dr. light's laboratory


THIS TOOK SO LONG I Was hoping to have this finished on Tuesday, but as it turns out I’m bad at making floor plans. XP This diagram is to scale, with each ten pixels representing a foot. All together, Dr. Light’s home measures 8,956 square feet, not including underground areas. Dr. Light’s mansion, while a modest mansion, is still a mansion belonging to a multi-millionaire inventor. Rock’s and Roll’s rooms are quite roomy, measuring 14’ x 19’.

These are “sample” floor plans for Dr. Light’s home and laboratory in Mega Man Recut. I say sample because, while writing, I did not have a concrete image of what the interior of his house was like, and am sure that this sample interior does not match seamlessly with the various descriptions in Recut.

Background and thought process behind the floorplans: These floor plans are based on the exterior and interior images of Dr. Light’s laboratory as seen in the Ruby-Spears cartoon, which supplied numerous establishing shots of the laboratory’s exterior (though mostly from the same angle). The image from Future Shock was used as a base for my description of Dr. Light’s home and laboratory all the way back in Electric Nightmare: Part 1

There were four parts to Dr. Light’s house: the laboratory, an atrium in the back for studying, an office in the front where Dr. Light received visitors, kept records, and made business calls, and the personal living quarters.

The living quarters were decorated in an Art Deco style with bright red, yellow, and green halls. It had two stories. On the bottom floor was a kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room, TV-room, bathroom, and entryway that lead out to a porch. The upstairs was divided into four rooms. The master bedroom where Dr. Light slept was located at the end of the hall. Mega Man and Roll slept in two rooms adjacent to each other. Originally, the rooms had been part of one storage place, but Dr. Light had renovated it into the bedrooms on the completion of Rock and Roll, moving the storage into the spare bedroom on the other end of the hall. He had never gotten around to clearing it out, and it was now piled thick with dusty boxes, filing cabinets, and cobwebs. 

Of the interior, other than the laboratory, we see little. Electric Nightmare shows us the most of Dr. Light’s house; we never see the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms (if we can assume Roll and Mega Man even have bedrooms, the show contradicts itself on whether or not they need sleep). Proto’s room is now used for storage space, Dr. Light’s lost hope that he’s ever coming back. Poor Mega Man got the short end of the stick in bedrooms, he likely doesn’t have a good view outside his window!

There is also another lab that Dr. Light and Mega Man use infrequently that is different from the normal conical lab, which I’ve usually referenced as the ‘side lab.’ The RS-screenshots show no such structure in its exterior shots, unless it is part of the building which I’ve decided is the ‘home’ or ‘office.’ I added the rectangular structure above the main lab. The security vault and two garages are located underground, the ‘special vehicle’ garage housing the air raider, skycycle, landrover, etc., with ramp access to the ‘side lab’ for easy maintenance.

It looks like Light’s lab is separated from New York City by a large body of water (evidenced in many panoramas), which could be, assuming that RS-universe has the same geography as Earth’s, anything form Long Island Sound to. I always pictured the laboratory to be located farther north. 

I’m not sure exactly what style to classify Dr. Light’s house in as I’m neither a architectural nor interior design whiz, but my best guess was that it was art deco. I like the exterior of the RS-home and laboratory, and the interior of the bathroom is also very interesting, if garishly colored. I’ve included a sample of inspiration images of how I sorta picture the inside of Dr. Light’s house, with bold bright colors and prominent simple shapes as a design feature (as typical of art deco). Dr. Light also seems to be a fan of trapezoidal archways. I’m not really a fan of drawing interiors, but maybe someday I’ll come back to this with some sketches of Roll, Rock, and Proto’s rooms.

Edit: I made a mistake labeling the interior images; the bottom left “side lab” picture is from Day the Moon Fell, not Mega Dreams.