dr. mortimer

The Restorers at San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples

Artist: Thomas Struth (German, born Geldern, 1954)

Date: 1988

Medium: Chromogenic print

Image: 119.1 x 159.7 cm (46 7/8 x 62 7/8 in.) Frame: 48 × 63 in. (121.9 × 160 cm)

Credit Line: Purchase, Vital Projects Fund Inc. Gift, through Joyce and Robert Menschel; Alfred Stieglitz Society Gifts; Jennifer Saul Gift; Gift of Dr. Mortimer D. Sackler, Theresa Sackler and Family; and Gary and Sarah Wolkowitz Gift, 2010 © Thomas Struth

Accession Number: 2010.121 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Description and image from The Metropolitan Museum of Art:  "The working method Struth devised for The Restorers, one of his first portraits, would become his standard procedure: photographing only subjects he could get to know over an extended period and collaborate with on how they wished to be seen. He also decided to focus on couples or groups defined by a shared history—often familial—or a communality of purpose, as with this portrait of four art restorers he befriended in Naples.

The setting they chose was the restorers’ current work place—the former refectory of a church then being used as a staging area for paintings from the surrounding area that had been damaged in a recent earthquake. The almost hypnotic effect achieved in this picture is due not only to the artist’s intimacy with his subjects and their own understanding of his aims but also to his technical choices. Struth uses a large-format view camera on a tripod, which, with its oversize negatives and slow exposure time allows for a tremendous amount of detail, and the shallow depth of field subtly pushes the four figures into the space of the viewer.”  (met)

This is what I’ve got so far (after just trying to choose the right skin tone after two goddamn hours.THIS IS WHY I HATE THE PAINTING PROCESS CAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT SHIT!!!!)
But anywaaayyys. I’m alright with how it’s going along. I haven’t started in Le Chiffre cause most of my focus was on Mortimer’s head.

drugsbust  asked:

main 2 things that have been bugging me about the john's dream tfp theory: so how does john know about redbeard? and if eurus shot him wouldn't that imply that both she and the events of t6t and tld actually happened? cause i'm an emp supporter lol, and i can't see any of s4 being "real" (the glowing skull painting, everyone being ooc, water imagery, etc) and if we were suddenly to enter john's mind, then that means the events leading up to it would have to have actually happened.

1. Thank you so much for your incredible meta! I love this fandom like crazy. 2. According to the theory that TFP is John’s near-the-death dream… How can we explain this - when Sherlock found out that “Eurus killed Viktor” we hear her words about deep water and see the shots of TGG pool and (!) Reichenbach fall from TAB? Why this piece of Sherlock’s MP in John’s dream? I stuck on this…

LOVE theory of TFP being in John’s mind after he is shot! So is it Eurus that still kills him? I’ve read metas where it explains Eurus and Sherlock are the same person, so then Eurus doesn’t really exist..? But she still shoots John? Or is this in John’s min while we are still in Sherlocks MP on the HLV plane? Kind of MP inception or something? :)

so I thought I would compile these 3 asks here cause they’re all basically asking the same thing. <3

So, here’s where I’m at right now: to me a ‘Garridebs’ minisode would be the most likely way of hiding a secret ‘4th episode.’

1) It doesn’t have to be long, it could take place during the suspicious “missing 10 minutes” from John’s therapy appointment as I say here, like a Series 4 version of Many Happy Returns. 

2) The fact that I think the ending of The Lying Detective is an allusion to the James Bond ‘red’ title screen (see here) gives us a clue that this is going into John’s point of view, because of his watching Bond films. To me this also explains Moriarty’s weird “red alert/klingons/cowboys/Darth Vader” line (see here)- they’re all allusions to things John would have watched on T.V.

3) The way Mycroft is acting apparently out of character to me is explained away by this being from John’s PoV- John doesn’t think Mycroft is impressive at all, see here

 I still do like/ have written this being a dream from Sherlock’s PoV, but I’m warming to John’s version of TAB much more now because it parallels how Sherlock ended up creating TAB:

  • Sherlock is faced with a mystery: Moriarty’s ‘miss me’ message. Overwhelmed by the drugs he is taking, he loses consciousness and retreats into his mind, and invents TAB- his mind seemingly focused on solving that mystery. Except, rather than this really solving the Moriarty thing, the whole thing is dependent on him and John being together“There’s always two of us.”
  • John is faced with a mystery: Sherlock has a secret sister. He gets shot, loses consciousness from the pain and retreats into his mind, and invents TFP- his mind seemingly focused on solving that mystery. Except, rather than solving the Eurus thing (too many loose ends), the whole thing ends with John and Sherlock back in 221B.

