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mass effect mom headcanons
  • Ashley: “I’m calling the principal” when you tell her your teacher embarrassed you. Made you take karate until you broke your wrist. Gives bear hugs and reads you bedtime stories until you complain you're too old. Has a picture of you as her phone background. Wants to speak to the manager.
  • Liara: Definitely the leaves notes in your lunchbox with pintrest quotes and kisses you on the forehead in front of all your friends. Bought you “Baby’s first archaeology set″ and liked playing with it just as much as you did. Always making you try her new quinoa recipes. Always up to date on the Tea™ “I think you need to take some time to meditate”
  • Samantha: Goes to the pet fair 'just to look' but comes back with 3 dogs and a hamster. Sends you funny pictures of them while you're at school. Only has a minivan ironically and never lets you win at checkers. "I'm totally a cool mum"
  • Miranda: Privately interviews all of your friends (she means the best). Gets your prom outfit professionally tailored. Her relationship advice is always “dump them”. 100% waited for you in the living room sipping wine when you tried to sneak back in after curfew.
  • Jack: “You’re not allowed to fucking swear” KNOWS for a fact you're better than everyone else’s stupid kids, but sometimes gets a little too competitive (translation: banned from PTA for the next 6 weeks) Shovel talks everyone you bring home. Probably cried after she dropped you off for your first day of school. It can be hard when your mom just loves you so much.
  • Chakwas: Argues with your school nurse when they won't give you an Advil. She gets more excited about action movies than you. All she had to do was glare at those kids who were bothering you and you never saw them again. Generally laid back because she trusts you, but its hard not to notice her rolling her eyes when you do something against her advice.
I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
 Reader x Bones.
Prompt: Requested by @trekken81 – Bones fluff.
Word Count: 3713.
Rating: Teen+.
Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long, darlin’!  This semester has been kicking my ass.  I hope you like this!  Soulmate AU – tattoos.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

You take a deep breath as you climb out of the shuttle that has just delivered you to your new post as head nurse on the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Looking around, you’re already thrown by the ship’s grandeur – its shuttle bay alone is easily three times the size of the one on the Enyo.  As your gaze travels back down from the ceiling, you’re met with the sight of the captain, the first officer, and another man standing in the doorway to the rest of the ship.

“Welcome aboard,” he addresses you and the handful of other new crew members standing around you.  “My name is James Tiberius Kirk and I’ll be your new captain. To my right is Commander Spock, my first officer, and to my left you’ll find our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy.  I trust you’re all ready to devote yourselves to this ship and its mission.”

You and the others nod and the captain continues with a bright and easy smile.

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956orbust  asked:

So please forgive me if you've touched on this elsewhere, but Ive been accepted (class of 2021) this year and I have some concerns with the movement or desire for movement to a more midlevel based medical model. Seeing CRNAs and NPs (mostly) in my area seek equivalence with physicians comcerns me. Do you have any concerns? I know they are well trained and professional providers but I still think the physician should hold a leading role in healthcare. It seems increasingly nurses disagree.

First, congrats! 

Second, this is a great question and something that I have talked about with several of my classmates as well as residents and practicing physicians. I have had a few chances to work with NPs and PAs on my clinical rotations and overall have had good experiences. My PCP currently is an NP and she’s great in her role. I’ve had less experience with CRNAs since I haven’t done an anesthesia rotation and they didn’t have them at the hospital where I did my surgery rotation. 

I think that the system that we are in will always have physicians in leadership roles. However, they are not dictators (or at least they shouldn’t be) they are members of a team. And that team has a ton of responsibilities, from getting a patient’s contact information, to measuring blood pressure, to treating common ailments, to diagnosing the super bizarre and rare. Teams work best when each member is doing the things that they are good at, are trained to do, and are working at the full capacity of their training. In outpatient primary care, which is where I have the most experience, most NPs and PAs are fully capable of seeing uncomplicated patients with very little oversight. That’s great. It’s a great use of resources and can save the healthcare system a few $$$s, which we definitely need. Some are fully capable of seeing complicated patients. It depends a bit on the provider. Some read more than others, some are better at diagnoses than others, some have that knack and that drive. But truth be told, the same could be said of doctors - getting through med school doesn’t make you the next Dr. House. 

I think the trouble comes if people overstep their training and something goes wrong. This is true of all professions, physicians included. If a family doc decided to do a major abdominal surgery or treat lung cancer or do half of the ridiculous MacGyver’ed shit Dr. Lawson does on Royal Pains, that would be way outside his/her scope and if it ended badly, that would be bad news for that doctor. Same goes for a PA or NP. If you bite off more than you can chew and don’t ask for help, you are putting patients at risk. At the end of the day, I think that is really what matters. I don’t care what letters go with your name, if you are mindful and a team player and taking good care of your patients, that’s a win in my book. But if you are a cowboy trying to single-handedly save the world, you’re going to run into trouble.

