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‘Doctor Stark’ from New Avengers #29 (Vol. 2)

mockingbirdie  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where... tiny!MCU Peter meets Johnny for the first time (maybe working in some Tony and Rhodey as super hero mentors)

There was another kid in the lab. He had bleach blond surfer hair and an expensive-looking watch on one wrist and a general air of boredom. His sweater looked like it cost more than Peter’s closet. He was staring at his phone, leaning back in his seat with his feet kicked lazily up on a table and every couple of minutes Dr. Reed Richards, without pausing in his conversation with Mr. Stark and Colonel Rhodes or even turning around, put his hand on the back of the kid’s chair to steady it. 

He was completely, unfairly gorgeous, and he didn’t seem to know Peter existed, which was sort of insulting given the amount of staring Peter had been doing.

A hand appeared in his vision, fingers snapping, and Peter startled, blinking hard. How long had it been since he’d blinked? Probably since Lanky and Blond’s tongue had darted across his lips.

“Hey, eyes on whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing,” Happy said, shaking Peter a little.

“Can’t,” Peter breathed. “I think I’m in love.”

“Oh boy,” Happy said, sighing.

I’m sorry I have no faith in my ability to write MCU Tony haha


New Avengers Vol 1. #44

(Jim Cheung’s New Avengers: Illuminati Vol. 2 #1 Homage)

Art by: Aleksi Briclot

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After my break here is done (Monday), I’ll be caught up and ready for further plotting. @dellamortedellamore if you’re still active, I’d love to pick up the thread we discussed. I also have several ideas for Tony-Doom interactions or ships, gender regardless, of course. 


What have you become?

Illuminati from New Avengers #21 (Vol. 3)
by Jonathan Hickman, valerioschiti, S. Larroca, F. Martin & P. Mounts