In my opinion, this is why we are faced with a literal ‘dangling Garridebs’ scene in TFP (I can’t believe I actually typed that haha @waitedforgarridebs): it’s a clue that the real Garridebs moment going on behind the scenes is left ‘dangling’, unresolved. John is stuck in limbo, waiting for Sherlock to save him.

And his mind fixes on the last thing he was told: that Sherlock has a secret sister. He is left reeling, trying to come up with explanations. This explains the major loose thread at the beginning of TFP: we gloss past and ignore the “mutual friend” who gave Eurus Faith’s note because John still doesn’t know this. 

So, what about Redbeard? I still think John doesn’t know who/what Redbeard exactly is. All he has to go on is Sherlock’s reaction to Magnussen saying “Redbeard” in HLV. So, what does he do? I’m going to quote @marcespot here:

I think because clever–oh so clever– John, figures out what many of us have been speculating. That Sherlock just cannot be this traumatized over a dog, it is painful, yes, but a grown man still not over the loss of a dog? He saw the look on Sherlock’s face when Magnussen brought it up. It can’t be a dog. It just can’t, and John is always right. Remember John was very invested in Henry’s trauma in THoB, tellling Dr. Mortimer: “because I have another friend who might be having the same problem.” Henry had replaced the memory of a murderous man for that of a dog because he couldn’t cope. John made his deductions. Remember John announcing in TLD “I’m gonna make a deduction”. He deduced Mycroft must’ve had made up a lie to protect Sherlock from some horrible truth… why not the death of Sherlock’s only special childhood friend. Note how John equates himself with Victor because the whole point is that he thinks that’s the reason why Sherlock grew up under that imposed ‘conceal don’t feel’ lifestyle, which had to be born out of a trauma because John knows Sherlock, and how emotional, friendly and in need for a companion he is. He literally told Sherlock he needs to get himself a romantic partner! Some great loss must’ve happened for Sherlock to develop any kind of issue with interpersonal relationships, and ever choosing to put on the sociopath façade. (x)

And here’s the thing: this could both mean that John has got very close to the truth (that Redbeard is Sherlock’s past “great loss” or even love)… but to me it also explains why the Holmes family background seemed so weird and contradictory in TFP. We know that behind their facades, Mycroft and Sherlock are “ordinary”, we even have TEH show us how very ordinary Sherlock’s “lovely Mum and Dad” are.

So, why the change to this odd big Holmes mansion cliché? (x) Because John the writer, with his imagination and his adoration for Sherlock, is left reeling from the Eurus reveal. He’s trying to explain it, and to do so he simply has to go back to Sherlock’s childhood. And John is a Romantic so of course Sherlock would have this epic childhood backstory, of course John would imagine him as little Sherlock the Pirate off on adventures, after hearing Mycroft’s “Initially he wanted to be a pirate” quip. And the fact that Mycroft’s description of “the ancestral home” (there was always honey for tea) is an ALLUSION TO A POEM BY RUPERT BROOKE… just makes me think of the poet John, writing unspoken things on his laptop. Poetry or truth, John? He makes Sherlock into a Gothic Hero, and gives him a grand ancestral home, because to John Sherlock is so extraordinary, so everything around him would be, too.

Madancy Characters List

(M) to indicate Mads characters & (H) for Hugh characters 

Clash of Titans - Draco-1500-1800 B.C.  (M) 

King Arthur – Tristan-5 A.D. (M)

King Arthur - Galahad- 5 A.D. (H)

Valhalla Rising - One Eye-1000s (M)

Elizabeth I - Earl of Essex Robert Devereux-late 1500s (H)

The New Adventures of Robin Hood – Kyle– 1500s (H)

Age of Uprising - Michael Kohlaas-1500s (M)

Ella Enchanted - Prince Charmont-1600s (H)

The Three Musketeers - Comte De Rochefort-1625-1628 (M)

Young Blades - D’Artagnan-1625-1628 (H)

A Royal Affair – Dr. Johann Friederich Streunsee-1700s (M)

David Copperfield - David Copperfield-1831-1850s (H) 

Madame Bovary – Leon – 1856 (H)

Daniel Deronda - Daniel Deronda-1865 (H)

The Salvation - Jon Jensen –1871 (M)

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inkxecution  asked:

Hey, do you have a list of INTP protagonists and/or antagonists?

I just answer antagonists so here is the protagonist list.