After all that, I don’t think I actually answered your question. Am I concerned about NPs and PAs taking care of patients? No - as long as they are well trained, well read, and willing to ask for help. Am I concerned that they are “taking our jobs” or something like that? No - there are plenty of patients to go around. Am I concerned that our healthcare system is ridiculously expensive, draining for providers, and a hassle for patients? Yes, yes indeed, and if working as a team with other professionals lessens that burden on everyone, then I am all for it.

I know I have at least a few NP and PA followers. I would love so much to hear your insight on this. 

Mike shut off the TV and put his head in his hands. Ginny was probably at the hospital. He checked his phone for news; nothing. He wondered if she’d heard his whisper of, “tell me when you know” as she’d been loaded on the ambulance. He doubted she would. Even if she’d heard him, it wasn’t like Ginny to be vulnerable in front of people. He found himself begging, someone, something, he wasn’t sure what, to fix this. To make this not be bad. Maybe it was simply a strained muscle or…

He was being ridiculous and he knew it. Ginny wasn’t the type of person to show when she was in slight pain. For her to have gone down…He swallowed the lump in his throat. For her to have gone down, it would have to be bad.

His doorbell rang. Mike glared towards the door, running through the list of possible people who could be on the other side. He walked over, taking a deep breath before opening it. Rachel was on the other side and Mike was confused by the slight swoop of dread in his stomach as he forced a smile.

“I thought you were back in LA.” He said. Rachel smiled up at him.

“I figured…you wouldn’t want to be alone.” She said. “She was your rookie, after all.”

“Is.” Mike corrected. “The season’s not over.”

“Mike.” Rachel gave him a smile. No it was the smile. The smile that always grated on his nerves. The smile that she always gave him when she knew better. When he was wrong. “The news is saying its pretty bad.”

“Are you a doctor now?” Mike surprised himself with the harshness of his tone.

Rachel blinked up at him before sighing. “She hasn’t been released yet. Best case scenario, she probably ends up on the DL list for-”

“What the hell was that broadcast?” Mike snapped cutting her off. Rachel blinked at him.

“Excuse me?”

“That broadcast that just aired, you basically sat there and told the entire world that her career was over.” Mike hissed. “Would you have done the same thing if she’d been a man?”

Rachel scoffed. “Are you seriously going to question my stance on women’s rights?”

“And you compared her to Serena Williams and-” Mike was furious. “She’s a baseball player. You should have compared her to other baseball players. It’s what she would have wanted you to do. I’m willing to bet it’s what she asked you to do.”

Rachel took a step back. “I get that you’re mad that you didn’t get to see a no hitter and that it messed up the game-”

“Baker’s bigger than the game, Rach.” He snapped. “She’s one of the most dedicated and talented players I’ve ever come across and if she’d been a man no one would be eulogizing her career like you just did. You never liked the fact that she did things the way she wanted to, not the way you thought she should. She didn’t give you the exclusive after that locker room rape case. She forgave Al after the video came out instead of crucifying him and now when she couldn’t deliver a no hitter and had the audacity to be human and get injured you decided to shame her. Because she wasn’t your perfect feminist agenda puppet.”

Rachel stepped back as though she’d been slapped. “Oh…” She said, nodding slowly, backing away. “I see.”

“What?” Mike growled.

“You know…” She shook her head. “I’m not sure why I thought this time you’d be different.” She looked at him sadly. “First time around I lost you to the game and now…” She swallowed. “I guess I’ll always be a place holder for you.”


She held her hand up before turning and leaving.

The hospital room was dark. Ginny hadn’t gotten her results back, but from the look on the nurse’s face as she’d wheeled her back into the private room, things weren’t looking good. She’d asked the staff to keep everyone out. She didn’t want anyone to see her like this, and yet… Faced with being alone with her thoughts she was regretting that decision. She replayed every moment of the day, trying to figure out where things had gone so wrong.

She almost jumped out of her skin when the door opened.

“I hope you have jello.” Mike said as he came into her room. “Because otherwise I will never forgive you.”

Ginny blinked at him in surprise. “Aren’t visiting hours over?” She asked, frowning as she noted the large wrapped package behind his back. “And what’s that?”

“There’s a few perks to being a hometown hero, Baker.” He said, walking over to her tray table and grabbing the jello and spoon. “I smiled at the night nurse and she let me in.”

Ginny cleared her throat.

“Oh right.” He pulled the large object from behind his back and put it on the tray table. It was covered, but from the shape, it looked like a bouquet.

“Flowers?” She asked.

“God no.” Mike opened it. “It’s one of those edible arrangement things. With chocolate. I figured you wouldn’t want fruit after the traumatic experience you went through.”

“Traumatic experience?” Ginny mumbled.

