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Another thing I love about Uncle Monty (as if there’s anything I don’t love about Uncle Monty.  Will I ever make another text post not about Uncle Monty? Only time will tell.), is that he doesn’t act hurt or angry or offended at all when Klaus initially doesn’t trust him.  In fact, he validate’s Klaus’s feelings by pointing out that it’s perfectly reasonable for him to feel that way. He doesn’t try to convince Klaus that he’s a nice guy or that he should trust him just because he says so. He just treats him kindly and and gives him space, and Klaus comes to trust him on his own.  It’s so refreshing to see a kids’ show where the kids are allowed to have negative feelings toward adults without it being shown as a bad thing or setting it up as a lesson about “respecting your elders” or some bullcrap.  

So fun fact my sister has been reading a series of unfortunate events. Although the film featured in my childhood I myself never read them because I thought I’d never get my hands on all 13, and the bad beginning was the most elusive of them all. Now that the Austere Academy is face down on a table to my right I’m binge reading them which is pretty serendipitous because that means I’ll let myself watch the netflix series. The books are worse than the film in that they are even more unfortunate than the book. e.g

Klaus pls don’t think think this :’(

Listen, stop making my sweet reptile boy die. Yes, dramatically alter the storyline of A Series of Unfortunate Events so Monty can live.

I think it’s kind of sweet how the kids are wearing the same clothes they were wearing when their parents died the whole time they were with Count Olaf, and they finally start wearing other outfits when they go to Monty’s. Like you know he took them out and let them pick out new clothes and get whatever they wanted, which would’ve meant so much to them after losing everything they had. Gave them something of their own again. I think that’s a real credit to the show’s crew, and the character of Uncle Monty. Just a little detail that might go unnoticed, but adds just that much to the story.

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