INTP Protagonists

  • 30 Rock   Liz Lemon
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket   Klaus Baudelaire
  • Alice in Wonderland, Disney’s   Alice
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy   Konstantin Dmitrich Levin
  • Avatar: The Legend of Korra   Mako
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Disney’s   Milo James Thatch
  • Community   Abed Nadir
  • Doctor Who (2005 Series)   Ninth Doctor
  • Firefly   Dr. Simon Tam
  • Hysteria    Mortimer Granville
  • Indiana Jones   Indiana Jones
  • IT Crowd, The   Maurice Moss
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë   Jane Eyre
  • Jurassic Park   Dr. Ian Malcolm
  • Legends of Tomorrow   Dr. Martin Stein [Firestorm]
  • LOST   John Locke
  • LOVE   Gus Cruikshank
  • Martian, The   Mark Whatney
  • Marvel’s Cinematic Universe   Bruce Banner
  • Mummy, The   Evelyn ‘Evy’ Carnahan
  • My Little Monster   Shizuku Mizutani
  • Naruto Shippuden   Kakashi Hatake
  • One Piece   Nico Robin
  • Orange is the New Black   Poussey Washington
  • Orphan Black   Cosmia Niehaus
  • Ouran High School Host Club   Haruhi Fujioka
  • Over the Garden Wall   Wirt
  • Peanuts, The   Charlie Brown
  • Penny Dreadful   Dr. Victor Frankenstein
  • Rent   Mark Cohen
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?   Velma Dinkley
  • Sherlock, BBC’s   Sherlock Holmes
  • Silicon Valley   Richard
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation   Jean Luc-Picard
  • Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West   Elphaba
  • X-Men Cinematic Universe   Charles Xavier 
@ johnlock antis


