source: M.Belanger - The dictionary of demons 


If you are a Marvel Movie studios fan ( Iron Man/The Avengers/ Captain America/Guardians of the Galaxy/Ant-Man) then you must read this article. I loved it.