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I don’t know if anyone knows this but Tanaya Beatty (First Nations/Himalayan) will be appearing on the NBC show ‘The Night Shift’ and she’s a main cast member (not a cameo!) Here are some deets about her character: 

“Beatty will play Dr. Shannon Rivera, a recent medical school graduate who volunteered at the reservation clinic where she impressed Dr. Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint), who recruited her to intern at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Shannon is spunky and outspoken and doesn’t have a problem speaking her mind — some people will love her, others not so much.”

The fact that she’s a main cast member, not a stereotype (so far!), and it’s on a major network. Wow. 


Imagine: Spencer defending you when a Deputy offends you. And Aaron tries to calm him down, but there’s no stopping Spencer when someone hurts you.

“Agent, calm down,” Aaron says wanting to keep the situation under control. It’s normal for you to be looked at in a weird way, because you’re a little young to be in the BAU. But Spencer always has your back, so when the Deputy starts making comments about you, he’s there. 

“This is calm, and it’s doctor. Now apologize,” he says looking at the Deputy who mumbles an apology and you accept it. 

“Thank you,” you say quietly intertwining your fingers with Spencer’s. There was a time when you couldn’t do that, because Spencer didn’t feel comfortable being touched. But as you got to know each other, he got more comfortable in your presence. 

“Always,” he says placing a kiss on the top of your head. And then the moment is over, because you have a case to work and a killer to stop. 

“Let’s get to work.” 



For the past ten weeks, i’ve been doing something called OC Ramblin’ Friday on my OC exclusive twitter! Each week I RNG four character choices, and have people vote on which one they want me to talk about! Then, that Friday, i ramble about that character for an entire day (including exclusive art as well)!

I usually make a basic title card for each character, so here were the last ten choices!

Check out their rambles below, if that’s your kinda thing:

Irene Pierce from Tiene Hills

Dr. Carmen Rivera from Suspended Animation

Commissioner Kip Vanida from A Copper Taste

Peter “Weasel” Bluthe from The Man In The Yellow Trench Coat

Thief” from Gem-Fighter

Scythe” from RP Group

Molly Viano from Tiene Hills

Delia Caecus from RP Group

Sally Rise from Escapists

Aro Izem from Silence

Here’s to the next ten weeks!!!

Most of these are pretty famous. You can take this as a masterlist for places to set your roleplay in but mainly I would recommend it for road trip/travel/summer type roleplays. The comments beside each section are not my own and taken from people online who know more about the places and/or Wikipedia articles. 

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