  • john’s blog
  • sherlock and john’s flirty comments 
  • including, but not limited to “there’s beers in the fridge” “ :) “
  • the gay pilot
  • “whatever… shakes your.. boat… i’m gonna shut up now” // “so you don’t do… anything?”
  • the batman scene
  • extra flirty “dinner?”
  • sherlock winking after first meeting john in asip
  • sherlock cleaning up the flat for john
  • hudders assuming they’re together
  • sherlock’s silence when she asks if they need two bedrooms
  • john looking sherlock up on the internet
  • smooth af “you’re an army doctor”
  • “want to see some more?” // “oh god yes”
  • the cab ride in which john is the only person to appreciate sherlock’s deductions
  • “he’s with me… i said he’s with me”
  • john’s compliments
  • mycroft teasing john, “shall i expect a happy announcement at the end of the week?”
  • seductive sherlock laying on the couch, looking beautiful like an angel, waiting for john
  • “i said danger.. and here you are”
  • the fact that sherlock reserved a table for them at angelo’s
  • the entire angelo conversation
  • john licking his lips and staring at sherlock
  • john asking sherlock if he has a girlfriend, which sherlock says aren’t his area
  • john asking sherlock if he has a boyfriend, and sherlock says no, he doesn’t
  • “which is fine” // “i know it’s fine”
  • john saying he’s single too 
  • sherlock being flattered by his interest, not offended 
  • sherlock letting john down easy
  • john understanding and not allowing it to be weird, “it’s all fine”
  • “this guy, have you met him!?” after knowing sherlock for like, a day
  • that hardcore eye sex during the drugs bust
  • papa lestrade lookin on like he knows
  • john knowing something’s wrong when sherlock leaves
  • john following sherlock
  • john screaming for sherlock
  • john shooting the cabbie for sherlock
  • sherlock deducing “a military man with nerves of steel” 
  • sherlock looking at john with the softest surprise
  • sherlock and john flirting over a dead guy
  • the way they stare at each other
  • “dinner?”
  • the dramatic slow-mo walk off
  • “that man could be the making of my brother… or make him worse than ever.”
  • “sherlock holmes and dr watson”
  • sherlock saying “take my card” in tbb
  • sherlock calling john his friend confidently
  • sherlock and john running into each other in the street
  • “you’ve gone all croaky, have you got a cold?”
  • “she was great” // “she?”
  • john staying up all night with sherlock doing the book thing
  • “i’ve got a date” // “that’s what i was suggesting”
  • “as a conductor of light, you’re unbeatable”
  • sherlock spinning john around while holding his face
  • sherlock crashing the date
  • sherlock glaring at sarah the entire time
  • john noticing the moment sherlock leaves
  • john going to save sherlock (again)
  • sherlock hating sarah’s existence
  • domestic life in tgg
  • domestic fights
  • “he’s gay because he puts product in his hair” // “i put product in my hair”
  • sherlock having mass amounts of product in his hair
  • lab eye sex
  • sherlock asking john to deduce the shoes for him
  • going for lunch
  • john jealous of moriarty and how he plays sherlock, “i hope you’ll be very happy together”
  • “i wish i brought [my gun]” // “don’t mention it”
  • john cast in this beautiful pink galaxy as he points a gun at the golem and says “release him, or i will kill you”
  • “how long have you been following me?” // “since the start”
  • moriarty using john to get to sherlock
  • moriarty teasing sherlock about john
  • “i will burn the heart out of you”
  • john headlocking moriarty and telling sherlock to run
  • sherlock ripping john’s bomb coat off
  • sherlock on his knees as john dips his head back in a moan ???
  • flirting at the pool
  • agreeing to die together with a nod
  • sherlock skyping john whilst naked in a sheet in asib
  • showing up to the palace, still naked
  • john getting a good look at the schweenie as they sit on the couch
  • “are you wearing any pants?” // “no”
  • john oggling him when mycroft pulls the sheet off
  • sexual grunts when they scuffle in the alley, john on top from behind
  • sherlock deducing john’s lips
  • “somebody loves you”
  • john’s jealousy of irene
  • john’s jealousy of irene
  • john’s jealousy of irene
  • john putting sherlock to bed
  • the butt touch
  • “i’ll be here if you need me” // “why would i need you?” // “no reason at all”
  • sherlock calling for john as soon as he wakes up
  • john’s jealousy of irene
  • the battersea scene
  • irene assuming they’re a couple
  • “you flirted with sherlock holmes?”
  • “we’re not a couple” // “yes you are”
  • “i’m not actually gay” // “well i am. look at us both”
  • john’s jealousy of irene
  • john running after sherlock
  • john counting the texts
  • john’s jealousy of irene
  • john getting wine for them
  • did i mention john is jealous of irene
  • john meeting up with mycroft to talk about sherlock and his ability to care
  • john asking hudders if he ever had a girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone
  • “john watson thinks love is a mystery to me”
  • how irene utterly fucked the tension between them
  • domesticity in thob, playing cluedo
  • sherlock reading john’s “emails to his girlfriends”
  • sherlock and john driving up to the base together 
  • john getting all flustered when the shopowners ask about him and sherlock
  • sherlock leaving the room booking to john bc he’s a lazy husband
  • husbands
  • another domestic fight, this time with resolution of you are my one and only friend
  • more eye sex 
  • dr mortimer assuming they’re together
  • sherlock getting all touchy when henry asks about him and john
  • sherlock checking out john’s bum when he gives him coffee
  • sherlock going to calm john down after the hallucinations and being so gentle when he touches his shoulder
  • “you being all mysterious and turning your coat collar up so you look cool…”
  • sherlock laughing at john’s poop joke 
  • domestic breakfast 
  • actually the most domestic in trf
  • “all the things you meant to say… say them now” // “no, i can’t”
  • no more girlfriends for john
  • celebrity husbands 
  • moriarty threatening sherlock again by teasing him about john
  • john being offended at people being rude to sherlock in the papers
  • john asking sherlock if he’s ready before they face the cameras
  • “i know you for real”
  • john punching that dude for calling sherlock a weirdo
  • the handcuff scene
  • john holding sherlock’s sleeve
  • john pulling sherlock close through the bars
  • “we’re going to need to work together”
  • “take my hand”
  • dramatic silhouette shot as they run through the streets (like they so often do)
  • john and sherlock sitting on the couch in the dark, legs touching
  • yet another fight which has them both moody and pissy 
  • sherlock falling to save john
  • “the first time we met, the first time we met. you knew all about my sister”
  • “nobody could be that clever” // “you could”
  • john screaming sherlock
  • john’s heart breaking like sherlock’s skull hitting the pavement
  • “he’s my friend.. let me through, he’s my friend..”
  • john collapsing on the sidewalk
  • john taking sherlock’s pulse
  • john going to the graveyard
  • “you were the best and most human.. human being” // “you saved me so many times in so many ways” // “no one will ever convince you told me a lie”
  • john crying
  • sherlock watching on like he’s just made a terrible mistake
  • many happy returns
  • “i can tell you what you can do. you can stop being dead” // “okay”
  • john drinking again to cope
  • john clearly grieving deeply
  • john having nightmares again in teh
  • #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives
  • john dreaming of sherlock with dilated pupils
  • john throwing his wife’s hand off him as he dreams of sherlock
  • john visiting 221b
  • sad flashback sounds/music
  • hudders still thinking they were in love
  • “i’m moving on [from sherlock]”
  • “sherlock wasn’t my boyfriend!” = trust me, i wish he was every day
  • sherlock thinking of john as the first thing he needs to see when he comes back
  • sherlock surprising john during his proposal
  • sherlock trying really, really hard to catch his attention