“Missing out on my speech.” Mike said, plopping himself down and opening the jello. “Believe me, it was one for the ages. We’re talking Independence day level awesome.”

Ginny blinked at him. Mike froze, the spoon halfway to his mouth, his eyes narrowing. “No way.” He said. Ginny shrugged, then winced as a pain shot through her shoulder. “Please tell me that this is a set up for an old man joke and that you’ve actually seen Independence Day.”

“Mike, I was born in 92.”

“And it came out in 96 so you have no excuse.” Mike said, lowering his spoon. “This is a crime. This is unAmerican.”

Ginny laughed, settling down on her pillows. “I didn’t have the time, Mike.

"Time? You were 4. What life pressing issue could a 4 year old have? Not enough imaginary tea for your imaginary tea parties?” Mike shot back. Ginny looked at her hands and shook her head. At 4, she’d already picked up that ball. She’d already inadvertently set herself on the path that would land her here. All that work…gone. What would her father say.

“Baker.” Mike’s voice seemed far away. “BAKER!”

She gulped, snapping into focus. She was crying; when had she started crying? “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” Mike said, putting aside his jello and getting up. Sitting next to her on the bed, he pulled the tray over. “Chocolate? It’s good for you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Lawson.” Ginny said, wiping her eyes and leaning her head on his shoulder. She knew they were skating on thin ice, but Mike being there, drove away the angry buzzing in her head. Mike put his head on top of hers and chuckled.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.” He said. She froze. “You’re not getting any of this jello.”

Ginny let out a sigh of relief and wiped her eyes. “Trust me, Lawson. I’m not taking your jello.”

“Then why else would you be cuddling with me?” Mike said, innocently. “Unless…you like the beard pillow.”

Ginny groaned, covering her face. Mike laughed. “I hate you.” She muttered.

“No you don’t” Mike said. “And whatever happens now…you’ll be okay, Baker. We’ll get through it.”


First appearance of Carol Danvers from MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) #13, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Gene Colan. Mar-Vell infiltrates a human security base looking for a Kree Sentry, all while pining for Una and thwarting the schemes of a jealous Yon-Rogg (himself a colonel in the Kree service, which makes him even more suited as a later foil to Carol).

CAROL: So, General Bridges…I see you’ve brought Dr. Lawson here…against my best advice…as usual!
MAR-VELL: [That girl! Who is she…and how does she figure into this??]
GENERAL BRIDGES: Dr. Lawson, this is Miss Danvers! Man or woman, she’s the finest head of security a missile base could want!
CAROL: Thank you for that anyway, General! I’m really quite pleased to meet you, Doctor…though I’d rather talk to your face than your back!

I would remark here that Carol’s characterization as assertive, ambitious, and suicidally devoted to the job she considers hers has remained astonishingly consistent over the past four decades. First panel, and she’s already throwing shade at a superior officer.

MAR-VELL: By the way, Miss Danvers…just why did you oppose my seeing the robot?
CAROL: Nothing personal, Dr. Lawson…but, your dossier is still being examined by my security division! If you must know, you’ve always had a reputation as a recluse…even an eccentric! And frankly, after seeing that strange briefcase of yours…! Well…
GENERAL BRIDGES: That's enough, Miss Danvers! Coming, Lawson?
MAR-VELL: Yes, sir! – [An eccentric! If only that's all she suspects!]
CAROL: I’ll see you both later! – [Somehow, I can’t help feeling…that Walter Lawson is hiding something! If he is, I won’t rest till I find out what…and why!]

It’s always been sort of interesting that Carol was conceived as a more or less “civilian” character and only later was repurposed into a superhero, and I’ve wondered before if that’s why she’s allowed to have such a large career and life outside of her costumed identity–in history, at least, if not on the page. She was established with all the hallmarks of her later persona (the slightly aggressive edge, a job linked to security and the military, a role that demands she fight to establish herself in a male-dominated field), although at this point she’s barely a supporting character. It’s also possible that Carol’s career outside of Avenger-ing is allowed to flourish both because there’s little conflict between her interests as a soldier and a hero, and because Carol herself feels so little strife over those roles. She’s not the character who pines for a “normal” life.

Anyway! Happy New Year, and here’s to what I’m sure will be another great volume of Captain Marvel.

Dear all the WOC representing in these TV shows who constantly receive unwarranted and pointless hate,

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches." 

-Dita Von Teese

In other words, don’t change. You’re wonderful. There will always be people who don’t appreciate you. Don’t pay attention to them. Let them think what they please. YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH. And I, among others, know it too. <3

Sea Angel (Swimming Sea Slug) - Clione (Pteropoda:Gymnosomata) - adapted to free ocean swimming by the loss of their shells and the development of the foot of the gastropod into wing-like flapping appendages (parapodia).

Liza Roger & Dr. Gareth Lawson

The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Technique: Stereomicroscopy (10x)