dr. leonard mccoy

Fresh Start (~doctorblake)

It had been a long day.  Not one of those “Sick bay is nearly full of either the sick or injured, or both” kind of days.  It had been one of those “If something doesn’t happen in the next five minutes I am going to die of boredom” days.  Leonard sat hunched over a tablet, scrolling for the hundredth time over a report he’d already filed away.  He absently rubbed at the back of his neck and shifted, feeling the dull ache of having sat there too long.

“Have mercy, Lord,” Leonard sighed. 

  • McCoy:You know, today was actually a pretty good day. Think I'll go ahead and call it a night.
  • Kirk comes stumbling into Med Bay with a broken leg, two black eyes, a dislocated shoulder, half of his hair burned off, and something that looks like a cross between a jellyfish and a rainbow glitter rabbit attached to his back:So hey, funny story....
  • McCoy:...I blame myself for expecting too much.