  • its actually painfully embarrassing bc he’s trying so hard
  • “surprise!”
  • “two years. you let me grieve”
  • sherlock being so small and nervous he makes fun of john’s mustache
  • john being so angry that he ends up throwing himself against sherlock and grunting atop him on the ground ???
  • john continuing to lunge at him like he doesn’t know if he wants to hug him or kill him
  • sherlock thinking about trains and tunnels in great detail
  • sherlock unable to get john out of his head
  • sherlock being small and pushing his parents out when john visits like mum i’ve got a boy here
  • john calling his parents “ordinary” not “normal,” meaning sherlock is extraordinary
  • “i prefer my doctors clean shaven”
  • “i made a little speech. i asked for a miracle, i asked you to stop being dead” // “i heard you”
  • john in the fire
  • sherlock freaking the fuck out 
  • dragging him out of the fire himself (thanks mary)
  • calling to him, waking him up
  • sherlock and john swooping ‘round the city like hot boyfriends
  • the train car scene
  • sherlock pleading on his knees, truly begging for forgiveness
  • john baring more of his soul than he’s used to 
  • “i find it difficult… this sort of stuff”
  • “of course i forgive you”
  • sherlock looking at john’s empty chair in tsot
  • hudders telling him that marriage changes people like a warning
  • “into battle” as he gets ready for the wedding
  • john asking him to be his best man
  • sherlock not understanding he’s john’s best friend
  • sherlock stepping into frame beside the bride and groom for a picture
  • “do you like solving crimes?” // “do you have an opening?” *looks at john*
  • sherlock being jealous of sholto and mary rubbing salt in the wound
  • the way the table is framed with john and sherlock in center, mary and janine on the sides (traditionally bride and groom in center)
  • “don’t get involved, sherlock” // “involved? i’m not involved”
  • literally the entire best man’s speech
  • “there was only one feature of interest, and frankly it was the usual. john watson.”
  • “it’s always you, john watson, you keep me right”
  • “i’m ridiculous blah blah but i have the good fortune of being john’s friend, the kindest and wisest and bravest man”
  • “when i say you deserve this man, it the highest compliment of which i am capable”
  • john looking at sherlock like the softest, happiest
  • john cryin a lil bit
  • “if i try to hug him, stop me” // “come here”
  • john standing up to hug sherlock, sherlock continuing to read cards while in his arms
  • sherlock’s soft eyes when bainbridge gets stabbed and john asks him for help as his nurse
  • the vitruvian man (the perfect man) with john’s face pasted onto it ???
  • the vitruvian man again for emphasis
  • maximum “sweet spot” all night
  • the stag night
  • the stag night
  • the stag night
  • playing drunk games
  • “do people like me?” // “some people”
  • drunk flirting
  • the knee grope
  • “i don’t mind” // “anytime”
  • “i’m there if you want it”
  • “i apologize for my… my… him”
  • remember the knee grope
  • the elephant in the room
  • john jealous of janine and sherlock talking
  • john walking over and touching sherlock’s back 
  • john checking sherlock out when they’re saving sholto
  • “we wouldn’t do that to john, would we?”
  • sherlock writing a sad af waltz for mary and john
  • sherlock watching them dance sadly
  • sherlock teaching john to dance behind closed curtains
  • that moment where my house burst into flames because sherlock let his happy façade fall for like a second and john saw it and dropped his eyes and darted them back up and everything was horrible
  • sherlock pretending to be happy for mary and the baby
  • john smiling at sherlock and gripping the back of his neck instead of hugging his pregnant wife 
  • sherlock leaving the wedding early
  • sherlock relapsing after the wedding
  • sherlock disappearing for a month
  • john being worried af in the beginning of hlv
  • john thinking the woman at the door is sherlock
  • “i’ve not seen him in ages”
  • john being ready to pack
  • john being so pent up with anger at not seeing him that he beats bill up
  • “have you come for me too?”
  • john’s face after that like “you fucker, god am i happy to see you”
  • “he’s got a bit of chafing” // “no, he’s always walked like that” 
  • john being jealous of janine
  • john
  • being
  • jealous
  • of
  • janine
  • john not being able to get over the fact that janine was there when sherlock’s talking about magnussen
  • who was john jealous of in hlv? right, janine
  • “are you trying to put me off?” // “no, trying to recruit you”
  • sherlock dying and the thing that brings him back to life is “john watson is definitely in danger” and “john will cry buckets and buckets”
  • sherlock clawing back up the staircase of their first case together to restart his heart
  • janine saying “i know what kind of man you are” and “just once would have been nice”
  • you know, because he’s gay
  • john staying by his bedside for ages, “he’s finally awake”
  • sherlock referring to himself as john’s best friend, “that’s me by the way, hello”
  • “you’ll have to restart my heart”
  • john is (one of) sherlock’s pressure point(s)
  • “look how you care about john watson” // “he’s your damsel in distress”
  • “did you bring your gun?” // “to your parents’ for christmas?” // “did you” // “yes”
  • the tarmac scene
  • literally the entire scene
  • sherlock asking john to name his child after him
  • “there’s something i’ve meant to tell you always, and since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, i might as well say it now…”
  • aborted love declaration 
  • “sherlock is actually a girl’s name”
  • making john smile one last time
  • intimate, gloveless handshake
  • sherlock going off to his death again
  • sherlock getting all teary eyed on the plane
  • sherlock reading about how he and john met
  • overdosing
  • having a gay fever dream
  • the entirety of tab
  • holmes and watson flirting
  • watson smirking when stamford mentions a man who beats corpses (holmes)
  • “you’ll do” // “i smoke a pipe, but i assume that won’t be a problem” // “then correct me doctor” // “my boswell is learning, they do grow up so fast” // “he is my [BSL sign for ‘we are together, we belong together’}” 
  • “i’m happy to play the fool for you” // “i’m an army doctor, which means i can break every bone in your body while naming them” // “i want to get rid of the stuff, dump every ounce of it out the window” // “never on a case” // “people need you”
  • watson checking holmes out, like all the time
  • sexy mustachio bamf watson
  • mary being an asshole in sherlock’s mind
  • holmes looking sadly at watson’s empty chair AGAIN
  • the entire garden house scene
  • impulses… experiences… a past… flesh and blood… a heart…
  • watson being protective of holmes
  • watson and holmes bickering because married
  • “you were the one who moved out” // “i was talking to mary”
  • moriarty repeating “only one thing you find interesting” (feature of interest)
  • the waterfall scene
  • watson coming to save the day
  • “there’s always two of us”
  • holmes calling watson “john” and watson calling holmes “sherlock”
  • “since when do you call me john?” // “you’d be surprised” // “no, i wouldn’t”
  • “why don’t you just elope?” // “actually. would you mind?” // “not at all”
  • watson kicking all sherlock’s fear and weaknesses (moriarty) over the waterfall
  • “what’s he like then, this other me?” // “smarter than he looks” // “pretty damn smart then” // “pretty damn smart”
  • the waterfall scene correcting canon so holmes doesn’t end up dying, he stays alive and happy with watson
  • sherlock waking up and looking at john with the softest expression
  • “miss me?”
  • sherlock looking at john when he says “i just went through an overdose to prove it” 
  • the gay victorian ending
  • holmes and watson by the fireplace, both smoking pipes, talking about a future in which they may be free
  • “i don’t think i’d fit in such a world” // “oh, i disagree” // “i’ve been a man out of my time” 
  • past turns to present, as if the world they can be in already exists 
  • literally the entire goddamn show

