dr. max bergman

Hey my lovely time travellers! I have a question for you. If you could pick 5 fictional characters (books, tv shows, movies, comics, etc.) to be a companion to the Doctor, who would you choose? And why?

Mine would be:

  1. Dr. Sheldon Cooper - He’s a Doctor Who fan, one of the couples he listed as okay for couple Halloween costumes was “The Doctor and a Dalek.” I think he’d a real intellectual counter part for the Doctor.
  2. Dr. Max Bergman (from the revamped version) - He’s also a big Doctor Who fan, he’s made several Doctor Who references and I think he’d be very fun to see the Doctor travel with. He’s smart and I believe he could intellectually challenge the Doctor in some ways.
  3. Luna Lovegood - She’s clever and wonderful. She’s not judgemental, so I can see her being accepting of different species. She believes in the “improbable” and “not real” things and I feel that she would be a believer and would be wonderful to see all the things the universe has to offer her.
  4. Dr. Spencer Reid - He’s a genius, he could keep up intellectually with the Doctor. He has a compassionate personality, one that I believe the Doctor looks for in companions. He’s a Doctor Who fan. He dressed up as the 4th Doctor for a Doctor Who convention.
  5. Penelope Garcia - Again, big Doctor Who fan, she dressed up as the 11th Doctor when she went to a Doctor Who convention with Reid. She’s compassionate, a trait the Doctor wants in his companions. She’s intelligent, she cares about people, wants to save them. She’s sassy and witty and I think she could really stop the Doctor from getting too serious and then getting into trouble.

Yeah, so that’s my list. I’d love to see yours! I’m very curious to see your answers!  Who would you choose? Why would you choose them?