dr. mol

???? this has been on my laptop for a while 
i wanted to do a series of these??

heres what i got, as far as a list goes:

  • ladies that are fairly important (or were?? this show needs more women, just sayin’)
  • ladies in the guild
  • everyone else from the guild
  • the venture family
  • OSI
  • the hilarious parody of superheroes running around NYC
  • anyone related to the venture family in any way possible
  • people who aren’t from the guild but are evil and pose a threat
  • the original team venture
  • if theres anything else, ya’ll can let me know

the ladies featured here are: triana orpheus, dr. mrs. the monach (i still call her dr. gf or sheila), molotov cocktease, tatyana orpheus, amber gold and hunter when he was in the guise of a stripper at the nightingale (my fave)