Grant was introduced to Dr Mortimer Hartman, a physician in Beverly Hills, California, who was prescribing LSD by his third wife, Betsy Drake (left, pictured with Grant in 1952). Drake ‘took LSD to cure herself of alcoholism’

Grant’s personal life was said to be in shambles. Two early marriages had ended in divorce and he allegedly frustrated by his inability to connect with women.

That’s when his third wife, Betsy Drake, introduced him to Dr Mortimer Hartman, a physician in Beverly Hills, California, who was prescribing LSD.

Drake 'took LSD to cure herself of alcoholism,’ according to filmmaker Mark Kidel, and Hartman was able to obtain the tablets, still legal until 1966, directly from a Swiss pharmaceutical company. 

Women in Sherlock:  Janine

This is what I read out at the Women in Sherlock panel at 221b Con on Sunday, April 12, 2015.  Thank you so much to my thoughtful, loving fellow panelists:  reluctantabandon, who documented correspondences between BBC Adler and ACD Adler; notyouraveragesecretary, who celebrated love for all things Anthea; and traumachu, our kind mod, who championed Sally and Molly while running the panel without a hitch.  I loved gathering to celebrate the fantastic female characters in this show that we love.


Let’s talk about Janine:  the show’s gift to fandom for the hiatus.  We scared them last time with how thoroughly we digested Series 2.   The show creators and Yasmine Akram crafted Janine to be mysterious, playfully giving us more to think about.

