dr. mol

???? this has been on my laptop for a while 
i wanted to do a series of these??

heres what i got, as far as a list goes:

  • ladies that are fairly important (or were?? this show needs more women, just sayin’)
  • ladies in the guild
  • everyone else from the guild
  • the venture family
  • OSI
  • the hilarious parody of superheroes running around NYC
  • anyone related to the venture family in any way possible
  • people who aren’t from the guild but are evil and pose a threat
  • the original team venture
  • if theres anything else, ya’ll can let me know

the ladies featured here are: triana orpheus, dr. mrs. the monach (i still call her dr. gf or sheila), molotov cocktease, tatyana orpheus, amber gold and hunter when he was in the guise of a stripper at the nightingale (my fave)


He was on the floor, examining the poor murder victim.

She was taking notes, chatting happily to his best friend.

Anderson approached them, tapping Molly Hooper on the shoulder; he cleared his throat when she span to face him.

“I need your advice, Mol- Dr. Hooper,” he’d been warned before by the man currently watching him curiously, “about the case.”

Molly followed him obligingly to a darkened corner of the street, gasping in shock when he seized her shoulders, pulling her into place.

“Just…wait there. Please, I’ll be back in a minute.”

“But-” Molly tried but he was already hurrying away. She huffed, pulling her lab coat tighter; the night air was really starting to get nippy now.

Anderson hurried over to the body, clearing his throat as he stopped behind the consulting detective, “I have to show you something important.”

“Actually, we’re a bit busy at the moment, Philip,” John gestured, hastily scribbling on his notebook; both were surprised when Sherlock jumped to his feet, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

“Lead the way.”

Anderson didn’t stop until they reached the corner, both finding Molly Hooper chatting to a man she knew from the Hospital; he soon scarpered after several high pitched shouts from Anderson much to Sherlock’s amusement.


Both the consulting detective and pathologist asked, only one of them realising the true reason they’d been summoned. All became clear as Anderson removed a mistletoe branch from his pocket.

“It’s Christmas and I want you two to kiss,” he stated boldly, surprised at himself - he’d feared he might lose his nerve. Neither moved, only giving each other a sideways glance.

“In the middle of the street at a crime scene? Poor taste don’t you think?”

“Thanks very much,” Molly giggled next to him, her cheeks flushing. Anderson rolled his eyes, waving the plant in the air.

“Oh, just shut up and do it. You never know you might enjoy it.”

“Well, we’ve never used mistletoe before but we seem to enjoy it, don’t we?” Sherlock turned to Molly questioningly and she nodded vigorously, her cheeks reddening further. Anderson gaped, barely registering Sherlock tugging the mistletoe from his grip, “seeing and not observing as always, Philip? Tut, tut…can I get back to my crime scene now?”

He smiled falsely at the forensics man, turning to Molly and planting a firm kiss on her lips in full view of the stunned man still holding his arm in the air.

“Am I coming to yours later?” Molly muttered, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Oh, yes,” Sherlock chuckled, swooping in for one final kiss, patting Anderson’s jacket as he passed, “you can close your mouth now, Philip.”

Merry Christmas to all in the morgue x

  • Sherlock: *walks into lab and stands on the side of the counter perpendicular to Molly who is looking at a specimen* Molly I need you to come with me.
  • Molly: *silence*
  • Sherlock: *Groans and grins putting on best whiney voice* Molly! Molly! Molly! Molly! Molly! Molly! Molls! Molls! Molls! Molly Hooper! Molly Hooper! Molly Hooper! Dr. Hooper! Dr. Hooper! Dr. Hooper! Mol! Mol! Mol! Mol! Margret! Margret! Margret! Margret! Mollly! Mollly! Molly Mouse! Molly Mouse! Molly Mouse!
  • Molly: *laughs, finishes, lookes up and smiles* What do you need Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: You *lightly grabs chin and places a kiss on her lips then smiles and leaves*
  • Molly: *smiles grabbing her coat* Yeah you do.