dr. louis palmer

Thoughts while Re-Watching S04E05

Dr.Louis Palmer who treated Marion Cavanaugh told Toby to warn his Mother about the “Blonde Girl” Who was he talking about? If Bethany is the one who pushed her… Are we supposed to believe that Dr. Palmer wanted to warn Marion about a child? Or, you look at Charlotte… But that was before her transformation… And he would still be warning her about a child. I mean, I know Dr. Palmer is old and a little confused… But still.

This is just more proof that Charlotte’s story has so many holes.


A - Alison, Aria, Ashley, Avery, Andrew, Anne, Arthur (Hackett), Alex, “A”
B - Byron, Bethany, Bridget, Becca, Ben, Barry, Bob, Black Veil, Black Hoodie, Boardshorts, Beach Hottie, Mr. Biscuit, Bungee
C - Caleb, CeCe, Carla, Clarke, Claire, Charles, Colin, Cindy, Cyrus, Carol
D - Darren, Dean, Danielle, Diane, Duncan
E - Emily, Ezra, Ella, Eric, Eddie
F - Freddie
G - Garret, Gabriel
H - Hanna, Hank, Holly, Holden, Horowitz, Hector (been used two-three times for different characters), Hardy, Harold
I - Isabel, Ian
J - Jason, Jake, Judy, Jesse, Jack, James (Potter & Neilan), Jessica, Jaime, Jonah, Jackie, Jenna, Johnny
K - Kenneth, Kate,
L - Leona, Lesli, Lucas, Logan, Laura, Louis (Dr. Palmer), Lyndon, Linda, Lorenzo
M - Mona, Mike, Miranda, Malcolm, Melissa, Mrs. Potter, Meredith, Maya, Maggie, Marion, Mindy
N - Noel, Nigel, Nicole, Nick, Nate
O -
P - Paige, Pam, Pepe, Peter, PIGTUNIA
Q - Quinn, Queen of Hearts
R - Rhonda, Regina, Ruth, Riley, Rebecca, Rhys, Red Coat
S - Spencer, Sara, Shana, Simone, Sean, Samara, Sydney, Seth, Scott, Sabrina
T - Toby, Talia, Tom, Tina, Tamborelli, Taylor, Ted, Travis, Tanner, Tippi
U -
V - Veronica, Vivian, Varjak, Victoria
W - Wren, Wesley, Wayne
X -
Y - Yvonne
Z - Zack, Zooey, “"Z"

Am I missing anyone???

PLL Dr. Palmer parallel to Dr. Wren Kingston (Charles)

Louis Palmer was Marion’s doctor. He currently lives in a medical center in Saratoga, NY. The medical center lets him practice medicine there even though he is suffering from Dementia. Dr. Palmer is in episodes 4x4 and 4x10

Many people say Wren can’t be ‘A’ because he worked at Radley and people didn’t recognize him as Charles?

Perhaps Radley knew and let him carry out his new life as Wren and let him practice there to avoid him getting worse psychologically. It would be an interesting parallel to Dr. Palmer. The writers didn’t add this to the story for nothing ;)