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In THoB John didn’t try to seduce Dr. Mortimer. Yeah, John was sweet-talking her for information but he remained on the topic of Henry and his problems the whole time. John found her attractive, hence the “you’re a bad man” sigh when Sherlock text him her picture, but he didn’t use her for sex. He used her for information for Sherlock. John was just told by Sherlock that he wasn’t one of Sherlock’s friends - and we all know how much that must have hurt John. Sherlock even threw that woman at him, as if Sherlock wanted John to shack up with her. But John kept with the investigation. John could’ve easily thought, “Fuck Sherlock, he can do his own investigation, I’m not his friend anyway” and gone on to woo Dr Mortimer for his own purposes. But he didn’t. Because he wouldn’t do that to Sherlock Holmes. Another example of John doing what’s best for Sherlock without hesitation.

Recent fannish events have me thinking a bit about what it means to be part of the TJLC crowd, and more specifically what I expect out of John’s and Sherlock’s relationship to feel like “Johnlock is canon,” that TJLC is satisfied.

It’s not all about the sex. In fact, if there’s one thing I really don’t expect, it’s a full-on sex scene between John and Sherlock. This is a family show with a family rating, and the show-runners won’t want to jeopardize that. And perhaps more importantly, we’ve got at least two relationships (John/Mary, Molly/Tom) where the characters are explicitly, canonically having sex, and two more (John/Sarah, Sherlock/Janine) where at least one of the characters assumes they’re on the path toward that. Romance, even sexualized romanced, isn’t about showing actual on-screen sex, at least not in this show.

So what does it mean to be pro-TJLC? For me, it means two things:
  1. Imagining John and Sherlock as (eventually!) having a certain kind of relationship, and
  2. Expecting the show to reflect this relationship in the actual canon.

How it’s reflected is very much open to debate. Some people will want a kiss. Some will want a shared double-bed. There’s so much connection of “married ones” with sharing a bedroom, all the way back to John’s insistence in ASIP that of course they’ll be needing a second bed; I think showing John and Sherlock sharing a bedroom like John and Mary did in TEH and in HLV would send a pretty clear message. Some probably want a second wedding ceremony or at least a flash of matching rings, some indication that John and Sherlock are both “off the market,” forever and for always.

I was purposefully vague above, about just what kind of relationship John and Sherlock have to have to satisfy TJLC. Obviously some viewers are expecting full-on sexual love on-screen. (Maybe just coded rather than actual sex; maybe some sort of sexualized but not full sex scene, like the two of them kissing.) Some want romantic but don’t really care about the sexual. As for me, I don’t actually care whether it’s romantic love. What I care about, and what I expect, is a committed relationship, where John and Sherlock are each the cornerstone of the others’ life, the one they’re building their future with.

Platonic life-partners works just fine for me, as long as it’s monogamous and exclusive and emotionally intimate. I suspect for a lot of people (both pro- and anti-TJLCers!), that kind of relationship wouldn’t be enough to satisfy TJLC, it wouldn’t be enough to make TJLC true. But it’s almost a moot point, because the way the story’s been told so far, I can’t see a way to communicate monogamous and exclusive without going into the realm of the romantic. That means that, while I’d personally be happy with platonic life-partners, I actually expect Team Moffat to give us consulting husbands in (romantic, at least) love.

Let’s start with what we know:

  1. This is a show about John and Sherlock - both as individuals, but also their relationship to each other.
  2. Both John and Sherlock start off being very isolated and broken. Character growth will involve growing beyond that isolation.
  3. Sherlock has repeatedly left John behind to deal with the villain du jour, and this has not worked out well. (In this sense, confronting Magnussen together was a big step forward.)
  4. Both Sherlock and John have been in romantic (or seeming-romantic) relationships that have pulled the two men away from 221B. Home, and John’s and Sherlock’s equilibrium with each other, is threatened again and again when one or the other has some kind of girlfriend.

Jeanette in ASIB is a great example of this. By her very existence, she forces John to choose between (reasonable!) social duties to his love interest and (again, reasonable!) to his friend. Jeanette isn’t overreacting when she breaks up with John, particularly if you think this wasn’t the first time this kind of thing had happened. But over and over in Sherlock, we see one woman after another either displacing John or Sherlock from that central, cornerstone relationship or failing to and feeling like they’re going to always be second fiddle.

I firmly believe you can have close, enduring relationships with people not your spouse, even after you’re married. What I’m less convinced of is that you can have two exclusive, cornerstone relationships at the same time. Sometimes they’ll come in conflict, and either you’ve worked out which one will trump in what circumstances, or you’re almost unavoidably going to have conflict. Watson’s marriage to Mary and his friendship with Holmes (in the ACD canon, I mean) really only worked because of gender expectations from that period - and even there, Doyle relies on Mary being out of town or generally somehow stepping out of the way, to make room for Holmes’s and Watson’s adventures. In our more egalitarian age, Jeanette’s “don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes” is entirely reasonable.

