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So We as a Black/Original People must learn to gain to Own and Control for ourselves Power, Wealth, Influence!

So, we must first study the economy system, then create a business culture mindset, build businesses and more.

“Divine Ruler Equality Allah
Posted by Divine Ruler Equality Allah on September 20, 2012 at 2:22pm
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The recording was uploaded to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anel5IvFrNQ

The argument being made by York in this audio is just a recruitment commercial for people that felt like they was “beat up” by the Gods. Then he advocates that you have to reject all or accept all information in literature, instead of preserving the best part and leaving the poor/worst part alone, like a real scientist. At the beginning of the tape, the person making the introduction is talking about bringing people back to the “religion” of abraham, a cultural practice which York and his advocates now reject on the surface, but still embrace subconsciously, i.e. mystery god worship.
He attacks the Gods and other people that use the lessons for saying they are civilized, comparing it to the passive participle usage of the word, and acts as though he has never had a stage in his development where he lacked knowledge, a semantics issue designed to illicit an emotional response, instead of addressing a real issue.
Then he said Asia is a very large “country” (SMH), meaning to say continent, and starts listing countries in the political demarkation for Asia, and says they are not African. Now we are getting into a real issue, in terms of York and other Black Activists, and their vilification of other Original People on the planet Earth, because they don’t have nappy hair, which he calls “9 ether”. First of all, the boundary between modern “Asia” and the rest of “Africa” is artificial, made by the Suez Canal. We the Gods do identify, not just with “african” people, but with all Original People that are non-caucasian, because Original People have the DIVERSITY, even curly to straight hair so-called “Africans” in the Nile Valley. What York and other black activists have fallen for is the divide and conquer scheme, causing poor Original People to fight and kill one another over superficial differences, even we share many cultural ties and affinities (similarities). This is why the Gods identify with Asia and Asiatic, meaning the combination of all the Land Mass of Asia, “Africa” “Europe” and “Oceania/Australia”, in terms of where the majority of people lived on the planet before the migrations to the Americas, after the most recent CYCLICAL separation of the SUPER CONTINENT labeled by mainstream scientists as the russian term “Rodinia”. What we ultimately mean by saying Asiatic is that we live on EARTH, from one of the terms that Asia originates from, whic is itza in “hebrew” mean elevated place, above sea level, so that covers anywhere that there is land on Earth. Then he has to get in the whole arguments presented by Ivan Van Sertima and Runoko Research in terms of black presences WITH NAPS of people mainstream modern Asia.
His argument about cream is another semantics tirade, when people live on TOP of the Earth, i.e. the cream rises to the TOP.
Then he uses the term “galaxy” for solar system to introduce a discussion on cosmology, planetology and space and astronomy science, to attack the Gods for stating that we are maker of the Planet Earth and the God of the Universe
How did the Original Man make the Planet Earth, and in what form? Personally now a days an Original Man is a Maker by FARMING the planet Earth or the soil. On a cosmological level, we are the Maker of the Planet Earth through the conservation of energy from Photons to particles with a rest mass. The primary fundamental and basic vehicle for intelligence is Light, and Light (Photons, Gluons, etc.) has always existed. The mental and physical world are TIED TOGETHER by photons or radiation or “light”. The Mental world is the PATTERN and LAWS by which physical objects behave, and radiation is the base material to most closely see these patterns, and the propagators of forces. Allah The Original Man or Mentality and the Universe already and has always Existed, even before the so called “Big Bang” which is the extension and growth from or more energetic but stable space time continuum (look up “false vacuum”, and “multiverse” and the evidence of such from recent measurements of the cosmic microwave background). There is no such thing as something from nothing, which York tries to advocate via his loaded question to the Gods of how we made the Universe (that has always existed) from Nothing i.e. “What was the first element of creation? How much did it way Mr. God Man? How did you bring from nothingness into existence? And don’t tell me that you did it in your Mind…. ” etc. It is from the Mind, once you understand what exactly the Mind (Mathematics Is Natural Design) is. The PLANETS in the Universe ultimately came from the RADIATION that dominated the Universe when it was more in Electric and Magnetic Order and then on to the process of nucleosynthesis (making and building of atomic nuclei via nuclear fusion) in expired stars which where brought forth from the nebulae or clouds of base protons and electrons generated by this radiation. Man means Intelligence. The same QUALITY of distribution/pattern radiation in the black man’s brain organizing thought is the same QUALITY of distribution/pattern of radiation which underwent pair production to form particles with a rest mass, and thus manifested planets with a physical rest mass, from a radiation era or radiation dominated universe. But that means this distribution/pattern aka intelligence has always existed, and it is what it is, highly organized mathematical thought, not a vapor or ghost. It’s in the Original Man’s nervous system. The planet Earth and all material with a rest mass is an outgrowth and development from the Orignal Man’s nervous system in it’s basic form, radiation.
His whole attack on the Gods mental and physical powers issue is designed for him to try people to agree with his spook mystery god agenda, of advocating a God that brings something from nothing in violation of energy conservation, which ultimately promotes theft and deception, which York and other rich slave makers of the poor and other clergy and so called gurus have engaged in. That’s not what the Gods is advocating.
He did get at the person that put his physical birth day in 1935 instead of 1945 (Shahid M Allah and others). Shahid M Allah is not with the Nation of Gods and Earths, he is a quasi muslim advocate of Minister Louis Farrakhan.
This whole mentality of “come join us”, you don’t see the Gods recruiting like that, like religious people. If anything, we scare people from trying to be one of us, because we show them how much work they have to do, mentally and physically. York uses the same tactics that other mainstream muslim advocates used against the Gods and other “Islamic” groups that aren’t in line with mystery god worship, by advocating that the lack of usage of the modern arabic language, and then he later rejects the “Islamic” and muslim trappings for sumerianology, ufo’ology, and watered down and errant egyptology. What does this say about York’s moral and ethical character, to claim to spend almost 40 years trying to teach people, something he could have taught in the first year, for people to accept or leave alone. It’s not about teaching for York, it’s about acquiring personal and economic resources to sustain York’s life style and standard of living.
By the way people, this is what is called a real REBUTTAL. You take a communication, whether it be literature, audio, video, that makes specific claims, and you refute the claims and connotations IN THAT MEDIA. Rebuttal is not just a get happy jeer fest with no aim or purpose.

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The teachings of Dr. Malachi Z. York back in 1995. This man breaks it down, if your moorish (black/brown) I suggest you make sometime and check this out. Real Knowledge; its time to wake up loves.