dr. ph martins

Tombow Markers, Dr Ph Martin’s Liquid Watercolors, and whiteout
art by silvermoon822

This piece has been drawn and redrawn many many many times over the past few years and only now do I think I’ve finally gotten it right. Does anyone remember the original version from a few years back with all the crystals? lol

This is the potential cover for a comic I might start with a story that’s been knocking around my skull for years. The scripts are written, but it’s harder to draw than it looked initially. 

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy these materials, I would highly suggest it when you’ve got the coupons to help you out. The Tombows are maybe my new favorite medium. They can get super nice tones and colors almost instantly, dry pretty quick, and are super portable. They’re basically like watercolor markers, but dang are they nice. This whole sketchbook is made with them so far. The Dr Ph Martin’s are also really cool, but i need to practice with them a lot more before I’ll consider myself confident and good with them. 

Recently bought Learn to Paint in Watercolor with 50 Paintings by Wil Freeborn.  He gives you fifty assignments and shows you how he completed each assignment,  You can hew as closely as you like to his process, but the photos of his subjects are really small or even non-existent.  The idea is that you’ll work from your own subjects. I should have gone ahead and bought some doughnuts to paint, but I used a photo I found online.


I’ve got 10 of these sailor jerry panther sheets available, they’re 8 ½ x 11.

If you’d like one, all you have to do is PayPal $15 to caitiestell@gmail.com, please include your address.

& please choose the option “friends or family”

Add $5 if you’re outside to the U.S. please (international shipping is quite pricy)

If you have any questions than just shoot me an email or message me on here.



She also sparkles!!✨✨✨
The time lapse video will be up in a few days on my YouTube channel, if anyone is curious watching the process. ☺️✨

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