Looking at (1) - (4), it seems obvious to me that character and plot development mean Sherlock and John have to operate as a unit, in relationship with each other, and that having romantic interests in addition to their friendship is an obstacle to getting there. It’s something that must be overcome. In principle, I think you could get to that close relationship without going into romance, but you either need John and Sherlock (both!) to abstain from sex entirely, or else you need some kind of division where the romantic relationship doesn’t detract from the John-Sherlock relationship. I just don’t see how that’s possible, without seriously short-selling what a modern romance requires; though I’d love to see how the two could be balanced, and am open to correction on this point.

(Interestingly, I think John post-Jeanette was headed in the first direction. He pretty much gave up dating though he still had a healthy sexual appetite when it came to Dr. Mortimer; and he didn’t even bother to correct the innkeepers who assumed he’d be wanting a shared bed.)

By this point in the series, though, I think there’s another wrinkle. John has been involved in so many relationships at this point. He knew Sherlock was back and chose to marry Mary; and then Sherlock went and shacked up with Janine. Sure, it’s possible for John and Sherlock to set all that aside and fall into a platonic but exclusive relationship with each other. But how do the writers show this to the audience? They need something more at this point than Sherlock and John back in 221B, because there’s no real way to differentiate that from them temporarily living together while waiting for the One to come along, again. At least not without a long, boring relationship, and that doesn’t quite seem like Mofftiss’s style to me.

A romantic relationship, on the other hand, does this. You’d have access to all the coding, all the shorthand that led us to believe Sherlock and Janine were trying to build a life together, or that Mary was the One for John - all the little things that scream life-partners because of the way western culture connects romantic love with Happily Ever After, to the End of Their Days. I’d be perfectly satisfied with Platonic Love, personally, but as I’ve said, I just don’t see how the showrunners could communicate that this was more than just killing time together until the next big romantic love, or that it would have to be fit around the margins of that other relationship rather than the other way around.

Which is ultimately why I consider myself pro-TJLC. It’s not that I need John and Sherlock to be falling into bed together, or even kissing beneath a streetlamp with the rain running down their faces. Hell: I’m asexual myself, and if we want to get into representation and validation, it’s much more in my interest for Sherlock to live a full, happy life full of love, without it ever needing to be about sex or romance. I just really struggle to see how this particular show, looking at where they are now, can get to this kind of non-romantic relationship. It’s where the characterization arc demands they go, so I expect to see John and Sherlock kissing under a streetlamp in the rain at some point. More than that, I expect the commitment and permanency Happily Ever After requires. Which isn’t about kisses or sex scenes, but snarky domesticity from a shared bed might be the most likely and most effective way to communicate all that.

Maybe I’ll be wrong about all this. An asexual Sherlock in a committed, exclusive but thoroughly nonsexual relationship would actually be pretty cool - and would definitely satisfy my yearning for a relationship that endures, just the two of them against the rest of the world. I just don’t see it as particularly likely.As always, I’d welcome thoughts here. From folks across the spectrum, but particularly from people who don’t expect romantic Johnlock (or who expect it but don’t necessarily want/need it). Do you think the kind of relationship you want for these two idiots can coexist beside romantic love with someone else? And how do you expect the show to actually show this kind of relationship? What are you hoping for here?

4x16 Hounded  Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson & Henry Baskerville

At the urging of Morland’s wealthy associate, Henry Baskerville (Tom Everett Scott), Sherlock and Joan look into the death of his businessman brother and discover that a witness saw the man chased to his death by a large, glowing animal too fantastic to be real.  Sherlock considers intervening when the trauma from the bombing at the morgue negatively impacts ME Hawes’ work.

[Tom Everett Scott as Henry Baskerville, Michael Gladis as Rodger Stapleton, Drew Gehling as Caden Barrymore, Jennifer Ikeda as Laura Lyons, Haviland Morris as Dr. Jane Mortimer, Enid Graham as Ms. Chadwick, Kevin Isola as Anton, Ric Stoneback as Seldon, Robbie Tann as Stewy, Adam Heller as Stuffy Lawyer, Raymond Neil Hernandez as Truck Driver, Jordan Gelber returns as ME Eugene Hawes]

#EatTheRare → Johann + Mortimer

On a trip to Germany, Dr. Mortimer Granville meets the intriguing fellow physician Dr. Johann Struensee, who shares his passion for science-based medicine … among other things. The two of them are drawn to each other in a way neither has experienced before and begin spending all their free time together.

(I realize these characters/people are from different centuries, but I love the idea of them together!)